Abadi al-Jubouri met in Najaf

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met with Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri in the city of Najaf, which they visited separate Saturday.
The Abadi has visited this morning Najaf and met with references religion and cleric Moqtada al-Sadr and discussed with them the developments of the war on Daash political situation and the financial crisis and efforts to fight corruption.
He also visited the al-Jubouri, to coincide with the Abadi Najaf and attended a tribal conference.
According to this meeting, a day after the rejection of the Supreme religious authority what it described as “wrap and procrastination,” the House of Representatives in the implementation of reforms.
The representative of the reference in Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai, in his Friday sermon yesterday, “it was emphasized from the outset on the need to walk those reforms paths do not come out for the constitutional and legal frameworks, but must here also to emphasize that it should not take unnecessary care of the constitutional path and legal way by the legislature [parliament] or others to circumvent the reform steps or procrastination to carry out exploitation of waning public pressure at this time.
“The parliament had voted at its Monday past the refusal to carry out a mandate of any legislative powers entrusted to him by the Constitution and the separation of powers in its implementation.
For his part, counting Abadi, the parliament’s decision as “wrong message” accusing “some quarters [which he did not name] trying to bring the conflict between the authorities,” stressing “his determination and his determination to continue reforms and the fight against corruption and not be undone despite the challenges and obstacles.
“He stressed al-Abadi, the day after his meeting with al-Sadr on the need for the unity of all parties and Iraqi forces in the face of Daash terrorist gangs and the challenges in Iraq.
The Jubouri declared its support government reforms and move it said in a tribal gathering held in terms of freedom, south of Najaf, “We are with the reforms in all state institutions are involved and this step” .anthy

 Abadi al-Jubouri met in Najaf
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Urgent Chest: touched Abadi significant reform in all fields

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the current leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr said he was touching the great reform of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
He said al-Sadr at a joint news conference with al-Abadi after their meeting in Najaf today attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where] “honored to meet with al-Abadi was meeting fruitful touched him a great reform of all security and economic aspects.”
“We hope that moving the country towards development and stability,” .itba

Vice-President of the Republic and the ministers were officially dismissed nor exercise any governmental recipe!


07-11-2015 04:00 PM

A source in the prime minister, said on Saturday that the Vice President and the Minister has dismissed, and they do not exercise any governmental status. 

The source said in a press statement, that “the Deputy Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic has been dismissed and stop their salaries since last August, and pulled them Official offices do not engage in any governmental status in the Iraqi state since dismissed until now not retreat from it, “he said, adding that” any claim otherwise is contrary to reality. 

“He stressed,” were actually all three presidencies to reduce the salaries since the issuance of the reduction decision two months ago and pulled thousands protections of them were provided huge amounts of money of the Iraqi state because of it. 
“He pointed to the source of that” ongoing reforms irreversible, “pointing out” Do not attempt to withdraw the mandate nor the corrupt obstacles can stop the march of reform. ”

Reference wise with Abadi files security, economic and crisis plans


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Follow-up – balance news

He met Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, Saturday, the big reference Mr. Mohammed said Al-Hakim “long shadow”.

The Office said in a statement received by Al-Ibadi/balance of news copy, “the meeting discussed the effective solutions to address the country’s challenges at all levels in addition to the victories achieved daash rings.

“It was a discussion of the economic and financial situation in the country and the requirements of the plans and strategies and collaboration between all of the crossing of the financial crisis and lay the foundations of a solid workflow in the country in addition to the revitalization and reform of the industrial and commercial sectors, agricultural, health and other in the interest of our people and our country.” Ended 29/23


Parliamentary looking man with a UN adviser to discuss Iraq’s accession to the International Criminal Court

07/11/2015 01:20 |

Brother – Baghdad
Hosted by the Commission on Human Rights of the Council of Representatives, Adama Deng] Special Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for protection from genocide to discuss Iraq’s accession to the International Criminal Court.

The Human Rights Commission member that the shower in a statement received for News Agency (et) a copy of this hosting, came to discuss steps on Iraq’s accession to the International Criminal Court, and the steps required to achieve them.

He added that “talk with the secretary-general adviser, eating side tournaments achieved by the sons of the popular crowd in their opposition to terrorism, and defeat Daash factions, clearing Iraqi territory from them, and what they are exposed to abuse and lies, trying to seize the big achievements.

She stressed shower, that the issue of displaced persons and relief, it has the largest share of talking with the secretary-general adviser, as put to him many of the proposals, for the delivery of urgently needed them to aid in light of weather conditions from which they suffer, rain, solutions winter.


The application of government reforms b {strategies and future plans}

7/11/2015 0:00

Was discussed at a symposium of the Society of Economic
Baghdad – the joy of pumice
in a move aimed at supporting government reforms recently launched, plans and ensure its implementation aspects, Iraqi Economists Association held an economic seminar dealt with the obstacles and difficulties that stand in achieving the goals that serve the interests of citizens.

And participated in the seminar which was attended by «morning» elite group of economists and businessmen, investors, academics and specialists in economic affairs, which dealt with two papers to members of the board of directors, Rphit discussions extensive and wide of the participants.

The Deputy President of the Assembly expert on behalf of Antoine in his paper about the need to bring the elite economic and competencies which has a deep vision of the crises the economy and her experiences in the formulation of plans and strategies implemented and have contributed to addressing crises local, Arab and problems and her international contributions to the organizations and conferences that will provide solutions and treatments to the economic crisis the country is experiencing.

and saw Antoine said government reforms touched segments of the middle class, in While it did not benefit the poor class in society, saying that corruption is still contributes to block any effort or investment activities pertaining to the productive sectors.

The Deputy President of the Assembly on the need to contribute to the government and the competent authorities in support of the productive sectors, especially agriculture and industry, which will resurrect many professions and operation of hundreds of thousands of manpower, as well as the security and political side processing down to the reforms touched and felt by the citizen.

For its part, a member of the association management expert Dr. focused. Akram al-Aqil in the research paper during the seminar on the proper application of the reforms optimization and implementation, which should ensure Bstratejah studied scientifically,

especially as the Iraqi citizen suffers from several aspects of the most important service, economic, urging at the same time that paint a strategic features of the Iraqi state and the foundations built and try to re-Iraq to the ranks of economically powerful countries.

Agreed Al Aqil with Antoine in the comprehensive economic reform is to address the crisis in terms of the best investment for the oil sector and its derivatives and petrochemicals industry, as well as immediate support for agriculture and local industry, and the revitalization of religious tourism.

She said a member of the Board of Directors that each sector productive linked to activating the other, lead to treat many of the most important crises in the country, crises in housing and unemployment that hit the Iraqi society, especially that Iraq is a country rich in resources, but it needs to be a safe environment and seek to resolve the political and security problems being affected negatively in the Iraqi economy.

And it pointed to the need to pause to review the economic reforms recently announced by the Government, through the implementation of a proper manner that achieves the stated goals who wants everyone access to it, as well as studied extensively committees specialized scientific competencies and economic participation of the public and private sectors, recommending to stay away from everything It affects the income of the Iraqi citizen.

And he saw that the imposition of some types of tax revenues and to try to bring the expense of the citizen may generate implications for Atsb interest in reforms, but it is necessary to activate the legislation and laws and decisions commensurate economic and global developments and modernity.


Abadi in a meeting with al-Sadr: We togetherness Front and one in the face of Daash [expanded]

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Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed the need for the unity of all Iraqi parties and forces in the face of terrorist gangs Daash and challenges in Iraq.
Ebadi said at a joint news conference with the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr after their meeting at the latter’s house the old city of Najaf, was attended by the correspondent of the agency all of Iraq [where], that “the challenges ahead must unite them and we have to join hands so that we stand with our children from the army and popular crowd they are engaged in a fierce war with Daash terrorist.
“He added that” my visit to religious references and some leaders are to strengthen national unity and all of us as politicians, parliamentarians and government to be the front and one to get out of Iraq from this stage, especially since we have a major security and economic challenges.
“He Abadi was” confident bypass Crisis in and out of Iraq them stronger and more and the stronger.
“For his part, praised the chest reforms Abadi said,” that he found a great reform it.
“” We are honored to meet with al-Abadi was meeting fruitful touched him a great reform of all security and economic aspects.
“He expressed his chest for” hope that is moving the country towards development and stability, “.anthy

Jubouri to Barzani: Dialogue perfect solution for the controversy between the Kurdish parties

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The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, the importance of sustaining dialogue between the Kurdish parties in the crisis, the presidency of the Kurdistan region.
A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al-Jubouri, “met in Erbil, on Thursday, President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani During the meeting, they reviewed the overall situation and political and security developments as well as the situation in the Kurdistan region.”
He stressed Jubouri, according to the statement “The importance of sustaining dialogue among all Kurdish parties to reach a solution to end the political debate in the region.”
He added that “to sit at the dialogue table is the perfect solution is no doubt that the challenges of the current phase, both for Iraq in general or for the province imposed on everyone and asylum rejection of the dispute to understandings serve popular interests, “.anthy

Parliamentary Integrity: We will open channels of communication with the Chalabi family to get the files of corruption


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Special – scales News

It announced that the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, on Saturday, it will open channels of communication with the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the deceased Ahmed Chalabi family for corruption files that told her shortly before his death.

He said the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri’s / scales News /, that “the Integrity Committee met with Chalabi before his death to discuss a number of issues, including money laundering by some officials and smuggling large amounts to banks and foreign countries.”

Nuri said that “Chalabi has a major corruption files condemns senior officials in the state,” adding that “the Commission will open communication channels with the last of his family in order to get these files.”

He said a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, Chalabi’s recent comments about his intention to expose corruption files in his possession as “was the reason for his death.”

The leader of the Iraqi National Congress (ANC) and head of the parliamentary finance committee, Ahmad Chalabi, died last Tuesday, as a result of cardiac arrest with his family questioned because of his death and asked for an autopsy to make sure of the reason Alhakiqi.anthy 29/28


Washington likely increase air strikes against Daash next week

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} favored the US Central Command Air Forces commander on Saturday to increase air strikes against terrorist targets Daash in Iraq and Syria in the coming weeks, after a lull in September and October.

Gen. Charles Brown said the International Conference for the Air Force Command in Dubai that the reduction of air strikes was because of the weather and the slow pace of activities on the ground, and not because of Russian air strikes in the region.
He pointed out that the number of strikes is not an indication as far as the goals that was hit, and the number of weapons that have been used.
He pointed out that an agreement was concluded with Russia in order to avoid the possibility of a collision in the air is going well and that there were no incidents so far.
He stated that the agreement does not hamper US forces from launching strikes wherever necessary. Ended h