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Washington: Abadi reforms is an active movement to achieve the best performance of the government

By Mohammed Emad 11.08.2015 6:09 | Views: 1733

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Brother – Baghdad

The United States promised on Tuesday that the reforms taken by the head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, which Haider al-Abadi, form an active movement to achieve the best performance of the government to be “more inclusive and more responsive” to the people’s demands.

He said US State Department spokesman, John Kirby, during a press briefing today, “The United States commends certainly the head of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Haider al-Abadi, to improve government performance initiative”, returned as “an internal political affair.”

Kirby and saw, that “al-Abadi seeks through these reforms to improve services and taking into account the side of transparency,” he returned “actively move in his attempt to achieve better government performance be more inclusive and more responsive to the demands of the Iraqi people.”

He said US State Department spokesman, “The United States previously stressed the importance of having a good government performance in Iraq to maintain the sustainability of the ability to resist regulation Daash and defeat,” adding that “the Iraqi political leadership understands the threat posed by al Daash them and the Iraqi people.”

He stressed Kirby, that “the United States will continue to work with the Iraqi government in the face of the threat faced,” noting that “the US envoy, Brett Mkourk, is in Iraq to continue meetings and extended talks with Iraqi leaders in Baghdad and Erbil, on the possibility of working together to meet the organization Daash and inflict defeat hi

  Coalition aircraft targeted “Daash” with 30 new raid

11:22: 08/11/2015

Khandan – carried out the international coalition forces led by the United States, 30 new air strike on an al “Daash” terrorist in Syria and Iraq sites.

The Joint Task Force said in a statement, it launched over the past 24 hours raids on 10 sites for the organization in Syria, in addition to 20 in Iraq.

The statement said that coalition forces targeted sites in Syria to organize “Daash” terrorist near the cities of Hasaka, Aleppo and Deir al-Zour and Kobanî and destroyed a number of positions and combat vehicles and facilities belonging to him.

In Iraq, the statement said that the coalition forces targeted sites and mechanisms for organizing cities near Baiji, Fallujah, Haditha and drunken, Mosul, Ramadi, Tal Afar and Chenkal

Throwing millions of leaflets in Mosul, Fallujah and Sharqat

By Views: 402

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Throwing millions of leaflets in Mosul, Fallujah and Sharqat

Brother – Baghdad

Harbi media cell “that force planes dropped Juba Alaracbp announced millions of publications on Mosul, Fallujah and Sharqat where citizens warn of approaching the headquarters and camps Daash.

A statement by the cell media war  received for News Agency (et) a copy of  “The Alaracbp Air Force planes dropped Tuesday night, millions of leaflets on the regions of Mosul and Sharqat and Fallujah, where citizens warn of approaching the headquarters and camps and Sitarat stores Daash terrorist gangs that will be in the coming days destroyed. ”

Cancellation and dismantle the “Green Zone” is responsible for responsible for the citizen dimensions

Date: 08/11/2015

Palm-called national coalition spokeswoman Maysoon al, Tuesday, the abolition of the Green Zone, “which kept the charge of the citizen” and the adoption of the Federal Service Board Act to eliminate quotas and balance.

Damluji said in a media interview that “most of the positions in the independent bodies dominated by one party, the party because of the quota system and the removal efficiencies.”

Damluji She added that “the adoption of the Civil Service Council of the Federal Law would win the Elimination of initial quotas and the balance being will come personalities professional and fair and efficient if the work done in a professional manner”, demanding the repeal of the “Green Zone being the reason behind the removal of the administrator for the citizen and make barriers among themselves.”

And it includes the Green Zone in central Baghdad parliament and ministers in addition to the headquarters building of the three presidencies and international missions and the headquarters of accommodation for most of the leaders of political blocs and the homes of several officials, and subject area high-security.