Government rejects calls for the abolition of the Constitution and the House of Representatives

07:00: 05/09/2015

Khandan – confirmed the Iraqi government, its response to the many demands of the demonstrators, pointing out that some of them will take time no small but rejected calls to scrap the Constitution and the House of Representatives, and indicated they do not possess the power to intervene in the judicial file.

He said government spokesman Saad al-Hadithi, “The Council of Ministers adopted several reforms have won the House of Representatives authentication.”

He newborn in an interview with the newspaper “New Morning” that “previous reform package has achieved many of the demands of the demonstrators came in line with expectations.”

It was understood as “they came out the next day for the launch of the first and second packages declaring their support for the government and its actions” .lknh asserts that “what was announced last month will not be the end, but be followed by a series of other reforms are detected, respectively.”

Sabri noted that “reducing the number of advisers, officials and members of the protection, and social justice, and the abolition of unnecessary positions were at the forefront of demands,” stressing that “the government responded directly about her.”

Government spokesman believes that “achieving the demands do not get between overnight but requires time; speed up the implementation because the negative effects may create a state of chaos.”
He stated that “the restructuring of the Ministry of 12 Btoaqmha amounting to thousands of employees between the cancellation and the merger may require months to complete.”

Newborn and goes that “the government respond to the legitimate demands are consistent with the Constitution and the legal nature of state institutions.”

He stressed, “it is not possible to cancel the constitution, but modifying the texts of the problems according to the frames stipulated by; because the reference upon which the state institutions”.

The spokesman also warned the government “not to cancel the possibility of the House of Representatives; because we are in a parliamentary system, but can be dissolved and to call for new elections according to the law.”

And finds newborn “Some of them calls for the abolition of the Constitution and the House of Representatives and the declaration of a state of emergency means access to the Revolution, while we are talking about the popular demonstrations calling for constitutional demands.”

As for the judicial file, he reported: “Iraqi constitution separates between authorities and can not any one of them to interfere in the work of the other.”

The newborn “is not entitled to the President or members of the Council of Ministers or the President of the Republic, as well as the case for the House of Representatives to intervene in the restructuring of the judiciary.”

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