Differences between “Daash” in Fallujah and the partition of Mosul Vilayet

By Mohammed Emad 20/09/2015 02:03 | Views: 1961

Differences between "Daash" in Fallujah and the partition of Mosul Vilayet

Brother – Baghdad

Head of the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council, Mohammed said Jawabraua – participant in the popular crowd – the occurrence of differences between Daash terrorist gangs in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province.

Said Jawabraua “The storming of Fallujah related humanitarian issue, there are more than 40 thousand people in. Since the start of operations to the day more than 25 000 of them, and the city came out today under siege from all sides,” he said. “There are families did not come out because it is besieged by terrorists and other division infiltrated and wanted to get out but that the terrorist gangs killed her. ”

“There is a section of the terrorist gangs began to shave beards and engage with civilians,” pointing to “a dispute with the state of Mosul and split them. Today, there is disagreement between the terrorist gangs that was left inside the city only senior Baathists and intelligence, according to our information,” noting “we will enter the city in the coming days. ”

He explained, “We categorically Falluja, Japanese separation bridge between Anbar, Fallujah, Saqlawiyah, and since 17 September we entered [Alscolaah] has been completely edited towards Japanese Bridge”, adding that “part of the forces crossed the Japanese bridge toward Habbaniyah were restrictions on Fallujah.”


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