Jubouri invited to visit Qatar, IRI

Published: 2015/9/3 1:29 


Baghdad (AIN) –The Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jubouri received official invitations to visit Qatar and the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Statement by Jubouri’s office received by AIN cited “Jubouri continues his discussions with the three presidencies and leaders of blocs to support the political process in Iraq after the recent process of reforms,” noting that “Within this course, the Speaker received an invitation from the State of Qatar and another one from the IRI to discuss over the regional security and bilateral relations.” 

The statement stressed “Both invitations have no relations with sideline conferences or activities held in both countries during the time of his visits.”

It is worth to mention that media outlets reported an announcement for the Iraqi Powers Union on Tuesday over participation of its leaders in a conference to be held in the Qatari Capital, Doha, to start negotiations over national reconciliation by Iraqi political opposition and Sunni leaders opponent for the Iraqi political process, among them the former Vice-President Tariq al-Hashimi, who is sentenced to death in absentia, and the wanted for justice former minister of finance Rafi’e al-Esawi. 

Reliable source assured that the Iraqi Government rejected to allow participation of politicians in Qatar conference for national reconciliation to be held in Doha this week. /End/


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