Foreign Minister receives credentials of the Vatican ambassador in Baghdad papers

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} received Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, a copy of the adoption of the Vatican ambassador in Baghdad Alberto Ortega Martin leaves, and confirmed readiness of the Foreign Ministry to provide all that would facilitate and support the work of the embassy.
He said al-Jaafari said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on that “Iraq welcomes the efforts of all countries in the world that stands next to him in his war against the terrorists Daash, and providing humanitarian assistance to the displaced, and displaced persons, stressing that” Terrorism has no religion, no homeland , nor the doctrine of him, and represents an anomaly humanly, and a deviation intellectually makes the whole world in front of a responsibility to cooperate, and the deployment of peace, security, and the elimination of ignorance culture.
“He added that” terrorism aimed at the temples, churches, mosques, markets, schools, and hospitals, and every aspect of life; which requires the unification of international efforts to fight this global menace.
“For his part, the Vatican ambassador in Baghdad Alberto Ortega Martin According to the statement the Pope Francis I on the cooperation and support of Iraq, and to provide assistance for the displaced, pointing out that the Vatican supports a culture of dialogue, reconciliation and tolerance for the elimination of violence, and the return of security and stability for the whole region, and Alm.anthy

Balvedao..rossia destroyed 500 oil tank to Daash in Syria was heading for Iraq

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Chief Operating Officer in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation announced that Russian fighters in Syria destroyed about 500 oil tanker loaded with an al Daash was traveling from Syria to Iraq.
And between the first team Andre Kartapolov told reporters Wednesday November 18 that the trucks that were destroyed during several days was transporting oil from Syria to Iraq for refining.
The military official in this regard the start of Russian fighter jets, “Sidon free” carriers of the terrorist organization of oil, saying: ” I want to emphasize that it was the day the decision was launched under which Russian warplanes to the so-called free fishing for tankers transporting oil products for terrorists in the areas under the control of the Daash areas.
“He added that” Daash and other extremist organizations established in recent years under his areas of so-called “tube Oil on the tires, “explaining that hundreds of trucks [tanks] transporting thousands of tons of oil from Syria to Iraq for refining, what is considered a basic funding for the terrorist organization’s resources.
He briefed Chief Operating Officer journalists on photos showing hundreds of oil tankers parked in a convoy in preparation for the launch, saying the destruction of About 500 truck as “heavily armed possibilities in the illegal export of oil derivatives reduced, and thus their income from oil smuggling” .anthy
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Legal Committee: decision to cancel the final positions of the Prime Minister is irreversible!

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Confirmed member of the Legal Committee in the House of Representatives smile Hilali, on Wednesday, said the decision to cancel the posts of Vice Prime Minister a final decision to irreversible, as shown that the cancellation of the posts of Vice President of the Republic is contrary to the Constitution and the court will decide in the coming days.

She said Hilali in a press statement today , “The Prime Minister’s decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President, who came in accordance with the reforms, is an encroachment on the Constitution, which acknowledged the existence of one or more Vice President of the Republic”.

“The appeal made ​​by the Vice President Osama Najafi and Ajlth Court on Tuesday, came in line with Article 69 of the Constitution, which stipulates that the President of the Republic one or more Deputy, therefore we are waiting for the court’s decision on the abolition of the Vice-President of the Republic.

“She said Hilali that” regards ordered cancellation of deputy prime ministers, is up to the Prime Minister, which has the power to cancel these positions, because the constitution does not mention them, so the Algaihm is never irreversible.

Abadi, the National Alliance leaders called for the support of future actions include 8 Ministries

Abadi in a meeting with the National Alliance and the Union of Forces


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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi student leaders of the National Alliance in support of reforms intended to take place soon, and called for guarantees granted to pass the new measures in the House of Representatives.

Members of the coalition and is likely to drag on reforms Abadi 8 Ministries as well as the changes will include agents and general managers.

Alliance leaders confirmed their support for any action taken by the prime minister on condition of harming the citizens to submit to the laws through parliament.

A spokesman for the al-Abadi Office has revealed (range), on Sunday, the Prime Minister’s intention to launch new reforms will focus on reducing its last government administrative positions and the pressure of the biggest expenses, as well as correct previous errors packets.

And sparked the reforms carried out by al-Abadi series, since last August, sharp criticism from the parties of the National Alliance as well as the other sides, prompting the House to undo the mandate in the vote conducted earlier this month.

MP says Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, a member of a coalition of state law, “The National Alliance meeting dealt with the problems facing the legal pass a general amnesty and the National Guard and government reforms.”

Jaafar said that “the National Alliance with the legislation of the amnesty law in the House of Representatives on condition of inclusion of their hands stained with the blood of Iraqis,” adding that “the coalition parties agreed to pass the National Guard Law.”

The member state law that “there are problems and differences on the application and activating the National Guard forces between the political blocs mechanism,” pointing out that “the parties of the National Alliance is demanding that the Guard Kqguat army is confined to a particular province or a particular component taking into account the components ratios, while you see other blocks of the National Guard to be confined to a single province, “he said, adding that” the leaders of the National Alliance confirmed at its last meeting on the need to pass the National Guard Law. “

He spoke and former Minister of Youth “and the presence of minor differences between the National Alliance, blocks about representation rates in the Guard Law, Considering the need for the parties to be identified by 1%, while calling for other parties to raise it to 3%.” And that “increase the proportion of representation will raise many of the National Guard from 120 thousand to 300 thousand almost a member of the Federal weigh the shoulders of the state budget.”

He said a member of the Dawa Party, said that “from among the topics raised in the accountability and justice of the Federal Court and a legal meeting and the emphasis on Thariahma in the coming periods.”

And reforms that intends to submit Abadi, MP Jassem Mohammed Jaafar explained that “the Prime Minister spoke with the leaders of the National Alliance to the issue by demanding reforms by giving a guarantee to accept the new reforms, passed in the House of Representatives.”

MP Jaffer and is expected to be “head of government reforms include a government change anticipated and the return of displaced people to their places, cities and also the application of Law No. 21 transfer of powers from ministries to local governments,” likely to “include these reforms changes in the eight ministries will change some of its ministers as well as the replacement of some agents and general managers in it. “

In the meantime, says MP Ali al-Murshidi, vice chairman of the parliamentary bloc of Badr, “The National Alliance renewed, at the last meeting, support for the reforms of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and strengthened in the face of selections that require a stand with the government.”

He Morshedi told (the term) that “there is a delay in the application of some of the reforms that date back causes to the security and political problems and the fall in oil prices,” stressing that “the intention of the prime minister to hold feminine and merging some ministries and the replacement of some of the agents under the new reform plan.”

The member of the Badr parliamentary bloc that the “National Alliance wants the success of the project head of the reformist minister, provided that does not affect the standard of living of the Iraqi people,” calling on the Prime Minister to “provide detailed and complete study to the House of Representatives about the nature of these ministries and Altrchiqat through legislation law.”

For his part, says MP Habib Terminal, a member bloc citizen, “The National Alliance meeting dealt with how the legislation of the National Guard and amnesty laws.”

He Terminal (range) that “it is necessary to make some modifications to these laws before submitting their vote on condition of allowing the criminals for their release.”

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