World trembling of the phenomenon of “Bloody Moon Giant” and NASA confirms: Do not be afraid of it’s ok

 BAGHDAD – Iraq-Presse – September 24 / September: a lot of talk in social networking for a phenomenon unique sites, but a phenomenon moon bloody giant that will appear visible in the 28 of this month, four days after a cosmic phenomenon makes the night in which the moon complete in his earliest position of the earth as the moon’s orbit around the Earth is not circular, but elliptical, making the moon appear to the onlookers on the ground like a larger than before and called the phenomenon of the moon giant astronomical Balhouded point pairing system sun and the moon and the earth, which is the scientific name recognized center scientists. 

To be preparing for meteorological satellite centers and lovers of astronomical phenomena to watch the phenomenon is the first of its kind in 30 years, which is the occurrence of eclipse entirely the moon with lunar phenomenon giant in one night   and the phenomenon of the moon giant means that the moon seem larger by 14% than the normal size, as it seems 30% brighter and fuller than usual, and it happens when it is in the closest point of its orbit around the Earth to the moon on 28 September 2015, where we will see a bloody giant satellites would not be repeated until the year 2033. “

To that denied the US space agency, “NASA” to “Moon bloody cause the fall of meteorites and the end of the world as the deployment of some of the media, and in social networking and issued an official statement refuted in which what he said, Pastor John Hagee, of San Francisco, that the emergence of” Bloody Moon “threw me color, on September 28 th, referring to the fall of meteorites on the ground and the end of the world.” 

According to the statement, that “many of the fortune tellers, talking about the end of the world on September 28 th, the result of” bloody moon “threw me, which appears for the fourth time during the current year, and if we believe these statements, the world will fall apart as a result of rain severe meteorite”.

                In turn, scientists have begun to call the moon giant based on the first to launch it this name which Richard pay in 1979 as has been accompanied by the emergence of some seismic activity and volcanic on the ground with these events are not found conclusive evidence by linking private and scientists believe that the Earth is stored a large amount phenomenon very energy is what makes the effect of the moon on the earth is not enough influence to make it explode at the moment.

It should be noted that “there is the antithesis of the phenomenon of the giant moon is the phenomenon of the small moon, which is less common but do occur to reverse the reasons that the giant moon occurs where the moon is at its farthest point from the earth while be complete. Ended O.h 

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