Iraq signed with the International Monetary memorandum of understanding to monitor the financial and economic policy

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Iraq has signed with the International Monetary Fund memorandum of understanding conducive to monitor the financial and economic policy.
And it announced that the Iraqi Ministry of Finance said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, the conclusion of the “evening in the Jordanian capital Amman talks, Iraqi and consultations with the IMF two sides reached an agreement on control of IMF experts program STAFF-MONITORED POGRAM (SMP) fiscal policies and economic in the country for the remainder of fiscal year 2015 and for the year coming in 2016.
“The show,” The program aims to assist Iraq in reforms in the foreign exchange policy, public financial management and banking supervision.
“It was also agreed According to the statement,” a memorandum of technical understanding to implement the program in time timings quarterly and the letter of intent, and the aim of the actions that have been agreed Ay standards to maintain the stability of the financial sector.
“The statement pointed out that” During the past ten days technical talks between the Fund and of the Middle East Department representatives, Central Asia and experts of financial and oil and Planning Ministries and the Central Bank of Iraq. ” .
participated in the final talks, Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari on the Keywords Governor of the Central Bank and the appearance of Mohammed Saleh Prime Minister for Financial Affairs adviser, also participated in the consultations, representatives of the World Bank and the US government and the Japanese Agency for International Development [JICA].
To Aeshetml IMF staff monitoring program SMP to provide state funds, financial loans to Iraq, but it is an important link in the strengthening of Iraq’s international status in the global financial markets and improve the status and classification of credit the country and opens the way for Iraq to obtain financial loans from international financial Almaossat countries and banks and Aahdv program to exposure to the obligations of the Malian government about the staff and the salaries of retirees social obligations to the social protection network and Nazhan.anthy

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