IMF’s Lagarde says Fed should not rush its rate rise decision

The U.S. Federal Reserve should not rush its decision to raise interest rates and should move only when it is sure the decision is unlikely to be reversed later, the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde, said on Saturday.

Many emerging market economies are concerned that a Fed rate rise would trigger large outflows of capital from emerging economies into dollar-denominated assets, creating market turmoil that would hurt growth.

Finance ministers and central bankers of the world’s 20 biggest economies discussed the issue thoroughly at a meeting in Ankara, Lagarde told a news conference after the talks.

“It should really do it for good, if I may say,” Lagarde said. “In other words, not give it a try and have to come back.”

“So, what we have said is, the IMF thinks that it is better to make sure that the data are absolutely confirmed, that there is no uncertainty, neither on the front of price stability, nor on the front of employment and unemployment, before it actually makes that move,” she said.

“And that would call for being in the curve, rather than necessarily ahead of the curve or indeed behind the curve.”

(Reporting By Jan Strupczewski and Randall Palmer)

Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to next week

05/09/2015 19:11:00

Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting to next week

President of the Presidium of the Kurdistan Region, Fouad Hussein, said Saturday 2015/9/5, all the Kurdish parties to postpone the meeting, which was scheduled Sunday to next week.
Hussein said in a statement, PUKmedia got a copy of it: he was scheduled to hold a five-party meeting on the Kurdish crisis, the presidency of the Kurdistan Region, on Sunday, but the meeting was postponed specifically to Sunday 13/9/2015, adding, that the delay was building the request of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, in order to allow for a longer period to discuss and exchange views and formulate proposals on the previous results.
The statement expressed hope that the result in the next meeting, positive results pour in favor of the people of Kurdistan.
And held four most amusing political (the National Union, the Movement for Change, the Islamic Union, Islamic Group), held a meeting on Wednesday 2/9/2015, building of the Political Bureau of the O.o.k, to discuss the situation in the Kurdistan Region and the issue of presidency of the region, and stressed the meeting on the points the following:
1. congratulate the Kurdistan Parliament on the occasion of the start of a new chapter of the second year of the fourth session of the Parliament of Kurdistan, the legitimacy of an institution, and we wish success to the parliament and to continue in his duties of legal and regulatory point of view.
2. maintain the unity of the position of the four parties.
3. insistence on the report of the Legal Committee of the Parliament of Kurdistan, a step to the establishment of institutions in the Kurdistan Region and fill the political vacuum.
4. The full line of confidence and the continuation of meetings to find a legal solution.
5. The eighth meeting high resilience of the Peshmerga forces in combat fronts to defend the people of Kurdistan, for its insistence on maintaining the rule of law and the peaceful transfer of power, and consolidate the foundations of democracy and maintaining stability and the unity of the political positions of the Parties to the Kurdish, in order to meet the challenges. As the meeting and assured the masses Kurdistan cherished achievement of their demands to give them confidence in the electoral program of the Kurdish political parties.
6. The meeting emphasized the protection of the role and place of Kurdish nationalism and religious components of the political parties in the political process for the region and address the problems and attempts national consensus.

8 terrorists killed southwest Spyker base

8 terrorists killed southwest Spyker base

Harbi cell media announced Saturday 2015/9/5, killed 8 terrorists southwest Spyker base.
The statement said the cell, PUKmedia got a copy of it: that valiant Army Air face air strike resulted in the destruction of the wheel bearing mono, while eight terrorists were killed southwest Spyker base in Salahuddin province.

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives, in his office on Saturday, a delegation from the US Congress included Sen. Christopher Murphy and Senator Carey Peters in the presence of the US ambassador, Mr. Stuart Jones. He referred to the progress made ​​in the battle against terrorist gangs and the importance of cooperation to complete the victory, stressing his commitment to maintain at the community diversity of all nationalities and denominations as an element of strength for the country. He stressed Dr. Haider Abadi determination to continue reforms and continue to put the country on the right track in building state institutions

ISIL executed 50 of its elements according to betrayal charges in Baiji

Published: 2015/9/5 20:03 • 20 Reads

Baghdad (AIN) –The ISIL terrorists executed 50 of its elements according to betrayal charges because they fled the battlefield in front of the Iraqi security forces in Baiji district, the Kurdistan National Union said in a statement on Saturday./End/

International coalition aimed at the “Daash” 33 new blow

10:03: 05/09/2015

Khandan-, the US military announced that coalition forces led by the United States launched 25 air strike in Iraq and eight strikes against targets in Syria to organize “Daash” terrorist. 
The Joint Task Force said in a statement, said that the air strikes mounted in Iraq were concentrated near 12 cities, including Mosul, Ramadi and Taji, Douz and Chenkal, indicating that these raids destroyed buildings and vehicles and a facility for the manufacture of explosives and more than 50 locations combat terrorists. 
The statement pointed out that the air strikes in Syria, six of which targets near the town of Mare` injuries while the other two targeted Aldharbtan targets in tenderness and Cree captivity (White Hill).