US military: Iraqi forces sufficient for the Liberation of gray and we will support the process

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A US military spokesman said Friday that the United States is encouraging the Iraqi forces to restore the gray of organizing Daash “as soon as possible” to deprive him of the opportunity to regroup.
According to a spokesman for the Central Command of the US Army Col. Pat Ryder in a press statement: We recognize that the Iraqis have not achieved any significant move forward in the recent period, and continue to encourage the leaders of the Iraqi security forces to move as quickly as possible to deny Daash of time and space to regroup and resupply. ”
Ryder said that “the US military believes that the Iraqis have enough forces near Ramadi to move.”
“There is undoubtedly an important defensive obstacles in their way, and this process led by Iraq, will move, quick, and we support their plan but we certainly discuss this matter with them.”
The Minister Defense Khalid al-Obeidi, had confirmed through hosted and defense committee parliamentary security in 15 of September of this encirclement of Ramadi Daash session, and that military units need time to edit, to reduce and avoid losses more as possible.
“As the commander of ground forces, Lt. Gen. Riyadh Jalal Tawfiq Monday the past, that “gray cleansing is near and that the main objective is to maintain the city’s infrastructure as well as the lives of civilians.”
The terrorist Daash gray occupied completely in 17 of last May and oldest terrorists to kill hundreds of civilians with the displacement of thousands of families to neighboring provinces, But government forces supported by the popular crowd capacities to stop the expansion of the terrorists and ganged in the city, with preparations underway to storm it.
The voice of the House of Representatives in 18 of last August, in principle to the formation of an investigative committee the fall of Ramadi, a day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi approval of the Council investigative decisions about the withdrawal of Anbar Operations Command thereto and the pieces of the city and leave their positions without orders and referred to the courts Alaskarah.anthy

US urges Iraqi forces to move ‘as quickly as possible’ to retake Ramadi

World | Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:52 pm EDT

to move to retake the city of Ramadi from Islamic State militants “as quickly as possible” to deny them the chance to regroup, a US military spokesman said on Friday.

The militants seized Ramadi, the capital of Anbar province, in May, extending its control over the Euphrates valley west of Baghdad and handing the Iraqi army its worst defeat since June 2014 when Islamic State swept through northern Iraq.

The military setback has renewed questions about the ability of Iraq’s Shi’ite-led government in Baghdad to overcome the sectarian divide that has helped fuel the militants’ expansion in Iraq’s Sunni heartland.

Iraqi military and police, backed by Shi’ite militias, Sunni tribal fighters and US-led coalition air strikes, are making slow progress in trying to retake the city, 100 kilometers (60 miles) west of Baghdad, from the Sunni militants.

“We acknowledge that the Iraqis have not made any significant forward movement recently,” said Col. Pat Ryder, a spokesman for US Central Command, in a telephone briefing with Pentagon reporters.

“We continue to encourage ISF (Iraqi security forces) leaders to move as quickly as possible to prevent giving ISIL time and space to regroup and resupply,” Ryder said, using an acronym for Islamic State.

Ryder said the US military believes the Iraqis have enough troops near Ramadi to move forward.

“There’s certainly significant defensive obstacles in their way,” Ryder said. “This is an Iraqi-led operation. They will move at their pace, and so we are supportive of their plan but it’s certainly something that we’re discussing with them.”

Shortly after they seized the city, Islamic State fighters warned residents not to venture outside Ramadi because, they said, they had laid a web of bombs to hinder any incursion by government forces.

(Reporting By Yeganeh Torbati; Editing By Grant McCool)

U.S., allies conduct 20 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

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Follow up (AIN) – The United States and its allies have conducted 20 air strikes against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria since Wednesday, the U.S. military said in a statement on Thursday.

Four air strikes in Syria targeted tactical units, artillery and vehicles near Al Hasakah, Ar Raqqah and Mar’a. In Iraq, 16 strikes hit various artillery and machine gun positions, buildings and fighting positions near Kirkuk, Ramadi and Sinjar, among other locations, the U.S. military said.

In a separate statement, it said three air strikes near Mosul destroyed two production facilities that were a key part of Islamic State’s vehicle-borne IED network./End/

Deputy: Abadi undergo the decision to abandon the foreign nationality

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[Baghdad – where]
MP for the National Alliance Messenger Radi, said the prime minister Haider al-Abadi undergo a decision to give up foreign nationality “If it was officially”.
He said Radi told all of Iraq [where], that “the request presented by the Council of Representatives to withdraw the second nationality [foreign] both assumes the position of a sovereign or leader, the subject raised in the Parliament and there was a vote initially it, but he has not yet to turn a decision.”
He added that “this demand has become of the demands of the masses that the abandon of assumes the leadership position of foreign nationality”, adding that “the Abadi succumb to this decision if officially it was, either because it was just a request would be its point of view.”
He stressed that “some ministers and officials have foreign nationality and asked to give up foreign citizenship if he became officially the decision issued by the parliament, it must abide by it because it will involve everyone, especially sovereign positions, including the President and the Cabinet. ”
The MP for the rule of law Abbas al-Bayati, he said that “the prime minister Haider al-Abadi abandoned British nationality before his inauguration as prime minister.
“and between al-Bayati, last Wednesday, for [where] that” al-Abadi sent a letter to the British embassy before being prime minister, demanding the withdrawal of British nationality “, adding that” al-Abadi now retains the Iraqi nationality only.
“With National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Moussawi said, for [where], in 26 of last August, that any official in the state has not given up his citizenship gained, including Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi.
It is noteworthy that, House of Representatives voted on 11 last August, approving On paper his reforms, which included one of its clauses, “given a choice of office holders with dual nationality between deprivation of citizenship gained and removal from the office during a period not exceeding 30 Aoma.anthy 2

Parliamentary Finance: ration card processing locally would avoid manipulation and commissions for foreign companies

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called a member of the parliamentary finance committee, to force the government and the Ministry of Commerce buy the ration card from Iraqi ministries and gross domestic product, to avoid manipulation and commissions for foreign companies.
Said Ola return in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, “Sarphi Iraqi ministries financial liquidity to weather the financial crisis.”
She added that “the government to force the Ministry of Commerce to buy the ration card items of Iraqi output both in the Ministry of Agriculture or companies competent Iraqi.
“She pointed back to that” this action the government will help the state to bypass the middlemen with foreign companies, as well as the elimination of mafia commission, which cost the state huge amounts of money as he will rely on the national output of bring life to important sectors such as agriculture, industry, vegetable oil, transport and ports “.anthy

Governors of Central Bank of Iraq & Banque A site we don’t discuss here Liban inaugurated the Iraq Banking Forum

[Image: IBF2015-press-img.png]
Governors of Central Bank of Iraq & Banque A site we don’t discuss here Liban inaugurated the Iraq Banking Forum

with the participation of 400 bankers and business leaders
Mr. Salame: Towards organizing the private sector debts and launching an electronic platform to trade stocks
Dr. Al Allag: Towards providing incentives for the private sector and privatizing Al Rafidain and Al Rasheed banks
The Iraq Banking Forum Launched Its Activities In Beirut, With The Presence Of 400 Participants From Arab And Foreign Countries.The Forum Was Attended By Lebanese And Iraqi Bankers, Business Leaders, Heads Of Companies, International Organizations And Banking Experts And Journalists.
The opening ceremony hosted the Governor of Banque A site we don’t discuss here Liban, HE Mr. Riad Salame, Governor of Iraqi Central Bank, HE Dr. Ali Al Allag, President of Association of Banks in Lebanon, Dr. Joseph Tarabay, President of the Iraqi Private Banks League, Mr. Wadee Al Handal and the Chief Executive Officer of Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal Group, Mr. Raouf Abou Zaki.
Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor and the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq
Inaugurate business banking Iraq Forum
Post 400 bankers and business leaders
Safety: towards the organization of the private sector debt and the launch of an electronic platform for trading stocks and contracts
Dr.. Keywords: incentives for the private sector and towards the privatization of the Rafidain and Rasheed Forum Iraq opened its banking today in Beirut in the presence of a large number of Lebanese and Iraqi bankers and business leaders, heads of companies, international organizations and banking experts and journalists, attended by about 400 participants from Arab and foreign countries. Speaking at the opening of both the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh, the governor of the Central Bank of Iraq d. On the Keywords and President of the Lebanese Banks Association d. Joseph Tarabay and head of the Iraqi private banks association meek Handal and CEO of group economics and business Raouf Abu Zaki. Safety and announced in a speech during the forum that the process of issuing circulating to organize the participation of the private sector debt to the Banking Control Commission to deal with the challenges of the stage, stressing the introduction of new incentives to the basket for the year 2016 billion-dollar may rise to $ 1.5 billion. He also pointed to the launch of an electronic platform for trading stocks and contracts approaching. The d. Keywords stated in his address to the proposal for the privatization of the Rafidain and Rasheed, who possessing 80 percent of the total Iraqi banking sector.
And regulates the Forum Group Economics and Business and the Central Bank of Iraq in cooperation with the Central Bank of Lebanon and the Association of Iraqi private banks and the Association of Banks in Lebanon. And continue the work of the forum over two days in Venice Intercontinental Hotel, followed by specialized workshops.
Lebanon’s Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh at the beginning of his speech focused on the decline in growth on a global level and its impact on funding outside of Europe and the United States. He stressed the importance of a regional grouping of banks relations And the need to use local currencies. He said that the Central Bank of Lebanon to consider the importance of dealing with Iraq, especially the Iraqi Central Bank to coordinate risk and to achieve transparency and the fight against money laundering and exchange of experiences and activating the payment in local currencies between the two systems. ”
He added that the safety of the Lebanese pound stable and are traded less than the intervention of the Bank of Lebanon affordable prices, and focused on the record for the reserves of the Central Bank. He said it would be the Banque A site we don’t discuss here Liban initiatives to encourage confidence in the existence of stable benefits in spite of the expected release of Standard & Poor’s rating for Lebanon from stable to negative. He said that deposits increased by 7 percent on average per year, with net worth rose by 12 percent, and expected that between 2015 and 2018 net worth rate will be 15 percent, he said, adding: “This is necessary to maintain the trust and the natural dealing with global banking.”
He said: “2015 will not be seeing growth like the one achieved in 2014, and growth will be close to zero. That is why we introduced a package of incentives will include a credit of $ billion and up to $ 1.5 billion in 2016 and will be an interest rate at one percent limits. These include lending banks for the sectors of housing , small and medium-sized enterprises and projects of alternative energy, environment, education and other university. He said that the number of debtors increased between 1993 and 2015, from 70 thousand to 700 thousand, and this Altmsrv useful for the banking sector and economic growth. ” He said that the housing sector has a particular importance as a locomotive for growth, it has resulted in a credit packages so far more than 100 thousand poverty housing finance.
He said that the safety of the Bank of Lebanon issued a circular to regulate the debt with the private sector in a responsible manner and with the participation of the Banking Control Commission in order to overcome the challenges of the stage. We look forward positively to Circular 331 issued by the Bank Bnaln to support knowledge-based economy. The Financial Markets Authority will launch an electronic trading platform. We will give one license to the private sector to manage the platform. And will be in this platform Tdaozl stocks, bonds and commodities, including gold, will be the currency speculation and sell successful emerging institutions. Being electronic platform will be in touch with world markets, and our goal access to Lebanese expatriates and others. “He concluded that Lebanon is going through tough times, but the Lebanese have not given up and Tmn saying:” will not give up. ”
Dr.. Keywords
The Iraqi Central Bank Governor d. On the Keywords, he said: “Due to the depth of the relationship between Iraq and Lebanon held banking forum Iraqi – the second of the Lebanese capital Beirut, and comes on the priority of this relationship is to increase and deepen the cooperation between the banking and financial sector in both countries head. Among the objectives of this forum to discuss the economic landscape and banking, and means address the challenges, and provide future opportunities, as well as all of the Bank of Lebanon strategic reconnaissance and the Central Bank of Iraq and monetary policy for each of them, and aimed at achieving economic, financial and banking development through activating and developing the contribution of the banking and financial sector and branches of foreign banks to the development of the two economies. ”
He added: “Iraq and Lebanon completely Mhaian and Kraidan in the Arab region for the transfer and development of industry Almsrvih.kma aware of countries that bear a responsibility to identify strengths and weaknesses in the process of the financial and banking sector, especially Lebanese banks that have opened branches in Iraq and are on the increase. As I was talking with His Excellency the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon that the central banks are no longer the last resort it has become a refuge first and last. We must invest this position to take banks economic role for economic development. We recognize that the private sector is the real starting point for achieving continuous and sustainable development, and this fact requires much effort. The absorption resistance to change especially when some countries are used to a holistic centralized systems as in Iraq. and thus become change this environment and culture on the various procedures to evolve in order to achieve able to attract the private sector work environment, and this is what we believe in and we will invest every opportunity in the Iraqi Central Bank to emphasize the this fact in order to open the door and the frame of the field and the work of the private sector. We want to create an atmosphere of confidence in the banks, and this was expressed by His Excellency the Governor of the Bank of Lebanon Riad Salameh and without strengthen that trust can not be the promotion of the private sector. Therefore we tried to start from this important point and we worked Baattabrna in the Economic Committee of the Cabinet member to promote cooperation with the private sector to improve relations between the institutions and private banks. And broken constraints: State restrictions on private banks and we take this process to its fullest extent. We have other actions that involve certainly to give the role of the private sector. We believe that the financial crisis will help Iraq achieve real growth in the future and this is available in Iraq through the human and other resources. ”
He said: “Perhaps the most important step is the proposal to the Cabinet to convert the most important bankers in Iraq: Rasheed Bank and Rafidain Bank to banks special as companies contribution. The Iraq and by virtue of the size of these two banks intended to attract contributions from foreign banks, and this is very important. Perhaps the crucial element is important is restructuring of the banking sector helps to create a competitive role for the sector. We are working on the privatization properly Encouraged by the Minister of Finance and the Office of Financial Supervision and the support of the World Bank. We will resolve the existing problems stage there to have a chance to do a big step, but the largest in Iraq and in the region step. ”
He added: “The CBI did all the technical requirements integration and interconnection of national PBX with several parties (Bank of TBI, Assyria Bank, Amwal, the Middle East) bank is ready for the actual start of pending termination of the supplementary Alemrahalh for the tests to be local e-payment cards through it and are settled through the RTGS system. The Bank is in the final stages of licensing two companies to pay by mobile phone and these two companies on standby to provide services in the whole of Iraq to get a license, as the Bank is working with banks and specialized companies to launch government collections electronically. On the other hand, and in order to keep up with development in the field of banking communications, the Bank completed the plans in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications to create a network linking the main branches of banks with the central bank and its branches and is working techniques Alkybl photosynthesis to be a substitute for the current wireless network, which opens up new horizons in the field of data transfer confidentiality and very high reliability and high availability. ” .
The head of the Iraqi private banks association meek Handal: “I am honored to speak in a number of topics that I hope that covered the forum Bnqachath and talks mused of this combination to reach the end of the forum on the recommendations that will serve the interests of the Iraqi economy and improvement of the banking sector’s performance.” He added: “We are going through only n in Iraq in a tough part of such conditions resulting from economic difficulties as a result of falling oil prices is born a deficit in the budget burdened the government and placed them in a circumstance in which any of the previous governments have not placed. As Iraq is going through a political and security conditions are not lightest the people and the government of economic hardship. The conditions that I mentioned and put everyone, including the Iraqi banking sector in the atmosphere and difficult challenges, prompting Iraqi private banks association to improve its performance to the performance of what it and what they can contribute to it in light of this crisis. I have taken the Association upon itself since the beginning This year, help and support of the Iraqi Central Bank to maintain a stable exchange rate. Association also played a prominent role through its participation in the national team of experts headed by her finance team who presented a package of policies adopted by the Government for the development of the financial sector and financial sector performance.
Dr.. Tarabay
Then president of the Lebanese Association of Banks d occur. Joseph Tarabay, he said: “I am pleased the beginning, to repeat welcome our guests Distinguished from brotherly Iraq. You Thlon in our country Welcome to the friends, not only as colleagues profession, cherish Bmnaaqbithm and professionalism. We who Aktweina fire long wars and woes, suffer the most pain to hit and infects your country of terrorism, and caused by the killing and destruction and the displacement and destruction. So at the time of dire need you in which to complete construction of the state and its institutions and continue the reconstruction and the advancement and make up for what you missed by the wars as well. our whole in the heart of a dark tunnel. The cost owed painful at all levels, including economies National. accumulate losses and excel on the capabilities of the census and the combination. No real growth and no development possible, but increasingly sharp worsening of economic and social already existing crises. ”
He said: “Perhaps a harbinger of good and enlarge the size of the ambitions and hopes, qualitative steps that provide them successively authorities concerned in brotherly Iraq in terms of the banking structure to develop a legal and Amlanaa, especially those related to banking system and the law of electronic signature and the redefinition of capital required for banking units expatriate. In addition, orientation for tougher measures in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, and the establishment of the Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the development of appropriate letters of credit controls, and the establishment of units of the query and the centrality of risk, and instructions for Bachirvh Islamic, and the law of Islamic Sukuk. I’d, identify some of the critical areas that can achieve a common and rewarding benefit and provide time and money on the brotherly Iraqi banks, including:
Lebanese banks have a remarkable experience in the brokerage and management of versions operations in international markets.
Lebanese banks have developed an integrated and vital systems in the context of the overall banking. And diversification of bundles of services and products in the areas of retail banking Retail, custom corporate banking Corporate, Investment Banking and Investment.
Lebanese banks possess advanced international standards and with locations in the scope of electronic banking. And the issuance and management of bank cards of all types. The deployment and operation of the latest ATM.
Lebanon fought early investment banking experience, and sold unto us in determining Alaloyat and caveats.
Banks continue to adopt best practices in the framework of governance, segregation of duties and responsibilities.
Lebanese banks are spread in 33 countries around the world. True that invested by Iraqi banks as outlets to satisfy their customers in these markets requests.
Lebanese banks have significant expertise in the establishment and management of financial investment funds, are employed Akttabadtha in vital sectors of the economy.
Banks have the systems and equipment of the latest in the world of banking technology. He has a human cadres with high competencies and expertise and global.
Lebanon has extended vital experience in the field of combating illicit funds. In addition to the law and the applicable provisions of the Central Bank, banks and internal oversight units and human resources, which holds these responsibilities according to the highest international standards developed.
The banking system financing public and private sectors efficiently and professionally recognized by international financial institutions.
The Lebanese banking sector runs the local assets of more than $ 180 billion currently, which is comparable to about 3.5 times the gross domestic product. He maintains his brilliance and good growth investor acquired from the superior flexibility in the management of emergency to deal with the events, and accumulated from the experiences proven to absorb the consequences of repeated instances of disruption of internal stability and external influences.
Abu Zaki
The Group Chief Executive of Economics and Business Raouf Abu Zaki launched the opening word of the session, he said it: “Mmeltqana today is based on the success of the first conference, which was held last year under the title” the Iraqi banking forum – Lebanese “and integrates with him in his themes and in the number and level of participation and of about 150 head and General Manager of Iraqi banks in addition to about 250 bank Lebanese, Arab and representatives of the companies global technology. The holding of this forum in Beirut is the embodiment of the Lebanese banking expansion in Iraq, but the level of cooperation between the Central Bank of Iraq and his Lebanese counterpart on a number of fields, particularly in the field of training and coordination among regulators. This also reflects the high level of the Bank of Lebanon, which has become a school in the area of monetary policy and economic stimulus. The banking relations between Lebanon and Iraq Vkadimh Covenant, a renewed presence of Iraqi banks are currently in Lebanon and the presence of nine Lebanese banks operating in Iraq in addition to the tenth Bank completed steps in, so that it becomes In Iraq, some 24 branches of banks Lebanese are divided between Baghdad and Erbil and Basra and Sulaymaniyah. The economics and business group organized a conference on the Iraqi Stock Exchange last year in Dubai. Thus, the Group is now live the Iraqi situation in detail and keep pace with the Iraqi banking sector, both public and private. Therefore, when we raised the Central Bank of Iraq the idea of holding this conference, we start from an in-depth study of the market and the needs of the Iraqi banks in terms of infrastructure, software and training in addition to what is usually targeted conferences of communication and exchange of ideas and experiences. ”…&sandbox=1

Presidency of the Republic’s [where]: reconciliation project will be presented to the heads of blocs to be launched by

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[Baghdad – where]
the Presidency noted that the national reconciliation project, which plans to launch President Fuad Masum, will be presented to the heads of political blocs for the purpose identified and then starting to implement it.
The official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic Khaled Huani, told all of Iraq [where], “There is a national reconciliation project was prepared by a special committee under the direct supervision of the President of the Republic, and has to take advantage of some of the projects submitted from many parties and personalities met by the president and formed idea about it “.
He said,” Now the project integrated and multi-parties and will be presented to the heads of political blocs in the meeting by the President of the Republic, “adding that” the project will be put in the coming period and will hold a meeting for the purpose of adoption [the project] and then starting it.
“He added,” There is a difference in this Project for previous projects, as it was aimed at the meetings of political forces, and this project includes several themes in the political, social, religious, economic, even at the legislative and legal level, therefore, by a significant difference from the previous projects.
“With regard to the assigned project amounts , official spokesman for the Presidency of the Republic said: “There is no truth to what is said that there is a $ 20 billion will be spent on reconciliation, The project was prepared by a committee of advisers in the Presidency of the Republic did not state treasury costing any expenses and will be put at the meeting of the president with the heads of political blocs and the project will be the foundation in national reconciliation.
“The MP for the National Alliance, Jassim Mohammed, said last Sunday’s [where],” There are 22 billion dinars allocated for the project of reconciliation adopted by President Fuad Masum, returned to him “some kind of corruption,” he said, noting that “reconciliation, President of the Republic Project is a kind of corruption.”
It is said that, the President Fuad Masum, sought since taking office last year to launch a project of national reconciliation and stressed the success “by finding common ground as a basis for the unification of visions between all concerned parties and provide realistic solutions to get the country to safety “.anthy 2

Reference Sistani warn opponents of the reforms that it will return stronger and wider

Friday 0.25 September 0.2015
Called reference Sayyed Ali Sistani, the Shiite cleric in Iraq, to sustain the momentum of victories achieved on the battlefield with Daash renewed its call for the fight against financial and administrative corruption ominous escalation of the roof of the claims and called for finding solutions to avoid the effects of falling oil prices.

He warned representative reference Sheikh Mehdi Karbalai in a Friday prayer sermon la carte Husseini in the holy city of Karbala defiant to reform and “bulls” that the student do not be afraid that the claims will be stronger and broader, stressing the need to implement reforms in government departments all, as the government called for renewed consideration of financial policy.

He added that the battle with Daash still represent a major priority for all Iraqis, because the results directly affect the present and shaping their future, here it has to be of interest to perpetuate the momentum of victories achieved during the past period and to maintain the numerical and moral balance of the fighters in the armed forces and supported by volunteers.

“He added:” Iraq today faces challenges at the levels of various financial Kalozmh and corruption, but all this must does not constitute any justification for the decline in the battle against Daash, “noting:” The coordination and cooperation between the leaders of combat troops in various titles is one of the important foundations for the success of this battle, and we have to intuit everyone and works in light of this, stressing that this battle is a battle of national and fateful and success which is a success for all and that any breakage to allow God will deliver Ptavath and its implications for all present and future.

“And:” The perpetuation of support and backing for fighters of weapons, equipment and logistical support or guarantee of martyrs and treat the wounded is carrying adult important in these circumstances, and we hope that the various government agencies to harness the potential available for the war effort and to provide assistance to our children on the battlefield, and we hope that all citizens shall contribute to the moral and material support to those dearest, and that is of blessed them with plenty of money the initiative under the auspices of the families of combatants and families Martyrs and pledge to treat the wounded ease the burden placed on the mantle.

“He continued Karbalai:” We talked about the urgent need to reform and how important it is to speed up the fight against corruption in various state institutions and the responsibility of the authorities of the three to do so, and point out today that the need for economic and administrative reform may become clearer in light of the sharp decline in oil prices Experts not rise predicted in the coming years, leading to increased pressure on the Iraqi economy and warn of the consequences of undesirable for the country and must in light of these expectations of a review of the fiscal policies of the government, and that the experts find solutions protect against the Iraqi people are conditions more the difficulty of the current situation, but it is certain that it will not benefit the state unless the reform of government organizations and anti-corruption solutions.

“He added:” The reform partly linked to some and can not differentiate between state institutions in the reform process, but has to be carried out in all judicial and legislative and administratively, and he warned reluctant to reform and stop betting on the claims by saying that the need for reform Amehas them, and if you are afraid appearances claim these days, they will return in the last time the strongest and the much broader and lattes while Mendm. ”

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