Sistani calls for the process to begin large heads corrupt accounting in Iraq


Karbala – (dpa) – supreme Shiite authority in Iraq, led by Ali al-Sistani called on Friday and the integrity of the Iraqi government and the judiciary to prosecute and begin the process of accountability “corrupt big heads that have affected the expense of public money through more than a decade in Iraq.”

Ahmed said net certified reference during Friday prayers in the courtyard of Imam Hussein, told thousands of worshipers “We have to start to prosecute and to hold large heads and corrupt who enriched the money of the Iraqi people account during more than a decade and relive them money looted and this is the responsibility of the Integrity Commission and the judiciary and without delay and procrastination. “

“The Iraqi people, who have suffered so much from corruption waiting to accelerate the real reform steps that affect the essence of the people’s demands and be inclusive of various state departments and clear them from him.”

He explained, “that the most important manifestations of corruption in Iraq is the proliferation of corrupt who enriched at the expense of the Iraqi people, divested of public money illegally taking advantage of their positions and locations of their knowledge in power and can not overcome the problems in the country only through a genuine and broad reform and to be in solidarity responsibility borne by all of them sites in power. “

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