Supermoon Lunar Eclipse To Occur On Sept. 27: What Makes This Celestial Event Special?

Published: 2015/9/20 17:2068 Reads
Follow up (AIN) -The supermoon eclipse is set to occur on Sept. 27 offering skywatchers in North and South America, western Asia, Europe, Africa and the Eastern Pacific Ocean region with the chances to witness the rare celestial treat.

A supermoon occurs when Earth’s natural satellite appears to be abnormally large and bright in the sky, which happens when the moons reaches its full phase at or near its closest approach to our planet.

A lunar eclipse happens when the moon passes in the shadow of the Earth, which results in the light from the sun being blocked by our planet.

The Sept. 27 phenomenon is considered as something special because it seldom happens that a supermoon and an eclipse happen simultaneously.

The last one occurred in 1982 and for those who would miss the coming celestial show, their next chance would be after almost two decades since the next supermoon eclipse is set to take place in 2033.

Noah Petro, from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland said that a supermoon and lunar eclipse occurring simultaneously is just planetary dynamics.

“The orbit of the moon around Earth is inclined to the axis of Earth and the orbital plane of all these things just falls into place every once in a while,” Petro said. “When the rhythms line up, you might get three to four eclipses in a row or a supermoon and an eclipse happening.”

This phenomenon, however, only occurs once in every few decades, which makes it rarer than lunar eclipse and a supermoon happening separately. Petro said that an entire generation may not have seen a supermoon lunar eclipse occur.

The occurrence of this rare astrological event already had some fearing that the end of the world is near. Some Christians believe that the event could be the beginning of terrible events based on a Bible passage that says “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Lord comes.”

Experts, however, said that the event, which is expected to last one hour and 12 minutes, should pose no concern.

“The only thing that will happen on Earth during an eclipse is that people will wake up the next morning with neck pain because they spent the night looking up,” Petro said.

The supermoon will slightly dim starting 8:11 p.m. EDT on Sept. 27 and the total eclipse is expected to start at 10:11 PM. /End/


PM Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives, in his office Sunday, the Central Command of US forces commander Gen. Lloyd Austin and his accompanying delegation. He stressed that our heroes on the battlefield achieve victories over the enemy, and there is a need for the international community’s support for Iraq in this war, and we have determined to edit every inch of the land of Iraq

Abadi change calls to resign from the Dawa Party

Thus replied, “Representative” about the partition of Maliki’s bloc ..!

هكذا ردت
Information Office of the Deputy High Nassif denied Sunday its intention to establish a policy of mass comprising independent figures

Where between office said, ‘What in the words of political analyst Ihsan al-Shammari about determination MP Nassif to establish a policy to be parallel to the wing Maliki’s bloc includes a number of independent political figures are untrue to him especially that MP more than once confirmed as an independent within a block of state law. “

Office ‘Shammari called for a correction of his information on defections from the rule of law and not to involve MP Nassif in his remarks. “

Najib: allocations to the provinces installed petro-dollar budget 2016

September 20, 2015

Baghdad / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) –

the economic and investment commission confirmed the parliamentary ensure the presence of the provincial share of the petro-dollar oil revenues in the budget next year from within allocated for investment projects and the development of the regions of funds amounting to 30 trillion dinars.

It included the budget next year with a total value amounted to 131 trillion dollars of oil revenues and other resources, and the deficit reached 29 trillion dinars .

She said Najib’s (IMN) The “oil provinces and other provinces all counting installed rights in the budget next year, being exposed to environmental damage as a result of production, exploration and extraction of oil process, and the rest of the provinces also examined installed from the regional development funds”.

Najib added that “the provincial share of the petro-dollar installed from within allocated for investment and development of the regions and the amount of money 30 trillion dinars in the budget of 2016”,

explaining that “the value allocated to the provinces of petrodollars did not put in a certain number until the complete discussed in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives”.

The financial budget for next year has been prepared in the initial draft, pending discussion in the Council of Ministers and the House of Representatives for a vote, with the possibility of modification according to the current data of the country.

The assassination of a judge and three of his bodyguards central Kirkuk

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:The assassination of a judge and three of his bodyguards central Kirkuk

Brother – Baghdad

Assassinated a judge and three of his bodyguards Kirkuk city center.

A security source said that “unidentified gunmen opened fire on the snow Judge Ibrahim Khamis al-Obeidi, head of Hawija Court Court of Appeal of Kirkuk, as he left his home, killing himself and three of his bodyguards.”

He noted that “the judge was a vehicle type {Hyundai Elantra} and on his way from his home street of Jerusalem to his work in the Kirkuk Court,” pointing out that “the judge was wounded dangerous is one of his bodyguards, but when the hospital arrived dead while two protected difference at the scene “.

Differences between “Daash” in Fallujah and the partition of Mosul Vilayet

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Differences between "Daash" in Fallujah and the partition of Mosul Vilayet

Brother – Baghdad

Head of the security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council, Mohammed said Jawabraua – participant in the popular crowd – the occurrence of differences between Daash terrorist gangs in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province.

Said Jawabraua “The storming of Fallujah related humanitarian issue, there are more than 40 thousand people in. Since the start of operations to the day more than 25 000 of them, and the city came out today under siege from all sides,” he said. “There are families did not come out because it is besieged by terrorists and other division infiltrated and wanted to get out but that the terrorist gangs killed her. ”

“There is a section of the terrorist gangs began to shave beards and engage with civilians,” pointing to “a dispute with the state of Mosul and split them. Today, there is disagreement between the terrorist gangs that was left inside the city only senior Baathists and intelligence, according to our information,” noting “we will enter the city in the coming days. ”

He explained, “We categorically Falluja, Japanese separation bridge between Anbar, Fallujah, Saqlawiyah, and since 17 September we entered [Alscolaah] has been completely edited towards Japanese Bridge”, adding that “part of the forces crossed the Japanese bridge toward Habbaniyah were restrictions on Fallujah.”