Jubouri: Reforms to continue, parliament to supervise them

Published: 2015/9/8 1:0952 Reads
Baghdad (AIN) –Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jubouri assured that the governmental reforms will continue and the parliament will be the main supervisor on these reforms.
Statement by Jubouri’s office received by AIN cited “Jubouri received in his office on Monday delegation from the Kurdistani Alliance with attendance of leaders of the Iraqi Powers Alliance where both sides discussed the current developments of the political process and necessity of going on the process of legislating the important law drafts which were agreed upon during the process of forming the government.”
“Jubouri stressed that the reforms will continue and the parliament will be the main supervisor on these reforms,” the statement added.
Jubouri emphasized the necessity of adopting real national reconciliation which should be comprehensive and fair to treat all Iraqis equally. /End/

Saudi life: Abadi will cancel the Integrity Commission for failing to

Under section: politicalDated: September 6, 2015
113 Baghdad / Iraq News Network revealed the newspaper “Life” Saudi Arabia, Sunday, for the determination of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Cancel the Integrity Commission, as pointed out that failure to push for the sacking of Chief Justice Medhat Mahmod.oukalt newspaper in a report on its issue today: The “Abbadi faces challenges to implement reforms on the ground, and still unable to pass the decision to cancel the posts of Vice-President of the Republic, and that the move is facing widespread opposition, in parallel with its need for a parliamentary decision difficult.” She added that “the Prime Minister was not able to put pressure on the Judicial Council to change the boss Medhat al-Mahmoud, and that the Iraqi political forces are still committed to big defense of Al-Mahmoud and prevent his dismissal.” The newspaper pointed out that “al-Abadi may issue a decision to cancel the Integrity Commission, as an institution is not doing its part in the fight against corruption, and had hinted at a meeting with the Commission finally to this option, when he emphasized that the return on the state of the stolen money is not commensurate with the amount of costs paid to the Integrity Commission “. 

Committee the economy suggests the use of Interpol to recover the money smuggled abroad

Economy and Tenders

Since 06/09/2015 13:47 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad scales News

Suggested that a member of the economic and investment commission MP Amer winner, Sunday, activating the international police diary (Interpol) to arrest the corrupt officials and recovery of the looted money.

The winner said in a statement received / scales News / copy of “the restoration of the looted money from outside the country is necessary to supplement the general budget of the Iraqi state funds.”

He pointed out that “the amount of money stolen by corrupt too large and thus should be retrieved, through the activation of the Interpol international police diary and the arrest of corrupt fugitives outside the country,” .anthy 29 / d 25


The central bank announced the largest funding for industry, agriculture, housing

September 07, 2015

Baghdad / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) –
The Central Bank of Iraq, to begin launching the largest funding for programs lending operation in Iraq belong to the first of which finance sectors, industrial, agricultural and housing and $ five trillion Iraqi dinars lend through specialized banks (agricultural, industrial, real estate, and the Fund Housing).

While the second private banks financed amount trillion Iraqi dinars in support of small and medium-sized enterprises, above and programs designed to revitalize the Iraqi economy and provide real opportunities to maximize the country’s resources to stimulate the private sector and reduce unemployment.

At a time when the central bank let the citizens of the small and medium entrepreneurs as well as stakeholders from the industrial and agricultural, and specialists to review the banks above to take advantage of these programs,

it calls upon those banks completion of transactions and procedures their own administrative and financial required speed and accuracy while ensuring speed access that money to recipients and implement their own projects.


Of leaning on Haider Alebadi..ohl Obama offered immunity against any attempt to bring him down?


Since 07/09/2015 14:52 pm (Baghdad time)

Follow-up scales News

Many are the objections of the Iraqi political forces, from different backgrounds, on the performance of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. But these days the biggest objection to Astvradh decisions taken without reference to any of them.

Talking here not about opposing forces of the man who has become clear that it believes that the nature of the existing political system compatibility to prevent the prime minister from autocracy, especially when it comes to decisions affecting the pillars of this system, such as the abolition of top positions in the state, or modify the structure of government, etc. So things.

The problem today is in the allied forces Ebadi, is intended, in particular, of the Supreme Council and the Sadrists. Even party «call», or rather wing it, upset about what is happening. The forces of reason, is the support and care of reference and the US, in the arrival of al-Abadi to his successor to Nuri al-Maliki. Complexity, long ago, a mini meetings among themselves to coordinate.Do not ask the prime minister but to consult with them, as an ally and partner in the government, before making crucial decisions.Roof demand they want to know in advance of its decisions not to hear them on television.

Acting on the base: who wants to walk with me, I welcome, and do not want Fleurcef Sea », phrase you hear a lot in the Iraqi political circles. «Believed himself (Egyptian President Abdel Fattah) … Sisi wants a mandate from the people to change the system.

Well Iraqi politicians put themselves under house arrest and have become professionals Facebook

If so, Valsasa has the military behind him, all its organs, particularly the military intelligence which was driven and boosted placed joints become controlled by the state. Sisi also enjoys under the auspices of the Gulf states, especially Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which the Fortan his open support, international forces hostile to the United States want to find for itself a foothold in North Africa, as well as of course for the neighboring country, Israel, which sponsored and blessed. This did not talk about the overwhelming popular support it has received since the first day of standing in the face of the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi.

Apart from based al-Abadi, who was a political submerged came to power on a political coup Nuri al-Maliki, carried out in the dark night of the invitation team alliance with the Sadrists and the Supreme Council and sponsored by the reference and the blessing of the party? Note that he no longer has the support of the day inside Iraq only the mantle of Najaf, some call Keywords led by Ali Hussain al-Shahristani and …?

Novels circulating in Baghdad are talking about an unprecedented support by Barack Obama himself to Iraqi Prime Minister. Type of immunity, political, economic and military, against any attempt to bring him down, either on the street or in the parliament, or a coup could be carried out by «the popular crowd», which Washington sees as not only an expression of Iranian influence in Iraq.Which puts Abadi, whether he wanted to or did not want, in the Circuit US-Iranian conflict, to the point where today the question is about when Tehran decides to break the jar and strike a blow for the Americans in Mesopotamia through it?

The reality of opening the door to questions of another kind, focused on the potential successor to Ebadi. There is only a single name in circulation: the leader of the Badr Organization and one of the main leaders of the popular crowd, Hadi al-Amiri, which seems to be paving the way for the prime minister to work to improve its relations with all of the Sadrists and the Supreme Council.

Multi-dimensional and also realize the conflict going on in the light of cartoon scene gripped Iraq: politicians do not leave their homes as if they were under house arrest – optional. Avoid trying to pick up the camera lenses having a form of open eyes on them. All of the professionals are now sailing through the Facebook site. All of them are waiting for the moment that pretty name to trading via cyberspace. They are in it are excused. In the end, they are watching, weeks ago, Iraq’s leaders wallowing their noses in the dirt. What any of them survived the crushing, image or logo, or documented scandals suspicious transactions and bonds they hold ownership of real estate in the country and abroad, and also copies of the decisions in violation of the law they have taken. Documents can not be obtained by the only international non-proliferation intelligence agencies, strengthen the argument involvement of regional and UN agencies in the incitement of the Iraqi movement and guidance.

Only Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr remained outside this attack, for various reasons some people give it back to the fact that he kept himself away from the world of business and transactions (note that corruption code, which was targeted by phenomena Bahaa al calculated it). Indeed, it was as long as chastise himself embossed cases within his movement, and was most recently a few months ago when collecting a handful of corrupt of those close to him, who were confiscating land and impose Akhawat, after complaints from many people, and put them in iron cages under the sun burnt in the day to the Grantor, and imposed on them re part larger than loot to those affected. Ironically, at the time protested the Abadi «This barbaric act which harms the image of the state», the Sadrists reply was that he had previously handed over power to corrupt them, what was that but that Otalegthm during the days after the bribes offered for those involved.

The problem of the Sadrist movement, in addition to his objection to the Abadi behavior, he did not see in Iraq only Nuri al-Maliki.Wants to close the road in front of any possibility of success in assuming the leadership of «the popular crowd.» Hostility has reached levels no longer understandable, especially as it is out of the equation, which is struggling to return to it. Is, any power, Egypt to provide al-Maliki on the basis that the engine of everything happening in the country. There is no doubt that the hospitality that the former president received in Tehran provoked Sadr, who declared explicitly day of 2006 either al-Maliki as prime minister of the country or burned. It seems clear that Mr. Muqtada al-not after the fact that al-Maliki returned captures what is the same, but shifted to Iraqi title to the axis of a regional – international, like al-Abadi, which has become the symbol of Iraqi axis Almkabl.anthy 29 / d 25


Kurdistan receives 44 billion dinars from Baghdad provinces of the region as a budget development

Kurdistan receives 44 billion dinars from Baghdad provinces of the region as a budget development

Monday 07-09-2015 | 6:41:02

M m p / p p

M m p / p p

Shafaq News / The Ministry of Finance and Economy in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Monday that the federal government sent during this year’s $ 44 billion and 135 million dinars provinces of the region as a share of provincial development budget, noting that it has distributed the amount to the three provinces of the region.

The ministry denied in a statement responded to Twilight News, Baghdad, funded by the province of Sulaymaniyah only, noting that the money sent by Baghdad were distributed to three of Arbil, Dahuk and Sulaymaniyah provinces of the region.

He added that in the first stage on the seventeenth of last month was the transfer of $ 8 billion dinars to the province of Arbil and Sulaymaniyah to 9 billion and 6 billion to the province of Dohuk.

كوردستان تتسلم 44 مليار دينار من بغداد كميزانية تنمية محافظات الاقليم

Barzani: We have good will for reform and away from the blundering actions

Monday 07-09-2015 | 6:24:45

Nechirvan Barzana- m m r / m c

Nechirvan Barzana- m m r / m c

Shafaq News / The head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Naچervan Barzani, on Monday, that his government is making efforts to carry out reforms in all areas to take advantage of the latest technology and the richest experiences of work organization and management system of government affairs in all its institutions.

He came Barzani’s remarks while attending a ceremony Declaration and the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Monday morning, for the system to make social protection network auction, which took place at Saad Abdullah hall in Erbil in the presence of representatives of foreign diplomatic corps and a number of parliamentarians, ministers, social.

He spoke Barzani, in a speech during the ceremony about the importance of the project to make the social welfare network electronic provincial government promised another step to build a new system Azlem dramatically in the reform process ongoing in government work and development and administrative system, and to facilitate the conduct of citizens’ affairs and prevent network exploitation of utilization is not appropriate.

He said Barzani that the project and the idea of ​​establishing a system to make electronic network is nothing new, as the government had prepared most of the requirements of this project in advance, but he also said what can praise him and appreciated is that the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Haodiagn With the beginning of receipt of its location in the eighth cabinet reshuffle his move project Keen to move towards reform and brought him to the implementation stage and so the all departments and institutions of the Ministry of Labour will be linked at the Ministry successfully and this will cause in strengthening the social protection system to better the other hand, will be valid and serious about reform and tackle corruption step.

Barzani and face thanks to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Planning Agency USAID and the teams that have managed to accomplish important and successful work en masse would be a good model of work with this system in many of the ministries and institutions of the provincial government.

He also said that his government is making continuous efforts to carry out reforms in all fields and sectors to take advantage of the latest technologies and the richest and most successful experiences of work organization and management of government affairs system in all its institutions and to continue the process.

Barzani also discussed the reforms and noted that the government will reform in all areas and have a serious will for reform and expressed his belief serious reform and the right for patience and calm and deliberate, and the development of plans and programs that his conception of the result and not reacting free programs and procedures hasty and sudden blundering.

He said Barzani that reform is not an abstract and lonely and disconnected operation or set of terms, but it’s wide and lengthy process related to a number of overlapping and different factors and should not be viewed as just a decision of the Prime Minister or the Council of Ministers for reform.

He said they need to process short, medium and long plans, as is happening now in the process carried out by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

He also said that Sir practical step in the reform process at a time when the Kurdistan Region is facing a war fierce against terrorism and passes, economic and financial politically difficult the situations one meaning is to give me that the provincial government is determined to carry out reforms and its belief that reform is good catalyst to resolve the many crises and to provide justice and provide better services to citizens, so the reform a large part of the government program and from the first day to take over the responsibilities of the Minister sought earnestly to do reforms and some of them marched good steps.

He said that in the last year 2014 after differences emerged with Baghdad, the government of the province and in an effort to cope with the economic crisis proceeded on many practical steps in order to little disbursements and increase revenue, stressing that the citizens will see in the not too distant future the results of those reforms.

At the conclusion of his speech, thanked Barzani, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Ministry of Planning and Organization USAID to make it work this project.

Then, in a joint press conference with the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Barzani talked about the five-year meetings held in order to create internal problems for the region, especially with regard to the draft presidency of the province Law solutions, noting that the meetings will continue and the parties all desire to reach an agreement in this regard.

He added that the Kurdistan Democratic Party wants to solve problems through negotiations and dialogue and understanding, pointing out that his party will continue efforts in this regard and hoping that the parties will reach a result at a meeting on March 13.

He also stressed that the situation that prevailed in the region, especially the war against terrorists “Daash” The financial crisis should have to turn emitter of the parties to accelerate the reaching of the agreement, but he also said that he is pleased that the dialogues and meetings are still going on.

And on relations between Baghdad and Arbil, Barzani stressed that good relations with Baghdad and sustained, noting that Baghdad preoccupied with a number of affairs and that the provincial government is also preoccupied with the problems that are related to the province, declaring that he was ready to visit Baghdad if called for dialogue between the parties.

And on cabinet meetings Barzani pointed out that the government will meet and will continue in its meetings.

And about the fate of the four thousand party members cadres who have been deployed to the institutions of government after the decision to cancel the civic organizations in Sulaimaniya were canceled a distribution by government decision people Barzani assured them that their salaries would not go, saying that they need to re-organize because they do not have the administrative orders appointment must be addressed this matter and noting that the goal of his decision to not cut their salaries, but to organize their affairs.

And on the provincial government account at Halk Bank Bank Turkish where there is no money said Barzani this and said it was likely that there will be money in it and this is normal because it is, in order to secure the salaries of the staff of the province has been the transfer of funds from Europe directly to the Kurdistan Region, adding that he then It will transform the money earned from the sale of oil to that account inevitably and ultimately into the Kurdistan region.

And on the migration of citizens abroad, their causes and solutions Barzani said that the migration of citizens abroad is not about Vq province of Kurdistan, but throughout the region and many causes and that the number of migrants from a few region compared to countries in the region, however the efforts of the provincial government to determine the causes and find solutions to continue in order to prevent migration wave sweeping the region .

M m r / m


The focus of economic reform launched ..

The focus of economic reform launched ..   [Image: NB-121464-635772304692797420.jpg]  The most prominent in the news   Based on the first package of reforms presented by the Prime Minister, Dr. Haidar al-Abbadi, at the center of economic reform to stimulate the economy in the country and run the unemployed, has acknowledged the crisis cell at its sixth meeting on 08.24.2015 under the chairmanship of Prime Minister of the lending mechanism in the industrial, agricultural and housing area, which will be awarded in accordance with the instructions issued by the Central Bank and other banks. As shown as follows: industrial, agricultural and housing lending mechanism (CBI loan for the 2015 program) I. General Conditions 1. The loan granted by the Central Bank for each specialist Bank (agricultural, industrial, real estate, and housing fund) for a period of five years, including grace period for a period of 6 months, extendable to five years with the approval of the Central Bank at the request of the bank borrower or the Fund. 2. The distribution amounts to banks and housing fund according to the following percentages: – – 33% Industrial
Bank. – 33% Agricultural Bank. – 17 % Real Estate Bank. – 17% of the housing fund.


alebadi Tomorrow meet with the leaders of parliamentary blocs to discuss the reforms package

Under section: political Dated: September 7, 2015
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 Baghdad / Iraq News Network held Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday, meeting with leaders of parliamentary blocs to discuss their visions firmly reforms launched by about Chehr.oukal head of the Kurdistan Islamic Union bloc before, Muthana Amin, in a press statement that the union had received an invitation from the Prime Minister’s Office Haider al-Abadi, a meeting between him and the leaders of parliamentary blocs in Baghdad on Tuesday. “He added Amin” The meeting will be held at nine o’clock in the evening tomorrow, and will be the hub President Viewing visions blocs on the recent reforms announced by the Prime Minister. “He pointed out, The meeting will also include “shed light on the future plans.” The prime minister Haider al-Abadi has launched aggressive reforms 9 last August since included several files, including reducing the protections of officials and the abolition of the top positions and keep it away from quotas and the abolition of disparities in salaries and the fight against corruption and reduce protections officials binge of Representatives by 90% in addition to the axes of administrative and economic it has been approved by the House of Representatives at the invitation of the Supreme religious authority and Almtzahreinn.kma issued Abadi, within the reforms hold the feminine to the government and the integration of ministries, in addition to security orders to open the main streets closed by the figures and parties and influential and subsidiary, and make the necessary arrangements To open green area in front of the citizens, and others.

Badr parliamentary warns US ambassador and asking him to refrain from exerting pressure to pass the National Guard Law

National Guard

(Independent) … Badr parliamentary bloc led by Hadi al-Amiri, US ambassador warned Stuart Jones from continuing to interfere the internal affairs of Iraq and the political process, and in asking him to “refrain” from exerting pressure towards the legislation of the National Guard Law, arguing that the bill in its current form American project and the volcano may explode any moment.
Bloc said in a statement received by the (independent) a copy of it on Monday, that “Iraq is an independent country and has the rule, and warn the US ambassador to continue to intervene the internal affairs of Iraq and the political process,” asking him to “refrain from exerting pressure towards the legislation of the National Guard, as the current law.” .
The bloc “The goal is the formation of forces to the provinces, which will be an introduction to the division,” pointing out that “the unity of Iraq is a red line we will not allow the wanton threaten the future of the country.”
She bloc “Just as we fought terrorism Aldaasha We will fight for the unity of Iraq’s land and people,” expressing extreme astonishment “at the insistence of the US – British ambassadors and exercising pressure for legislation Guard law that were not to have suspicious intentions.”
The block that was considered “a project of the National Guard, as the current law is the US project par excellence threatens the unity of Iraq, which is a volcanoes may explode at any moment aimed at tearing the Iraqi people and patient,” indicating that “this law is an episode of the conspiracy and prejudice the right of the popular crowd Champions sons who the fruit of their struggle and sacrifices kept Iraq from terrorism Aldaasha but that the law is a betrayal of the right of the righteous martyrs whose blood was the secret of victory over Daash. “
Reference mass religious and demanded to “intervene to stop the pass this divisive as the current project, which aims to Iraq and the sons of the popular crowd, which was their presence thanks to a fatwa Jihad Ulkipaia”, calling on all the forces of the National Alliance and national forces to “unite in order not to pass this law, unless it is a the necessary adjustments to preserve the unity of Iraq and the rights and the sacrifices of the sons of the popular crowd brave heroes and fighters of the clan. “
The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, had confirmed on Sunday (September 62 015) that the House of Representatives supportive of each legislation on security and defense, which is an appointment on Tuesday to approve the National Guard Law.