US State Department: We do not intend opening an embassy in Tehran

08/25/2015 02:30

US State Department spokesman John Kirby
Washington has said it has no intention to follow the example of Britain in the process of opening an embassy in Tehran, describing London’s decision to open its embassy in the Iranian capital “sovereign decision” relates alone.

He explained the official US State Department spokesman John Kirby, that “the decision to re-establish diplomatic relations, is a sovereign decision taken by the states, and in this context the decision of the United Kingdom, which was carried out by re-opening its embassy in Tehran.”

FM spokesman pointed out that the decisions to open embassies issue back to countries that want to do it, “This is sovereign decisions can be taken and we have to respect the decisions taken by other countries.”

Britain has reopened its embassy in the Iranian capital on Sunday, after the diplomatic break lasted four years, the presence of the British Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, and his accompanying delegation, after arriving in Tehran on an official visit.

He continued the spokesman, commenting in the summary Daily Press of the Ministry of Washington “for the United States, we have no intention of doing this, but what we want is to see Iran the necessary operations to prove that they intend to abide by them, of the Convention (the nuclear agreement signed last month between Tehran and the Group 5 +1) before to receive pence (the smallest unit in the US currency) due to an easing of sanctions, and this is what we are focusing on. “

He added Kirby stressing “we will not lose sight of the other activities that continue to be implemented in the region, including the care of the state of terrorism, and in our possession of the diplomatic, economic and military means the ability to do this,” he said, referring to the United States’s ability to rein in the military activities of Iran and its activities armament and financing through the use of sanctions in the various fields

ISF discover weapons cache, tunnels in Arab Jbour of southern Baghdad

Published: 2015/8/25 2:21 

Baghdad (AIN) –Iraqi Security Forces discovered a huge weapons cache and tunnels in Arab Jbour area of southern Baghdad. 
Statement by the Iraqi Defense Ministry received by AIN cited “The Iraqi Army/ 17th Division conducted raid and search operation in Arab Jbour area of southern the Iraqi Capital, Baghdad, and discovered a huge weapons cache that comprises bombs, C4 explosives and weapons which were used to target ISF patrols in this area,” noting that “ISF also discovered tunnels and underground paths as well as provocative sectarian printed materials in the same area.” /End/

MP: Parliament to vote on Parties Law next Tuesday, says MP


Published: 2015/8/25 4:36 

Baghdad (Forat) –MP, Hamdiya al-Hussieni, said that parliament will vote on Parties Law on next Tuesday.
Via her Facebook page, she said “We have attended the meeting of the Iraqi National Alliance over this law draft.”
“The law draft has been discussed in details comprehensively,” she concluded. /End/

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi hold a meeting of military and security leaders and the leaders of the popular crowd, with plans to sustain the momentum of victories achieved in the Baiji refinery, and edit the situation fully what constitutes the importance of the war with terrorist gangs.

Haider Al-Abadi's photo.
Haider Al-Abadi's photo.

PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi confirmed, during his visit to the farm in the village of Peggy and hold another meeting in the operational command headquarters, that the victory in the Battle of Baiji and edited completely is very important because it is considered a very important chapter in winning the final battle on the terrorist gangs.

Haider Al-Abadi's photo.
Haider Al-Abadi's photo.
Haider Al-Abadi's photo.