Coalition aircraft launched a raid on 41 sites, “Daash”

08:49: 07/31/2015

Khandan – carried out the international coalition led by the United States aircraft 41 new air raid on sites belonging to organize “Daash” terrorist in Syria and Iraq over the past 24 hours.

The joint leadership of the coalition operations in a statement, said coalition aircraft launched 24 air raid in Syria targeted sites for the organization in Deir ez-Zor and Hasaka and managed to destroy tactical units, bridges and sites for logistics and another for inspection and training.

It said coalition aircraft launched as well as 17 raid in Iraq which destroyed the tactical units and locations of combat and heavy machine guns and anti-aircraft bunkers belonging to the organization “Daash” terrorist.

She noted that the raids carried out near the cities of Qaim and Hbanah and Baiji, modern and drunken, Mosul and gray and Chenkal and Tal Afar.


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