International Alliance creates a new command center near Arbil coordination to fight Daash

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Joint Command of the international coalition forces today announced the creation of a new command center near Arbil, capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region in order to coordinate efforts against al Daash.
The Joint Command of the process [determined inherent in a statement that “the establishment of the center, which opened yesterday came in cooperation between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region of Iraq and infantry in the coalition forces to coordinate with the command center in Baghdad to fight Daash in northern Iraq.”
The statement added that “the Erbil center will also work to coordinate operations in the future in the cities of Erbil and Mosul, pointing out that the center” will be provided with equal numbers of representatives of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the coalition forces. “
The statement noted that the organization “remains a threat to all the citizens of Iraq would Erbil center that one concrete efforts of the Iraqi security forces north of the country and the coalition forces toward their common goal is to defeat Daash and restore stability to the region,” .anthy

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