Gen. Austin: Kurds did a tremendous job in Syria and pushed “Daash” to retreat

05:37: 09/17/2015

Khandan – The US Central Command commander Gen. Lloyd Austin, the United States continues its strategy based on the Syrian opposition training program to fight al “Daash” terrorist in Syria.

Austin said in his testimony before the exhibition Armed Services Committee in the Senate, that the military operations there helped the coalition and the US efforts in the hit “Daash” in Iraq, rejecting the idea of ​​establishing a buffer zone inside Syrian territory.

He said US General, that the Kurds did a tremendous job in the northeast of Syria and pushed the organization “Daash” terrorist to retreat away from the border.

Between Austin and the People’s Protection Units Kurdish helped to change the level of the battlefield, and there are tens of thousands of units to protect the people fighting the “Daash”, because the training and arming the Syrian program slower than we want him to be.


US Embassy in Baghdad refuses to grant visa for those wishing to immigrate

Baghdad-Iraq-Presse -16 September / September announced the US embassy in Baghdad, on Wednesday, it does not grant visa to the United States for those wishing to emigrate from the Iraqis, as indicated it receives 250 applications a day.

The consul general at the US Embassy in Baghdad generation Esposito told reporters, “The announcement of the embassy during the month of August of this year, 2015, the launch of a visa to enter the United States represents a return to open the area to provide a particular type of visa which is not a new service,” indicating that “visa at our embassy Scholarship is a traditional service we provide in all our embassies around the world.”

Esposito added that “the number of staff in the consular section at the embassy in Baghdad has allowed us to re-open the area to apply for this type of visa.”

Esposito added that “choosing the embassy for two types of visa, namely for businessmen and students any wishing to study in the United States of America came for the reason that the number of employees in the Consular Section is limited, allowing the provision of these types of visa, was we must prioritize these types of visas, and because Embassy encourages family and business links and also the school between the two countries, decided to allow for the granting of these two types visa “.

She explained Esposito said, “and because of commercial ties between the two countries and for several years, was wishing to obtain business visa to go to as far away as the capital of Jordan Amman, Today and in the light of the availability of this type of visa in Baghdad, we believe that there will be a deepening of trade relations between the two countries and to promote opportunities different business. “

Esposito stressed that “wishing to obtain visa must be had to the admission requirements in the areas of trade, education, and this is what can be accessed and know by visiting the embassy’s website and there will be steps can willing to obtain visa pursued by, noting that” usually take for granted visa from 6-7 weeks after a personal interview, so we encourage visa applicants that do not buy the tickets only after they obtain a visa officially. “

Esposito he pointed out that “these kinds of visas are for short visits, Valsvarh visa shall not be granted to go to the residence or immigration to the United States,” adding that “there are two sites to get a visa and two in Baghdad and Erbil, and there is no intention to have to open the two types of visa in our consulate in Basra. “

Esposito stressed that “the consular section at the embassy is received nearly 250 applications a day to schedule an interview for a non-immigrant visa, however, most of these requests relate to tourist visas that we are not issuing at the moment.”

Esposito She noted that “For other requests for non-tourist any commercial, educational, we are we are currently developing a schedule for the dates of interviews qualified for those for visas for business purposes or to study, and we hope to increase the number of personal interviews for visas business and students on a daily basis dates, depending on the number of available for our employees. “

The US Embassy in Baghdad announced that, in the 19 last August, for the resumption of limited services for visas for business travelers and students, while confirming that the service does not include requests for a visa for tourism or for the purposes of Ambassr.anthy (1)

Iraqi Finance: the overall size of the budget for 2016 will be $ 60 billion

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وزارة المالية العراقية
Iraqi Finance Ministry

Roudao – Agencies

Parliamentary Finance Committee expects the arrival of 2016 budget to parliament next month for discussion and approval, and while alluded to the continuing financial crisis in Iraq next year, and showed that the value will reach $ 60 billion in the case of export 4 million barrels of oil a day. The Ministry of Finance has submitted a draft 2016 budget law to the Cabinet.

Finance Committee in the House of Representatives and declared that “the Ministry of Finance calculated the price of a barrel of oil speculative in the budget on the basis of $ 60,” indicating that “the Commission will reject that price and speculative calculated price of $ 40 instead of it.” The Commission noted, that “the overall size of the budget would be $ 60 billion in the event of Iraq’s production came from oil to four million barrels per day,” noting that “this call to pressure the operating budget dramatically and treatment of the salary scale and the salaries of the three presidencies.”

The Committee stressed that “next year’s budget in 2016, will be balancing the need without the investment or entertainment or hospitality balancing the budget or dispatch”, Iraq faces a greater than those it now faces a financial crisis, “and the reason is due to the absence of next year’s budget funds the Interior, represented by loans, bonds Treasury “.

The decline in oil prices a big problem for Iraq, which relies on oil revenues, mainly as a source of income at a time when facing major internal challenges of Baktale with organizing “Daash” and the need to provide the necessary basic services funds, which suffers from a significant shortage.

Ministry of Finance: staff salaries before Eid

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The Ministry of Finance today announced the distribution of salaries of state employees before Eid al-Adha, which begins on 24 September of this holiday feast solutions.
According to a statement of the ministry today “on the occasion of Eid al-Adha solutions, will be the distribution of salaries of state employees are not overalls in the coming days.”
The statement added, “The ministry will on Sunday 09/20/2015 the distribution of the salaries of the Ministry of Oil, and followed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Ministry of Trade and Planning, and the Ministry of Education will try to pay the salaries on 09.22.2015” .anthy

Financial declares: Iraq will get $ 10.7 billion of foreign loans in the budget of 2016

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The Ministry of Finance said that Iraq would get a total of 12 trillion and 708 million dinars [10 billion and $ 770 million of foreign loans to bridge a section of the budget deficit in 2016.
The ministry had aided it had sent a draft 2016 budget expenditures amounting to 113.5 trillion Iraqi dinars [US $ 99.65 billion with a deficit of 29.4 trillion dinars [25.81 billion].
According to the draft budget of the Iraqi government will get the 8 foreign loans, including two loans from the World Bank and the third from the International Monetary Fund totaling two billion and 750 million dollars and two loans two Japanese totaling one billion and $ 250 million and a loan from the Islamic Development Bank $ 270 million and a loan from the National Bank of Qatar, one billion and 500 thousand million dollars and a loan in order to pay for the financing of investment projects amounting to $ 5 billion.
According to budget figures that the rest of the deficit Stdd circular from the Iraqi Development Fund balance DFI and the issuance of foreign bonds and domestic bonds and Special Drawing Rights .anthy

Mahmood: Doors Judicial Development Institute is open to judicial investigators Society

16-09-2015 06:30 PM

President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Medhat al-Mahmoud, received at the headquarters of the federal judiciary, on Wednesday, a delegation of judicial investigators Assembly, stressing opened the doors of the Judicial Development Institute of the Assembly.

According to a statement of the judiciary, that ‘Judge Mahmood welcomed the delegation, stressing that the doors of the Judicial Development Institute of the Supreme Judicial Council are open to the Assembly to carry out its activities and courses for the development of judicial investigators. “

He added that ‘and FD Assembly denounced his part attack against the judiciary, stressing the full standing with the judiciary and their symbols, and praised the support of Judge Mahmood to employees of the judiciary all ongoing and efforts, which include direct role in the adoption of judicial investigators privileges and its amendments

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Iraqi Finance distributed the salaries of six ministries before Eid

Wednesday, September 16 0.2015

Iraqi Finance Ministry announced today the distribution of salaries of state employees before the Eid al-Adha solutions.
Finance ministry said in a statement today on the occasion of Eid al-Adha holiday, we will distribute salaries of state employees are not overalls in the coming days’.
It said the ministry ‘ministry will on Sunday 09/20/2015 the distribution of the salaries of the Ministry of Oil, and followed by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the Ministry of Trade and Planning, and the Ministry of Education will try to pay the salaries on 22.9.2015’.
It is noted that the salaries of staff exchange in the Kurdistan Region is not completed for the month of June, to this day, according to sources in the Ministry of Finance, will be the Ministry of graduate salaries and Scientific Research on Thursday, and next Sunday will be the Interior Ministry pay the salaries in the Kurdistan Region.


Disclosure of the secret of the Dawa party stuck to your intelligence: why financial accounts!


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Special – scales News

A member of the Committee on Foreign Relations parliamentary Mithal al-Alusi, Wednesday, to hold the Islamic Dawa Party to a national intelligence back to the reason for the lack of detection of Finance to their net worth outside Iraq.

He said al-Alusi’s / scales News / “The members of the Islamic Dawa Party, are committed to a national intelligence is very large and for several reasons, notably concerning corruption cases,” noting that “the most critical issues is the lack of open and reveal the financial accounts of the members of the party outside the country.”

He said the Committee on Foreign parliamentary relations member that “the Commission can not open the financial accounts of officials outside the country file,” adding “We have to tighten by the Supreme Judicial version regarding the opening of the file, and then the Commission is moving in order to take several steps in this regard in cooperation with Interpol.”

The “documents and wrote an official leaked from within the corridors of the office of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in 2009 stating ordering the appointment of the leaders of the Islamic Dawa Party two years as managers in the Iraqi national intelligence service” .anthy 29/9 P

Central Bank appreciates the parliamentary vote on the draft anti-money laundering law


  • Central Bank appreciates the parliamentary vote on the draft anti-money laundering law

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BAGHDAD – News Today

The price of the Iraqi Central Bank, on Wednesday, the House of Representatives vote on the draft anti-money laundering and terrorism financing law, pointing out that the law will provide a legal framework in line with international standards and requirements.

Basra office opens “the central operating” and confirm availability of jobs in oil companies

Basra Governor Inaugurates central office operating in the province
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09/16/2015 16:46
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Long-Presse / Basra

Management announced the province of Basra, on Wednesday, the opening of the central operating office for the unemployed, and while confirming that the number of applicants through electronic forms was about 28 000 Advanced, indicated to provide job opportunities to the oil companies and government institutions.

The governor of Basra Majed Nasraoui, in an interview with the (long-Presse), that “the province opened the central operating office in the province of Basra and was preceded by the opening of the website to receive requests for job seekers as the number of applicants to work through the electronic application form about 28 000 Advanced, and by 23 thousand male, five thousand women. “

He Nasraoui, that “there are jobs available, such as Lukoil company at a rate of 50 degrees and careers, as well as in Kuwait Einrija company, there are about 56 degrees and careers, as well as 50 degrees and jobs in other areas,” noting that “the South Oil Company will announce Jobs has during the coming period in order to address the unemployment problem faced by the province. “

For his part, noted director of the central operating office in the province of Basra, Nihad Jabr, in an interview with the (long-Presse), that “his office is working in two parallel lines to run the unemployed, since the first aims to create a database of job seekers base, to be Qaeda comprehensive information in terms of age groups and academic achievement, while the second focuses on the line to be jobs of the gate operating office and not through others. “

Dozens of unemployed people in Basra in the second tenth of the month of August 2015, to demand the appointment in the oil companies, and called to reveal the fate of the amount of five million dollars paid by oil companies in the province to open centers for rehabilitation, while caught the administration of the province not to possess plan to absorb the unemployed.