Financial declares: Iraq will get $ 10.7 billion of foreign loans in the budget of 2016

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The Ministry of Finance said that Iraq would get a total of 12 trillion and 708 million dinars [10 billion and $ 770 million of foreign loans to bridge a section of the budget deficit in 2016.
The ministry had aided it had sent a draft 2016 budget expenditures amounting to 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars [US $ 99.65 billion with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars [25.81 billion].
According to the draft budget of the Iraqi government will get the 8 foreign loans, including two loans from the World Bank and the third from the International Monetary Fund totaling two billion and 750 million dollars and two loans two Japanese totaling one billion and $ 250 million and a loan from the Islamic Development Bank $ 270 million and a loan from the National Bank of Qatar, one billion and 500 thousand million dollars and a loan in order to pay for the financing of investment projects amounting to $ 5 billion.
According to budget figures that the rest of the deficit Stdd circular from the Iraqi Development Fund balance DFI and the issuance of foreign bonds and domestic bonds and Special Drawing Rights .anthy

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