Tikrit residents for (et): We started our lives go back to normal

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Tikrit residents for (et): We started our lives go back to normal

Brother – Salahuddin

Tikrit residents said that the natural life is beginning to return to them after their recovery from the organization of evil and criminality “Daash” With praised the efforts of the security forces and the forces of the popular crowd in maintaining security and stability

He said Mohammed al-Ani, one of the vendors vegetables correspondent for News Agency (et) that Tikrit is returning former restored where citizens come out of their homes to shopping freely after he was organizing “Daash” imposing on them a strange restrictions regarding praised the visit of senior officials to them indicating that those along Visits reflected positively on citizens and assures them that Tikrit is under control and that the government stands to its side

For his part, between the citizen Sinan Alaa, a building contractor that he was thinking of leaving the Tikrit because of the difficult conditions experienced but he noted the positive development that made him reconsider and decide to stay in his city to contribute to the build.

The Vice President visited Wazzrabhae Araji on Thursday morning 30 July 2015, Salah al-Din province.

Araji and held a meeting with security chiefs in the Directorate General of Police Salahuddin province building and the presence of the governor of Salah al-Din “al-Jubouri, a leading” to discuss ways to overcome the remnants of the province edit and assess the security situation in cities and districts and areas of the province.

Deputy Prime Minister also stressed the need to sustain the victory achieved in the cities of Salahuddin province, through the interest of displaced persons and to provide what can be saved of basic services and community-based peace and care for accorded by the federal government of the province in order to encourage the people of the remaining usurped areas to stand with the military effort to liberate their areas.

Araji pointed out that working alongside Mr. Prime Minister, and there was no truth to the rumors and false rumors that Ahaaha debtors and Al_khasme about the presence of contention, and he has been asked by him to perform many different tasks.

As al-Araji, wandering in a number of streets and maintaining markets, and met collect from citizens and displaced returnees, pointing out that all Iraqis and the sons of Salahuddin province, will not allow a desecration of an inch of their land and create internal strife between the people of one country after great sacrifices by the Iraqis submitted blood and lives.


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