Washington cooperate with France to intensify raids in Iraq and Syria

08:23: 11/15/2015

Khandan- announced US Deputy National Security Adviser (Ben Rhodes), that the United States will cooperate with France to intensify raids against al “Daash” terrorist in Syria and Iraq, after the attacks in Paris claimed the lives of 129 people.

Rhodes said in an interview with the station (NBC) and the American on the sidelines of the Group of Twenty summit in Turkey that sending weapons directly to the fighters on the ground in Syria and Iraq to achieve success, it seems in the war against “Daash”.

Separately Rhodes told reporters that “Daash” aspires to launch attacks on any member of the coalition led by the United States, but said that there was no serious threat against the United States.



Urgent special forces kill dozens Aldoaash in Makhoul Mountains

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} managed band of special forces killed dozens of Aldoaash in northern Salahuddin Makhoul Mountains.
A statement by the cell media war received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today that “special forces squad killed dozens of gangs Daash terrorist and destroyed a number of wheels and seized many weapons in the northern Salahuddin Makhoul Mountains.”
The Army Aviation valiant may face at a time earlier in the day Sunday, fire its rockets to deadly terrorist nests Daash in Makhoul Hills area within boycotted the Salah al-Din, Mekpda them dozens of dead, in addition to the destruction of the mechanics and detachments severe .anthy

Abadi discuss with the Governor of the Central Bank to stop mafias benefiting from currency auction procedures

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi met in his office on Sunday, Governor of the Central Bank, on the Keywords and discussed with him, stop corruption and the mafias benefiting from currency auction procedures.
A statement by the Office Abadi agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on “The meeting discussed the financial budget of the country for 2016 and actions taken to stop the corruption and the mafias benefiting from the central bank auction of the coin and the importance of holding accountable those involved in it.”
He continued, “we also discussed the mechanics of the currency protection Add mechanisms to support the Iraqi economy and raising its “.anthy

US ambassador praises Iraq to participate in the Vienna meeting

Sunday 15-11-2015 | 9:17:09

Ibrahim al-Jaafari - EM

Ibrahim al-Jaafari – EM

Twilight News / praised US Ambassador Stuart Jones with the participation of Iraq in the international community meeting in support of Syria (ISSG) in Vienna, adding that the presence of the Iraqi delegation headed by Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari is indicative of Iraq’s commitment to end the Syrian conflict through diplomatic means and highlighted the role of Iraq as a regional player essential.

He also praised the Ambassador Jones also, according to a statement of the embassy responded to Twilight News important role that Iraq plays in the fight against Daash, saying, “Through its partnership with the coalition led by the United States, the Iraqi security forces, including the Peshmerga forces and the popular crowd has inflicted defeat Bdaash in Iraq”.

He added that “the recent attacks in Iraq, in addition to Paris, Beirut and Egypt and Ankara attacks have revealed that Daash still poses a threat to the region and the world,” stressing that despite the success of the alliance, which the United States led against Daash, any lasting solution will require reducing the intensity of the conflict in Syria”.

The ambassador went on to say that “the statement of the international community to support Syria after a meeting yesterday in Vienna was an important step forward in order to end the Syrian crisis and reach a political solution under the leadership of Syria.”

At the meeting held in Vienna on November 14 by the International Group discussed the support of Syria and the Arab League, China, Egypt and the European Union, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United States and the UAE and the United Kingdom, the United Nations and the United States, discussed How to speed up an end to the Syrian conflict. Where participants entered into a dialogue in order to build on the progress that has been made in the meeting, which was held on 30 October.

He stressed the international community to support Syria’s members unanimous on the urgent need to put an end to the destruction of Syria and the suffering of the Syrian people and to destabilize the region and the increasing number of terrorists who Astqdobam fighting in Syria.International Group also recognized the support of Syria close interdependence and the need for synchronization between the ceasefire and the transition to a political process on the basis of the Geneva statement in 2012, and that each of the two initiatives is moving forward expeditiously. They stressed their commitment to ensure the political transition planning and management of Syria on the basis of all the policies included in the Geneva statement.


Parliament reveals the true figure for the salaries of members of the House of Representatives

By Mustafa Curran 6 hours ago
مبنى مجلس النواب
House of Representatives

Roudao – Baghdad

He stressed the Iraqi Council of Representatives, on Sunday, that the parliamentary salary does not exceed 10 million dinars at the highest level, denying news reports that quoted MP earns a monthly salary of up to 32 million dinars.

The Information Service of the Council in a statement Roudao network media seen a copy of it, “insists some of the local media to ruminate abrogated News does not correspond to reality regarding the salaries of members of the House of Representatives despite clarifications and responses assigned official documents published by constantly Information Service in the Council.”

The statement added, “The House of Representatives’ salaries do not reach 32 million dinars, but was 12 million and 900 thousand dinars before the launch of the reform package, while the total salary amounted to vice after application of the reduction in accordance with resolution 333 at the highest level 10 million dinars.”

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi said in (November 4, 2015), the government approved the new salary scale for “justice”, as pointed out that there are committees working for a law for the allocations.


Liberal: Maliki is not able to return to the prime minister

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Liberal parliamentary bloc ruled out, on Wednesday, the return of the leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki

Again as prime minister, despite all attempts carried out by stressing that Abadi past in his work as prime minister because he has supporters within the National Alliance and even the other blocs.

The MP said the bloc Majid Ghraoui for “Sky Press,” that “in the case that the State of Law coalition leader Nuri al-Maliki to separate the prime minister Haidar al-Abbadi of the Dawa Party, or of the same coalition is not able to return to the prime minister again, under the current circumstances.”

He added that “al-Abadi has supporters and supporters from within the State of Law Coalition and the National Alliance, and even from other blocs as a union forces and the Kurdistan Alliance, he is past his job as prime minister.”

The some political analysts predicted recourse leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki about the separation of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the Islamic Dawa Party and the coalition and claim the premiership on the grounds of state law, the biggest bloc in the House of Representatives.

On: Wednesday 11/11/2015 10:26

…. ….. Urgent urgent urgent now … now the international court’s decision to refer the Nuri al-Maliki and his aides to court on charges of genocide

International Criminal Court’s decision to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his aides to court on charges of genocide:

International Criminal Court decided to refer the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and a group of his senior aides to court on charges of genocide. Mr. Mohammed Al-Kaabi spokesman for the Court for the Middle East said that one of the associates of al-Maliki, who Torteurahalthm to court Gen. Farouk al-Araji, director of al-Maliki’s military office and Lt. Gen. Ali Ghaidan, commander of ground forces and Saadoun al-Dulaimi, the defense minister and the agency, Adnan al-Asadi senior agent Interior Ministry and intelligence chief Zuhair Gharbaoui team Qassim Atta, director of operations at the intelligence service and the team called Hgati head of the anti-terrorism device. He revealed that the Court now has complete files crimes committed by al-Maliki and his aides, including the genocide in Anbar and Kirkuk and the blatant violation of human rights and to follow the brutal methods of torture and violation of freedoms of citizens and contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the Charter of the United Nations and international law

Dated: Sunday 11/15/2015 14:09

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives secretary general of the Badr Organization, Mr. Hadi al-Amiri. During the meeting, they discussed the situation in Tuz and the importance of taking the local police to protect citizens in addition to strengthening the victories achieved by our security forces from the army, the police and the crowd popular and volunteers of the sons of the tribes. It was also stressed The popular crowd of Iraqi security formations and under the leadership of Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and have the necessary support and care.