Urgent source prime minister: to provide large sums of money as a result of reducing the salaries of the three presidencies

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source in the prime minister said, the reduction of the salaries of the three presidencies provided large sums of money to the state.
The source said, “was to reduce the salaries of the three presidencies since the issuance of the reduction decision two months ago, and the withdrawal of many of the members Hamaiadtha and provide huge amounts of money for the state,” follows ..


A source in the prime minister confirms that the deputy prime ministers and the republic has dismissed and stop their salaries

Follow-up – and babysitsaid a source in the prime minister said Friday that “the Vice Prime Minister and Vice-President of the Republic has been dismissed and stop their salaries since last August,” he said, adding “they are Aimarsson any governmental status after the withdrawal of their offices and the pink slip.M.a


World Bank imposed on Iraq raise the ration support and increase fuel prices in exchange for the granting http://q99.it/HIqBgtp

World Bank imposed on Iraq raise the ration support and increase fuel prices in exchange for the granting of loans

He said the House of Representatives Finance Committee member Ahmed Hama, Thursday, the World Bank pressure on the Iraqi government to pressure expenses provided access to financial loans is from the last payment to the application of the new salary ladder.

The flesh that “the Iraqi government had made earlier at the request of the World Bank for a soft loan, to overcome the financial crisis experienced by the country,” pointing out that “the World Bank has sent advisers to the State Audit, and assessing the financial situation there.”

“After brief the UN team offers a set of recommendations to the Iraqi government make clear reforms on salaries that exceed 70% of the country’s total revenue, and drain all the capabilities of the Malian government, as well as the lifting of government subsidies for food in the ration card items, and also the removal of subsidies on fuel prices and oil derivatives. ”

And between a member of the Finance Committee that “the government Abadi tried to avoid these steps initially, but the deterioration of the financial situation, and lower revenues recently paid for admission to undertake reforms, and so began the first procedure, a so-called ladder new salary, which is among the