President of the Parliamentary Integrity calls for a review of regulatory bodies


(Independent) .. Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee MP Talal Zobaie Khudair called for a review of regulatory bodies in order to be able to apply the reforms quickly and to serve the citizens, stressing the need to support the Parliamentary Integrity Committee in the fight against corruption and the corrupt state body which necrosis.

He said at a meeting on Tuesday, President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the reforms that are approved today by the House of Representatives require reforms of regulatory bodies, because some of them suffer from a great imbalance are an obstacle to the formation of the government.

He added that reforms must include the file of the detainees because of the duty to work on the launch of their release and stop arbitrary arrests.

He Zobaie President of the Republic the need to bring the corrupt to justice for this work is at the forefront of the reforms offered by the government.

For his part, the President welcomed the visit of Zobaie stressing standing by the Integrity Committee in uncovering corruption in the country and Vdj corrupt regardless of their party affiliation and sectarian. (End)

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