Jaafari: the right of people without interfering with the trial of al-Maliki Elimination

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foreign minister said the head of the National Alliance, Ibrahim al-Jaafari said of the right of the Iraqi people, the trial of former prime minister, leader of a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki “on condition that” non-interference in the judicial affairs of the people in this area. “
Saudi Al-Riyadh newspaper quoted al-Jaafari as saying on the sidelines of the ministerial preparatory meeting for the summit fourth Arab countries and the countries of Latin America, held in Saudi Arabia that “the exchange of charges is unacceptable, we are not a judicial body and must not distort the judiciary, especially since it is so far did not condemn any judicial body Nuri Maliki, there is nothing at the top of the elimination of the world. ”
He stressed al-Jaafari on “the right of the Iraqi people request Maliki trial,” adding, “that this right does not mean that people interfere in the judicial affairs and condemning al-Maliki, according to his wishes, he should not be the personalization of the judiciary until the judicial court is fair.
“The House of Representatives has approved 17 of last August, a majority on the report of his committee investigative fall of Mosul, which included former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and senior civilian and military leaders senior name as defendants of negligence or complicity the events of June 2014 and to transmit the report to the judiciary.
For his part, al-Maliki commented on The report by saying that “no value for the result reached by the parliamentary commission of inquiry about the fall of Mosul, and that the Committee was dominated by political differences and out of objectivity,” adding that “what happened in Mosul was a conspiracy was planned in Ankara and then the plot moved to Arbil,” he Colh.anthy

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