Foreign and defense ministers of Sweden to visit Baghdad tomorrow coming from Kuwait

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the Iraqi Foreign Ministry announced that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden Margot Wahlstrom and her country’s defense minister Peter Holtzajaft will visit Baghdad on Monday.
He said flags coordinator in the ministry Ali Al-Ghanim said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari will meet with the two ministers Swedes their accompanying delegation tomorrow and hold after the press conference.
“He called Al-Ghanim,” and the media to attend the press conference.
“It is The two ministers Swedes had visited Kuwait on Sunday is likely to Atugean them to Iraq tomorrow Alotnin.anthy


Central was able to overcome the side effects of currency

2/11/2015 0:00

 BAGHDAD – Imad emirate
said a economic expert. Dr . Fadel Awad Ismail, that monetary policy in Iraq has achieved a significant decrease in the inflation rate for the period from 2010 to 2007. And it attributed the achievement to the efforts of the monetary authority in the recruitment of lifting the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar through foreign currency sale and purchase of the dinar in the exchange market
But moving the nominal exchange rate of the local currency (the dinar) administratively and continuously toward the highest against the dollar away from the fundamentals of the economy dinar to the calendar of the highest value market equilibrium and calendar dollar undervalued. As a result, the surplus in demand for the dollar, followed by a significant and prolonged decline in the Iraqi dinar exchange in the free market, starting from the first quarter of 2011 price coupled with higher inflation.
Explaining the Central Bank of Iraq’s dependence on the ways in two major support of the Iraqi currency exchange rate, one directly represented in intervention in the exchange market to swap foreign currency (dollar) in local currency, and the other is directly based on the increase in the desire to retain financial assets (savings deposits) denominated in national currency and then recently added to them some of the administrative procedures for regulating access to foreign currency. Awad said he based revaluation of the exchange rate policy pursued by the Central Bank of Iraq since October 2003, to intervene Almstmervi exchange market’s huge foreign exchange-based and employment on the sale of foreign currency (US dollar) and the purchase of the local currency.
He added that the central bank a day in the initial exchange market (referring to the lack of a future market for the currency or market options) and expresses its readiness to secure the display of foreign currency (dollars) to cover the need for demand to ensure the strengthening of the national currency and gradually to maintain stability at the target in each stage or period of revaluation ranges .
He said Fadel that the announcement of the central bank based on the week, the presentation currency at auction (though this term does not chime and meaning idiomatic for the auction because the latter means that the price, which is sold by monetary financial asset or not be pre-scheduled or be reached in negotiations) , but it identifies through a competitive process to participate in the open between the parties or open bidding for the price display let them bring forth a final price accepted by the seller.Which can not be achieved in the process of sale of foreign currency to the lack of competition and the presence of one price determined by the application of any of the Central Bank of Iraq, rather than deals in the open sale price of the dollar in advance with his willingness to sell any quantity of these foreign someone who takes to buy the currency.
He noted d. Awad this be the central bank is equipped with the quantity of foreign currency are sufficient to cope with purchases government and private banks licensed companies, remittance and exchange companies as the main actors procuring foreign currency per price of schedule by the bar.
He said: It follows that central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market either increase (purchase of foreign currencies) or low (sale of foreign currencies) international monetary reserves. And that’s where purchases or sales of foreign currency are against the national currency, as this affects the cash basis (currency in circulation plus bank reserves).
And that if the low value of local currency more than they should or undervalued real value it buys this currency and pushes against which foreign exchange to reduce the quantity supplied them and raise the price to the desired level.
Conversely, if the local currency value too high any denominated Boktrmen real value will be on the central bank to intervene as a seller in exchange for purchase of foreign currencies to increase the quantity supplied them and cut its price to limit or desired range
to it.
He said. Dr . Awad at the conclusion of his speech that in Iraq there is a belief that the Iraqi dinar denominated less than the actual value due to the large surplus in the balance of payments and the accumulation of international reserves. This central bank intervenes in the currency swap market as a seller and a buyer of the dollar the local currency exclusively. This feature has also derives its interpretation of the scarcity of private sale of foreign currency to the Central Bank of Iraq.

Parliament tomorrow to discuss several recommendations and vote on the re-integration of the Ministries of Health and Environment

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the House of Representatives in its meeting scheduled on Monday to discuss a number of recommendations and re-vote on the government’s decision to merge the ministries of health and the environment.
It includes the agenda, according to a statement of the Council “to discuss the recommendations of the Legal Committee and the Committee of Tourism and Antiquities and the Committee on Culture and Information in connection with the integration of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities with the Ministry of Culture, and to discuss the recommendations of the Legal Committee and the Commission on Human Rights concerning the abolition of the Ministry of human rights.”
It also includes “discuss the recommendations of the relevant committees on the subject of treatment salt water in the province of Basra, and to discuss the recommendations of the Committee of Displacement and Migration and Health and Environment Committee and the Committee of Services and Construction and the Commission on Human Rights on the subject of the displaced.
“and will include the agenda,” the follow-up the implementation of decisions regarding dues peasants Exchange, and re-vote on the recommendations of the Health and Environment Committee on the subject of integration of the Ministry of Environment with Ministry of Health.
“It will be” the second reading of the draft ratification of the Arab Convention for the Regulation of road passenger transport between the Arab countries and others, and the second reading of the law a bill defining the mandates of the three presidencies “.anthy

Iraqi defense minister calls for building strategic alliances and mobilize the region to eliminate the Daash

عرب وعالم

Baghdad A. ASHA

Called on the Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi to build strategic alliances and mobilize energies for the elimination of the organization (Daash) terrorist priority to restore security and stability in the region, and said that the adoption of specific criteria towards Syria and Iraq mission critical through insight in order to face the risk of collapse and disintegration due to terrorism Daash and external interference and a strong national and international lineup.

And display Alobeida- in the word Conference regional security meeting in Bahrain today Alohd- political, military and historical approaches collected Iraq and Syria beginning of the Convention “Seixbeko” and what happened in 2003, and the revolutions of the Arab Spring, and its role in conflicts in the Middle East, the pivotal role that Iraq plays in the establishment of security rules and stability.

And he called for the need to provide support and backing to Iraqi forces that are fighting terrorism, calling for the adoption of a comprehensive strategic alliances between the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East reservation Security
And stability mobilize its energies to confront Daash as Iraqis stand historically stance in defense of the interests of the region and the world.

He warned that if Manjeh Daash in Syria and Iraq will be long earthquake entire region, stressing the need to defeat militarily Daash in the two countries, followed by intellectual and political action to counter extremist ideology.

He pointed to the experience of Iraq, which has a constitution and a government that represents all components, although there are notes on our experience of democracy, stressing that the comprehensive national reconciliation entrance to correct
Situation in Iraq.

He cautioned that the situation in Syria was serious if resorting to “zero game” of the parties to the conflict, making a strong supporting terrorism and threatens Iraq and the entire region and the world, the need for tight
Daash eliminate and uproot terrorism to build a joint strategy between the countries in the region and fueling anti-terrorism convention.

Abadi Putin attributed the fall of the Russian plane and show Iraq’s desire to enhance cooperation to defeat Daash

Sun, 01 Nov 2015 15:36:00

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the fall of the Russian plane. He expressed Iraq’s desire to enhance cooperation for the elimination of the terrorist Daash. A statement by the Office Abadi received “the news agency Sama Baghdad,” a copy of it today, “Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi held a telephone conversation with President of Russia Vladimir Putin; console the fall of Russian aircraft accident.” Abadi expressed Iraq’s desire to strengthen these relations, and cooperation in order to eradicate the evil of terrorism in Iraq and Syria. Also it touched on the efforts to find a political solution to the situation in Syria, and the outcome of the Vienna conference, which was held last Friday, calling for intensified efforts to activate the mechanisms of the solution in Syria, and Russian President supported this trend, stressing the need to expand joint efforts in the fight against terrorism. For his part, Russian President thanked the Prime Minister for his condolences, noting that many of the countries and peoples of the world Russia is involved this sad feelings, most notably Iraq, which is a partner and a friend to Russia in a lot of areas. The Russian president stressed the importance of strengthening relations with Iraq, which recently manifested itself in the detailed discussions that took place in New York City between the two countries. The head of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council, Mr. Ammar al-Hakim sent a telegram of condolences to Russian President Vladimir Putin to the fall of the incident Russian civilian aircraft in the Sinai. The organization of the so-called mandate of the Sinai {} an arm of the terrorist gangs Daash in Egypt branch took advantage of ambiguity about the causes of the crash, about to announce {7} hours responsibility for the disaster, claiming that they were a response to the Russian intervention in Syria. But in addition to the Russian Transport Minister Sokolov doubted many military experts the possibility of dropping the plane; because the mandate of the organization {} Sinai, which is the stronghold of the northern Sinai region, does not have missiles capable of targeting aircraft at an altitude of 30 thousand feet

Abadi: we seek to remove all the obstacles that have hindered investment

Sunday November 12 015 11:46

said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that the rise in oil prices previously did not invest in the development of other aspects of the economy, pointing to the government’s efforts to remove all the obstacles that have hindered investment.

Ebadi said in a speech during the opening of the Baghdad International Fair edition events 42 and attended by AlsumariaNews, “The Government has committed to the Platform government is clear: to encourage the private sector and partnership between the private and public sectors, and this is one of the foundations of our government program.”

  • He said al-Abadi, that “the government is trying to remove all obstacles and bureaucracy and red tape that hindered investment and hampered economic activity in the country.

    ” He stressed Abadi “the need that there should be harmony and integration between the capital and experience inIraq and abroad, especially in the region,” adding that ” This integration drives to more productivity and

    progress. “Hecontinued Abadi, that” Iraqi policy adopted for over 40 years on a single factor, and almost 90% of our economy is based on oil, and as soon as the price of oil hit and faced a real financial problem.

    “He pointed out, that” High oil prices previously did not invest in investment in other aspects of the economy, but has been expanded government spending, “noting that” the expansion of government spending got us in trouble.

    “The Abadi called on Saturday (January 10 2015), the provinces and ministries to open the door for investment wide, while warning that the investment will be considered a “crime of terrorism is like” disabled

Abadi from Baghdad gallery: We have possibilities of advancement enables us once again

Date: 01/11/2015 14:23Abadi from Baghdad gallery: We have possibilities of advancement enables us once again

Information / BAGHDAD / ..
He stressed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Sunday, that Iraq has the potential of being able to advancement again, pointing out that the opening of the exhibition proves that we walk the process of reconstruction and investment.
Ebadi said during his speech at the opening of the Baghdad International Fair edition 42 and I followed / information /, “The opening of the exhibition proves that we are moving the process of reconstruction and construction, investment and welcome companies and businessmen and all those who participated in this exhibition and we are trying hard to fight the red tape that hampers the work of companies and that is no different for terrorism because he It destroys the country and prevent it from development. “
He added, “The challenges are great, but our possibilities enable us to advancement again and the cooperation between the countries is not only on the government level but at the level of peoples and the interests of commercial and industrial, agricultural and various sectors and this integration is what we seek and we pay him for the progress of the country.”
And between Abadi he said, “committed to the partnership between the public and private sector the government and we are trying to switch to an open economy, noting that the private sector where enormous wealth and seek to support from local and national industries”, stressing the need for “the continuation of the government policy in support of these industries and providing facilities for it.”
Abadi said that “the country is facing terrorism and obscurantist enemy and achieve victories him and liberate our lands Champions demolished by the army, the police and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes in spite of the financial crisis, but our support for the war can not back down and has a priority”.
The Prime Minister called for political blocs to “unite and concerted efforts and do not disagree on the service of the citizen and the development of the economy and state-building and support for wins and other things that serve the citizen.”. Finished / 25

Governor of the Bank: Iraq enjoys a comfortable reservoir of foreign currency

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords that Iraq still enjoys a comfortable reservoir of cash foreign currency.
Keywords and said in a statement to Agence {Euphrates News}, that Iraq has a reserve of cash currency, which protect him from falling into an economic crisis suffocating, or the inability of the State to provide the employees’ salaries, and cover the projects, “pointing out that” Iraq reserves estimated at more than 1,500% “.
He said the central bank governor that the issue of deletion of zeros from the currency, will be in the event of the existence of an administrative security stability can the state control over the markets, and the imposition of standardized pricing on the goods.
It is said that Iraq is undergoing austerity due to the financial crisis that has gone through because of the low prices global oil. ended h

EU: we support the sovereignty of Iraq and the region to consult with Baghdad over oil

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[Baghdad – where]
the European Union and the Member States’ embassies in Iraq confirmed, support the sovereignty of Iraq, calling on the Kurdistan Regional Government to consult with Baghdad over oil and the budget for 2016.
According to a statement of the EU, received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of “the EU mission to Iraq and the embassies of member states expressed the Iraqi government’s desire to take into account the evolution of the political, economic and social situation in the Kurdistan region,” stressing “support the European Union the sovereignty of Iraqi territory and to call for dialogue and calm expressed by the Iraqi government on the political crisis in the region.
“He added that members” expressed concern about the current impasse over the presidency of the region and the risk of internal political differences that would distract from the fight Daash, “noting that” All political parties are invited to respect the principles and values ​​of democracy to restore the dialogue in accordance with the principles of democracy and other legal things and get away from the violence in order to reach a settlement that respects the political agreements.
“condemned the Union,” the ongoing violence in the region, especially attacks on the headquarters of political parties, the media and journalists “, offering condolences for” condolences to the families of the victims for their loss, “pointing out that” the Kurdistan Regional authorities are invited to bring the perpetrators to justice, what should be on all sides of the regional government and local authorities to preserve the lives of civilians and public property and resolve differences and implications.
“He noted that” it is very important in light of economic, social and humanitarian challenges currently huge and besides the war with Daash, bring the region the necessary unity through the implementation of social and economic reforms and the protection of freedom of the media and re-institutional system.
“and pointed out that” the Kurdistan Regional Government are invited to consult with Baghdad on the subject of oil and the budget for 2016, which sent by the central government to the parliament, and as a contribution from the European Union and its member states mission, encourage transparency and openness on the issue and realistic data on the oil and non-oil revenues in the region “.
And the price of Union,” the strong relationship with the Iraqi government and the provincial government, “noting that” the European Union and the Members and the international coalition against Daash realize the main role and the sacrifices made ​​by the Peshmerga forces, and also appreciate the broad participation provided by the province for security and peace in the region.
“He continued,” wide as participation by Alooroi Union and its Member States in Iraq, will remain effective partnership with the institutions and the people in Kurdistan including military support and humanitarian aid and support to the society and the economy and the development of institutions, “.anthy

Parliament calls on the Council of Ministers of Finance to send the budget to the parliament within the legal time limit

  • Parliament calls on the Council of Ministers of Finance to send the budget to the parliament within the legal time limit

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BAGHDAD – News Today

Parliamentary Finance Committee called on Sunday, the Council of Ministers to send the budget in the legal time limit, while confirming its commitment to study the budget in order to achieve “equity” and economic targets.

The committee said in a statement received by the agency news of the day a copy of it, “based on the Law of the financial management of the state, which provided material from the need for the Council of Ministers shall submit the federal budget of the state to the parliament on the tenth of the month of October of each year”, calling on the Council of Ministers to “View the budget in the legal time limit. “

The Committee emphasized, “keenness to study the budget in order to achieve economic goals and believes in justice for all segments of society.”

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