Turkish workers arrived 16 who were kidnapped in Iraqto the Turkish capital of Ankara after their release on Wednesday.

The Anatolia news agency reported that the Turkish authorities -ovq instructions President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – sent a private plane to the airport of Baghdadquoted workers to Ankara. Erdogan is scheduled to meet with the workers and their families in the Turkish presidential compound.

He was on board the plane that took workers from Baghdad, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Health and the Secretary General of the Presidency.

Erdogan congratulates
Erdogan congratulated the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad, Farouq Qaamakja in a telephone call for the release of the abducted workers and spoke with two of them congratulating their safety.

The Turkish Prime Minister Ahmed Davutoglu announced earlier today the release of the workers and handed over to the Turkish ambassador in Baghdad.

And the release of the 16 workers, Turkish workers kidnapped in the file closes Iraq after he was released two others on September / September 16 in this city of Basra in southern Iraq.

The 18 construction workers were kidnapped early September / September of the ongoing construction site of a sports stadiums, north of Baghdad by gunmen wearing military uniforms later took them to an unknown destination.

And it published the group responsible for the kidnapping, which called itself “death squads” in earlier this month, the first shots of the kidnapped workers and set terms for their release.

The highlight conditions that Ankara stop what the group claimed it “operations transport of oil stolen from the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan through its territory, and lift the siege of the army conquest of the Syrian opposition from the regions of virulence and Kefraya and nobility and Zahra (north-western regions of Syria loyal to the regime of President Bashar al-Assad), in addition to its demand to stop the militants to prevent the transmission of Iraq “, as alleged by the group.

He called Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ali al-Sistani this group, “which claims to follow the Imam Hussein,” the release of the workers, after members of the group appeared in a video standing in front of a banner reading “Beck O Hussein.”



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