Kurdistan declares citizens equipped with electricity around the clock

Tuesday 01-09-2015 | 12:36:05



Twilight News / announced the Directorate General of Electricity in the province of Kurdistan, for determining the national agenda of processing power to the citizens of the province during the month of September, noting that the processing will be around the clock, starting from mid-September.

A statement of the Directorate, seen by Twilight News, that a meeting was held in the office of the Ministry of Electricity in the Kurdistan Regional Government and included the three districts to control the electricity and the Directorate General for control of electricity during which determine the distribution of electric power for the month of September next table.

The statement added that the meeting decided to increase the electricity rate that prepare citizens in the region to twice during the month of September, adding that as of the first day of September to 15 it will be the installation of 21 to 22 hours a day, what would devise its own as of 15 from 24 hours any round time.

He said the meeting touched on the pricing per amps for civil generators during the first half and in which citizens will be equipped with three hours of electricity a day only, directed the provinces determine pricing as it deems.



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