Iraq: US forces patrol in Anbar

Iraq: US forces patrol in Anbar

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – yesterday, security and military officials in Iraq reported that US ground patrols military reconnaissance began moving in different areas under the control of Daash city of Ramadi, Anbar province, said the lieutenant colonel in command of Anbar military operations declined to be named, said US ground patrols roaming exploratory daily around the vicinity of Ramadi, near the line of contact with al Daash and are taking information and the coordinates in the form of maps and periodicals include military tanks and armored vehicles escorted by Apache helicopters. He added that the US military bases in Habbaniyah, who is appointed by the Assad freeze edit Anbar operations that began months ago with the participation of close to the Iraqi army and the popular crowd and the maintenance of the security file and confined, however, the leaders of the international coalition in reference to the US military intervention in the coming days.

He explained that the Americans have set up an air balloon in the Habbaniyah military base to double air strikes on strongholds Daash the county. Iraqi officer said that US advisers have processed more than a thousand from the crowd of the sons of Anbar tribal various weapons and equipment fighters and their willingness to inform them of the need in the coming days the big battle for the Liberation of the province of Daash.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the governor of Anbar Hikmat al-Dulaimi said in a press statement the existence of “an agreement that includes the participation of Apache helicopters and artillery of America in Anbar liberation battles.” He added that there is an agreement concluded by the governor of Anbar during his visit to Washington, in coordination with the Iraqi government to involve the aviation Apache America and artillery battles against al Daash Anbar to resolve the battle against Daash and to accelerate the liberalization of Anbar “and killed 14 element belonging to organize Daash in the bombing of Flight Iraqi army city of Ramadi in western Iraq .

A security source in Anbar province, said the bombing targeted the headquarters of the elements of the “Daash” in Khalidiya Island east of Ramadi area, as well as communities in the region have led to the deaths of 11 members belong to the organization. The source added that three members of the Daash were also killed in the bombing of the Army Aviation elements Daash west of Ramadi, explaining that the bombing targeted a cache of weapons and ammunition in the area west of Ramadi nationalization led to completely destroyed.

According to Iraqi police officer yesterday that the organization (Daash) issued an order to withdraw prominent leaders in the organization of the Iraqi city of Ramadi to the Syrian territory on the back of preparing for a military operation in Anbar province. Starr said Lt. Col. Mohammed al-Dulaimi of Anbar province police headquarters said the accurate intelligence and reached them that the successor organization of the so-called Daash Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi issued an order to the prominent leaders of the organization to withdraw from the gray areas to inside Syrian territory. “

Names .. Chalabi reveals corruption files to Iraqi politicians and ministers of the most prominent al-Maliki

Date: 09/21/2015

Palm-A member of the National Alliance and head of the parliamentary finance committee, “Ahmad Chalabi,” about a group of well-known names thieves of public money.

He said Chalabi on his page in the social networking “facebook” site and I followed, “news agency palm” The first group of thieves Iraq, which has been its files handed over to the Supreme Judicial Integrity Commission concerning Huda Bank, United Bank, North Bank, Middle East Bank and the Bank of Assyria.

And between a member of the National Alliance, the names that were stolen Iraq and public money are both Fadel Al Dabbas and Haitham Al Dabbas real and imaginary and their companies as well as involved fake projects and false invoices Hamad al-Musawi, as well as, the boy and his sister in the Middle East Bank on charges of money and false invoices laundering as well as the donation Tabra Aseel Tabra cousin, Hamid al-Najjar and Tarek al-Hassan and Bahaa al-Araji charges of money laundering and corruption of the central bank as well as the Contractor Essam al-Asadi and his son Haider Essam al-Asadi.

He said Chalabi that Judge Jafar Mohsen al-Khazraji, along with five judges were of the defendants also as well as the official Green Real Estate Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki and his gang Abu witnessed Kazim further indicating that one of the defendants are also former Defense Minister Abdul-Qader al-Obeidi and former Education Minister Mohammad Tamim and inspector general of the Ministry of Health previous Adel Muhsin, revealing at the same time that “the list that has about thieves of public money in Iraq up to 300 name.

It is said that the National Alliance member Ahmad Chalabi revealed a number of stories of corruption led by former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and his son Abu assistant saw officers as well as the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi current.

Fuad Masum: we finished the national reconciliation project and will present after the feast

By Roudao 18 minutes ago
فؤاد معصوم
Fuad Masum

Roudao – Agencies

The President of the Republic of Iraq Fuad Masum, the completion of the draft national reconciliation in the country and will be put after the Eid al-Adha.

Masum was speaking in an interview with a London newspaper, he said: “The debate about national reconciliation for the past ten years has been just talk to Atail him, and was more like a Byzantine controversy,” referring to “the existence of an integrated project of reconciliation between Iraqi parties has been completed, it is expected to After being offered the feast to be there is the concept of reconciliation with all internal groups. “

The infallible in his interview, speaking about the current situation in Iraq, “the current demonstrations in the country was necessary to awaken the politicians of slumber, due to security and political situation affecting the country, added to that the support of the religious authority for these demonstrations.”

Infallible and pointed out that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi “did not consult with us as the oldest him of reforms packages, but it was necessary in order to achieve a comprehensive review of everything, especially that we are in the situation it is difficult to deal with, without causing serious review of all things, and in the Introduction What we suffer from the risks posed by Hoktr “Daash” in its occupation of large areas of Iraq. “

He expressed his conviction that the infallible “This danger does not go away without for genuine reconciliation between the political and popular circles in Iraq, the fact that” Daash “led to the split for a community so that serious divisions have reached to all the places.”

The credit rating agency expects the growth of Iraq’s economy 8% over 4 years

Monday 21-09-2015 | 2:02:48

Iraqi security element guarding an oil facility - XYZ

Iraqi security element guarding an oil facility – XYZ

Twilight News / predicted Moody’s credit rating, to increase Iraq’s oil production at a rate of 10% annually to reach about 5 million barrels a day by 2019, in conjunction with the non-oil growth from 2016 recovery onwards, and this will help to raise real GDP growth rate to about 8% a year between 2016 and 2019.

She Moody’s said in a statement, seen by Twilight News, on Monday, that the Iraqi economy suffers from a lack of diversification, where oil accounts for 50% of GDP, and nearly 100% of exports, as the public sector dominated the non-oil sector, and the form of manufacturing construction and only 10% of GDP in 2014.

In 2014, real GDP in Iraq fell by 2.1%, driven by a sharp contraction in the non-oil growth, while oil production has continued to grow by about 4.5%.

Iraq and damaged government revenue because of lower oil prices since mid-2014, where oil accounts for about 90% of total revenue.

Moody’s expects that the Iraq government revenues fall by 35% in 2015, compared with 2014, bringing the budget deficit to 18% of GDP.

Despite the growth of oil exports in Iraq, probably in 2016, the fiscal deficit will remain at about 15% of GDP, according to a Moody’s statement.

According to Moody’s, it said it would finance this deficit to raise the government’s debt ratio to about 79% of GDP by the end of 2016.

Moody’s expects that the declining ratio of government debt to Iraq at a later time, to less than 70% of GDP in 2019, thanks to high oil prices and production, however, government revenues will continue to be vulnerable to oil price fluctuations.

According to statistical review issued by BBC Worldwide has the situation of energy in the world for 2015, which, Iraq’s proven oil reserves stood at 150 billion barrels in 2014, occupies the fifth place in the world, accounting for 8.8% of the world’s proven reserves.

Moody’s said, they were given temporary rated bonds issued by government decided in dollars (Caa1), which means a high degree of risk, and look stable outlook.

Iraq plans to issue international bonds by about $ 6 billion, for the first time in 9 years, to finance the budget deficit, due to falling oil prices and the war against al-Daash.

وكالة تصنيف ائتمانية تتوقع ارتفاع نمو اقتصاد العراق 8% خلال 4 سنوات

The existence of contracts and deals .. billions more corrupted files exist at the Ministry of Defense

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21-09-2015 02:00 PM

He stressed the Integrity Commission, the parliamentary member Adel Nouri, Monday, that the most corrupt files with the parliamentary integrity is the Ministry of Defence files, to the presence of billions in contracts and deals.

Nouri said in a press statement today: “There are a lot of contracts in the Defense Ministry where large corruption, notably corruption files to deal planes and weapons, Russian and Czech aircraft, weapons and other”.

He added that “the Commission has referred some of the Ministry of Defence files into the Integrity Commission and there are other files are under investigation and audit,” explaining that “the Committee will respond to any file on any minister or institution will not exclude anyone.”

Al-Nouri and that “all state ministries and institutions have corrupted files within the Commission”.

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