Vice-President of the Republic made an appeal the decision of the Federal Court dismissed

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -23 September / September: National Alliance MP Ibrahim revealed Bahr al-Ulum, for providing the Vice-Presidents of the Republic of appeal to the Federal Court’s decision dismissed by Prime Minister al-Abadi.       Uloum said to reporters, said that “the mandate he received the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi by the House of Representatives, in the month of August for the implementation and papers parliamentary and government reform, you need some paragraphs to the legal legislation in Parliament.       “He added Bahr al-Ulum, said that” the decision to cancel the posts of Vice President of the Republic by the Council of Ministers Law came complement the reforms made ​​by the Abadi aim harmony with the Constitution and the law.       “He continued Bahr al-Ulum, said that” the bill abolishing the posts of Vice-President of the Republic Act will be included on the agenda of the meetings agenda after the Eid in order to speed up the legislation. ” The new recall that “some reforms need to legislation laws to address them constitutionally.”       Said Bahr al-Ulum that “this issue affects the President of the Republic and needs to take his consent in these reforms and thus there must be a message by President Fuad Masum to Parliament urging him to legislation Cancel Law Vice-President of the Republic   “.. According to the Law of the Vice President of the Republic, No. 1 of 2011 in force, the Vice-Presidents exemption is either a request submitted by the President to the House of Representatives to exempt one of his deputies, or the accountability of Parliament to the Vice President and then a majority vote on his removal from office.   He revealed Bahr al-Ulum that “some of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic made ​​an appeal to the Federal Court on dismissed by the Prime Minister because they considered it unconstitutional” .anthy (1)


Confidentially .. brother’s health minister flees to one of the European countries

22-09-2015 06:06 AM

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The beginning of a political source said, that the brother of the Minister of Health Adila Hammoud is preparing to travel to one of the European countries in order to escape the suspicions of corruption involved.
The source said in a press statement, that ‘the brother of the Minister of Health Adila Hammoud visited on Monday morning, the General Passports Department confidentially to complete his passport in order to go to one of the European countries’.
The source, who requested anonymity, said that ‘the Ministry of Health granted him the right to travel at frequent intervals, especially since it has a dispatch open to remove him from the suspicions of corruption in one of the hospitals involved recently’.
He complained a number of citizens in the earlier bad behavior of some of the staff in the Ministry of Health who are trying to blackmail them by taking bribes and obstruction of their transactions, calling for regulators to strengthen its role to eradicate corruption in all departments of the Ministry as observers noted that the regulatory performance of the Ministry of Health and the joints of inspection does not rise package reforms announced by Health Minister Adela Hammoud.

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Gen. John Allen to step down as Obama’s ISIS Czar

The man picked by President Obama to lead U.S. efforts against ISIS in Iraq and Syria will step down from the position this fall, sources told Fox News Tuesday.

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen, who has held the position as the president’s ISIS Czar for a year, is leaving over frustrations with the current U.S. policy in the Middle East as well as his wife being ill with an auto-immune disease, sources said.

Allen has been frustrated with U.S. policy for the past eight months, sources said, who added that he stayed in the position for six months longer than what he originally promised Secretary of State John Kerry.

State Department officials told Bloomberg they were not ready to officially announce Allen’s departure, but he notified his superiors he will give up his job in early November.

Allen will be taking a job at the Brookings Institution when he leaves, sources told Fox News.

Last month, the nominee to lead the U.S. Marine Corps told the Senate Armed Services Committee said the war against ISIS was essentially a tie.

Lt. Gen. Robert Neller told Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., he didn’t believe ISIS is winning or losing, but was in a “stalemate.”

A year after the U.S.-led air campaign began on Aug. 8, 2014, U.S. intelligence estimates ISIS has 20,000-30,000 fighters, the same number of fighters the CIA estimated last September.

Despite calling the war against ISIS a tie, Neller said in August he would not change the current strategy.

“I think we’re doing what we need to do right now,” he said.

Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin and Lucas Tomlinson contributed to this report.

The arrest of the son of high Nassif and her brother and a number of individuals protected on charges of kidnapping in central Baghdad

 BAGHDAD – Iraq Press September 22: A security source said detained the son of an MP for the coalition of state law, high Nassif and her brother and a number of members of the protection after the abduction of a shopkeeper in the Karrada district of central Baghdad, stressing that “the prime minister Haider al-Abadi ordered an investigation into the incident, and Accounting criminals. ” 

The source continued that “the son of an MP is an officer in the Military College and the kidnapped contact his brother, who works interior Bastakbarat, which is in the way, and sent the car number that kidnapped him and of the deputy,” pointing out that “the security force was able to arrest the kidnappers in one of the checkpoints have been circulated car details , freeing the kidnapped “.anthy O.h

Barzani’s party: it extends the mandate of President of the Region full powers

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 Sulaimaniyah – the morning
decided the Kurdistan Democratic Party leadership deported ongoing differences on the crisis to the drafting committee for the local Constitution, retaining Massoud Barzani, president of the region full powers to two more years. Observers see political affairs, said the move came against the wishes of the main combined four parties with him in the government, which would have made ​​a unified project to resolve a deadlock presidency of the province through two proposals spends the first election of the President of protocol powers by the people, or elected from within the parliament and the wide powers on be subject to the accountability of Parliament.

Abadi: we deal with the province are in accordance with the oil agreement and there is a deliberate distortion of the reforms

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi
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09/22/2015 22:06
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The head of the government, Haider al-Abadi, Tuesday, continuation of reforms despite facing of “deliberate distortion” by those affected, warning of trying to divide between the citizen and the security services and some are trying to increase the ceiling of requests to embarrass the government, while among the financial deal with the Kurdistan region has been Under the oil agreement with him, he stressed the importance of reform of the judiciary with the need to “respect the separation” between the authorities.

This came during answers to the Prime Minister, a group of activists and civil society organizations from the provinces questions, according to a statement to the media office, I followed the (long-Presse).

Ebadi said, “The meetings with the masses and exchange views with them on a very important reforms,” ​​adding that “the reforms began we will not give them and I am optimistic about the success of our association and our determination and our patience because there are obstacles, some deliberate and another as a result of the accumulation.”

He said the prime minister, that there were “rumors and allegations of false many passed between social networking to distort sites,” returned she “was raised after the reforms that touched the privileges and protections and corrupt, which means that there is a deliberate campaign aimed at everything in the country began.”

He said al-Abadi, that “everyone understands that we are in a state of war with the enemy, requires funds to buy weapons and gear, as we are with the start of the reforms, oil prices began to decline again, which is the impact somewhat,” adding, “but we Basrarna we will improve our performance and we are developing and we need to some time to perform some action. “

The head of the government, that “reform packages were interconnected, wherein what regards the political dimension by hitting the quota system, and the other relating to the privileges of officials and reduce government spending and protections, including those related to administrative, economic matters and the launch of the loans,” noting that “the funds as they are administered by about true it It will go in the right way. “

He warned Abadi, of “trying to divide between the citizen and the security services,” pointing out that at the same time, “some are trying to increase applications to embarrass the government, which knows that the price of oil down continuously.”

In response to a question on the share of the Kurdistan region, Abadi said, that “we deal with the building of the Kurdistan region on a clear agreement based on that 550 thousand barrels exported per month, and we give them their share of a month from the actual budget is not planned, and in the case of export reduction will decrease the ratio size himself to decline, “he continued,” we did not pay them when they refrained from payment and we will not be fighting a propaganda war with them, but there are actions taken to this matter. “

The President of the Council of Ministers, the importance of “judicial reform, but we respect the separation of powers”, Msttrda that “the government is continuing to review the state ownership of real estate.”

The oil agreement between Baghdad and Erbil reached the end of the last in 2014, it had collapsed after an exchange of accusations between the parties over the lack of commitment to it.

And witnessing the majority of Iraqi provinces, including the capital Baghdad, mobility turnout and widespread since (the 31st of July 2015), calling for reform of the political process, and the fight against corruption, reform of the judiciary, and the dismissal of Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud, as well as improved services, which was degradation, especially electricity, the spark that ignited this movement, has supported those demands Shiite religious authority, forcing the prime minister to bow to her, albeit about “not satisfied” the masses nor the reference, even now.

“Compass” Abadi go to America after the feast: discuss the liberalization of Anbar and Mosul


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Special – scales News

A government source revealed early Tuesday that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will travel to the United States after the Eid al-Adha, as he emphasized that Tahedvlmnaakech edit operations Anbar province and visit the city of Mosul from the control of the terrorist organization Daash.

The source, who is a government’s / scales News / “The Abadi position will travel to the United States after the Eid al-Adha at the head of a high-level delegation made up of ministerial and military cabin,” noting that “the visit will discuss a number of issues of concern to the two countries as well as coordination and cooperation in the military and security fields. ”

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said “The visit is also aimed at providing support and arming of Iraqi forces in the fight against al-Daash terrorist as well as discuss the liberalization of Anbar province and the city of Mosul operations,” explaining that “the visit will also see the determination Abadi the request of the drones and helicopters offensive Apache, ammunition and other weapons to fight the war of the streets as well as the reconstruction of the cities affected by the military operations and to facilitate their return to their home areas. ”

It is said that “al-Abadi went several months ago to Washington at the head of a ministerial delegation, including the ministers of defense and finance, oil and Higher Education and the National Security Advisor at the invitation of US President Barack Obama to discuss and coordinate the cooperation between Iraq and the United States in the” war on terror “and developments in the security and political situation in Iraq and the region, “.anthy 29/9 P

Urgent .. Cabinet decides to establish the necessary controls on payment on credit processing

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Cabinet on Tuesday decided to put the necessary controls on the treatment of the subject of payment on credit, as well as address the ongoing investment projects ..itba h ..

Iraqi Airways will open line} {Baghdad Baku)

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Iraqi Airways announced Tuesday the opening of the line {} Baghdad Baku.
A statement by the Ministry of Transport received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, he was “in the framework of the strategic vision launched by Minister Al-Zubaidi to hand open more prospects for development of relations with the countries of the world, was inaugurated on Tuesday a delegation representing the aviation authority, and company lines the Iraqi air, and the Office of the Minister Baghdad Baku line; this line to reflect the positive climate between the two countries.
“The statement continued that he had landed shortly before the Iraqi aircraft in the Baku airport, a delegation comprising members of the ministry, and a group