Abadi directs “severe warning and a letter” after the “reforms”

العبادي يوجه
6:17 p.m.

Warned the prime minister’s spokesman Haider al-Abadi Office, Saturday, from attempts to “affected” by the reforms recently launched by imposing obstacles to the work of the government, as expressed rejection “underestimated” those reforms, he stressed that the backlog over the past years can not be repaired a few weeks.

Saad al-Sabri, said that “the demonstrators came out after the announcement of the reforms directly to pay tribute to them and declare their support for the Prime Minister in their application,” pointing out that “demonstrations confirms that the reforms to come into contact with a large part of the concerns of the citizen.”

The newborn, that “reform will take time because the backlog over the past years can not be repaired a few weeks, especially since there are constraints and obstacles set by the groups affected interests and other interests will be harmed as a result of the application of the reform packages”.

The newborn, that “there are serious will of the government to move in this direction,” pointing at the same time that “the steps that have been completed can not be underestimated at all.”

Abadi was confirmed on Thursday (10 September 2015), that the recent reforms, including those close to him and the “actors” in the Council of Ministers, while stressing that the reforms are not directed against persons or entities.

It is said that Abadi, recently announced the launch of a series of reform packages and decisions after popular demonstrations and protests took place several Iraqi cities to demand reform and improve the services and the fight against corruption.



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