International Coalition provides Anbar tribes American fighters with weapons

05:29: 03/09/2015
Khandan – The head of the security committee in the Khalidiyah spend Ibrahim Fahdawi in Anbar province, the international coalition began arming tribes of Anbar fighters American-made weapons. 
Fahdawi said, that “the international coalition has trained 500 fighters from the people of Anbar tribes called them elite forces in the name of the Habbaniyah military base 30 km east of Ramadi, for a period of 30 days.” 
He said in remarks to the agency “Anatolia”, that “the international coalition base in Habbaniyah Ashraf Thursday, graduated to the troops during a ceremony held on the occasion of their graduation and the arming and equipping an American-made equipment.” 
He Fahdawi, that “the international coalition distributed machine industry US weapons to the graduates, as well as military uniforms, equipment and protective shields of American-made bullets as well.” 
And the Chairman of the Committee, that “elite forces will be involved Iraqi security forces to restore the city of Ramadi Daash of organizing and holding the ground after re-edited for the displaced and displaced persons to those areas.”

The rule of law: the collection of the signatures of more than 100 for the dismissal of Deputy Saleem al-Jubouri

04:32: 03/09/2015

Khandan – MP for the coalition of state law declared emotions blessing for collecting more than 100 signatures for the dismissal of Deputy House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, because of his visit to Qatar. 
The MP emotions grace in a statement, “Khandan” received a copy of it, that the visit “al-Jubouri of Qatar, which coincided with a conference of tribal strife and traders blood and the leaders of terrorist organizations is an insult to the blood of Iraqis and disregard for the laws and lack of respect for the legislative authority that is supposed to al-Jubouri represented.” 
She said a blessing, “This visit is Hntha perjury and a negation of all political agreements, and al-Jubouri, knows how dangerous step taken by, but it seems that the foreign dictations were stronger than him, directives which arrived from the outside need to travel were strict instructions not accept the debate.” 
Blessing to “collect the signatures of more than one hundred deputy to demand the resignation of al-Jubouri, from his post,” calling al-Jubouri: “The rush to make a formal apology to the Iraqi people because of Asthenth with the blood of their sons and the martyrs of security forces and the crowd popular and violation of the law and the Constitution.”

Abadi Mullah calls to send the bill “Where did you get this”retrospective since 2003

 05:11: 03/09/2015  

 Khandan – a member of a coalition called the Iraqi forces Haidar al-Mulla, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to send the bill “Where did you get that” each successive governments after 2003. 
Mulla said in a statement, “It is no different for the two that the real reform sought by the Iraqi people must stems from the fight against corruption that has spread in successive Iraqi governments, and an end to authoritarian Almafallat party that has grown through riddled budgets of the Iraqi state.” 
He said publicly that “the Abadi realized that demand for the fight against corruption can not be Tsuifa through ash stave off eye procedures, but through a package procedures and legislation put an end to authoritarian mafias.” 
He noted that the “point of initiation of sending a bill (where you) that each successive governments after 2003, and retroactive to see inflation sources of wealth for all government officials, ministers and leaders of the blocks through the financial disclosure to them before 2003 and they own wealth now.”