The rule of law to respond to Allawi: the demands of the replacement Abadi serve the enemies of Iraq and torn

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The rule of law to respond to Allawi: the demands of the replacement Abadi serve the enemies of Iraq and torn

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Announced a coalition of state law, on Saturday, he rejected calls for a coalition of national leader Ayad Allawi to replace Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, as he emphasized that these calls serve the enemies of Iraq and torn, Allawi called for a review of this position cemented joint work with all political forces.

The official spokesman for a coalition of law Khalid al-Asadi said in a statement received for News Agency (et) a copy of it, that “the rule of law rejects calls Iyad Allawi and considers the wrong attitude not in keeping with the aspirations of the Iraqi people aspiring to join efforts to eliminate Daash gangs and the success of efforts The government and the Prime Minister to implement the reforms and address the problems faced by the country. ”

He said al-Asadi, that “such a positions we consider the positions of serving the enemies of Iraq and projects aimed to tear Iraq and disrupt state-building path,” and expressed, the hope “of Allawi review this position and look forward to cemented Iraq’s national position and work together with all political forces to achieve victory over the Daash gangs criminal and achieve the desired reforms. ”


Abadi Full Allawi: The first reforms was Cancel your position? !!

Date: 09/19/2015

Palm-response office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the invitation of President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, al-Abadi change with the continuation of the political and security situation in the country.

Saad al-Hadithi, a spokesman for al-Abadi said that “the Constitution is the governing political process and the detailed mechanisms on the election of the government and the withdrawal of confidence or selected ones,” noting that “the Constitution is governed by all these details.”

He added that the “axis Alassayas reforms is an administrative and what needs to enact a law is done including the abolition of the posts of Vice President of the Republic has sent the Council of Ministers this project to the parliament and wait for him to cooperate so and be approved until there is full legal cover to the process of reforms.”

He pointed newborn, that “talk about the inapplicability of these reforms is the word is not accurate for example, the focus of administrative reform in which nine dish including five full points and the remaining four are the points in the application can refer to it and here we are talking about Cancel and reduce the number of advisers and Vice-President of the Republic and protections and salaries own senior officials and their pensions and authorize the prime minister to sack the general directors and relieving them and appoint a replacement for them and how these are applied is said to be non-viable. “

He said spokesman Abadi Office “as well as at the center of economic reform has been the launch of five trillion dinars in loans in the market to stimulate the economic sector and the participation of the private sector and thereby create jobs apply this pain and direct its implementation.”

Sabri said: It is not reasonable to be real reforms on the ground in the day and night and there are laws and measures should be taken and this needs time and give her an opportunity which is not a push of a button to implement them. “

The head of the national coalition, Iyad Allawi, yesterday called for a review of the formation of the power of implementation and choose someone “mighty to save Iraq.”

President infallible: After the feast will present a draft reconciliation in the country

09/19/2015 23:00:00


President of the Republic

President of the republic Fuad Masum, the detection of the completion of the project of reconciliation in the country poses after Eid al-Adha.

President Masum said in an interview with the Middle East, the newspaper of London (Read dialogue here), that the debate about the national interest over the past ten years was just talk is useless, and it was more like the Byzantine controversy, pointing to the existence of an integrated project of reconciliation between Iraqi parties has been completed, It is expected to be put forward after the feast to be there is the concept of reconciliation with all internal groups, and includes a comprehensive vision, especially after it has been limited to the subject of reconciliation, however, the three presidencies after he was distracted between several parties.

On the current situation in Iraq, President Masum said: «the current demonstrations in the country was necessary to awaken the politicians from the long slumber, given the economic, security and political situation affecting the country, added to that the support of the religious authority for these demonstrations, which granted considerable momentum.

Infallible and pointed out that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi «did not consult with us as the oldest him of reforms packages, but it was necessary in order to achieve a comprehensive review of everything, especially that we are in the situation it is difficult to deal with, without causing serious review of all things, and in the introduction to what we suffer the risk is the threat posed by (Daash) in its occupation of large areas of Iraq. »

He expressed his conviction that the infallible «This danger does not go away without for genuine reconciliation between the political and popular circles in Iraq, the fact that (Daash) has led to split a community get so serious and divisions have reached to all the places.»

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Economic Adviser: openness and broad international support for Iraq

9/20/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD – Alaa al-Tai
The international community will show its cooperation and wide to support Iraq to overcome its financial problems, given the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country militarily and economically, according to confirmed by the Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, revealing the determination of Dr. Haider Abadi announce a new package of complementary reforms of the decisions of the previous packages.
Chancellor Dr. said the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told (morning): that there is international cooperation and wide to support and assist Iraq to remedy the economic problems the cash crisis faced by the government because of the exceptional circumstances experienced by the military operations against «Daash».
He said the government went to economic development and activation of investment to provide feasible alternatives to activate the agricultural and industrial sectors and the launch of the strategy for reconstruction and rehabilitation of state-owned enterprises and the private sector, noting that the move may take time to clear their results, but a step to encourage and attract investment and international companies and activating the private sector.
He said Saleh to take the Council of Ministers for phrase decisions contribute to raising the incomes of State and diversify its financial resources, including the decision to impose tariffs on all goods entering and sales tax, which is a good step to encourage national production and to maximize the resources of the state, revealing the determination of the government, headed by Dr. Haider Abadi launch reforms package new and complementary decisions and firmness previous in the coming days, adding that the reforms will not stop in spite of attempts to disable them by some of the parties that were damaged its interests, pointing out that the government’s reforms begun to bear fruit gradually, especially as the country was able to spare citizens the risk of financial crisis, which has affected the major financial nations economies led to declare a state of austerity which is not a rare situation.
Saleh called on the concerned authorities the economic aspect to the establishment of institutions according to the approved international banking laws, warning that it is necessary to work obsolete new to keep the financial system in Iraq and the establishment of institutions according to banking laws to protect workers and depositors, also drew attention to the Iraqi economy needs to be a serious stand for the advancement its work and banking in general in line with the requirements of the current phase, economic and security challenges.
And as an economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Iraq’s financial losses since June last year 15 percent of gross domestic product, attributing the reasons for those losses to the security situation in some provinces experiencing or under the control of Daash gangs military operations as well as the continued decline in selling global oil prices to the lowest of the levels that have been adopted in the state budget for 2015.