Iraq .. commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul announced the completion of its report

07/31/2015 5:29
العراق.. لجنة التحقيق في سقوط الموصل تعلن اكتمال تقريرها

Special parliamentary committee announced an investigation into the fall of the city of Mosul, however, the organization “Daash” for the completion of its report, consisting of 100 pages, and that it be submitted to the House of Representatives in the coming days.

The media quoted an Iraqi from the Chairman of the Committee of quitting as saying Thursday, July 30: “The Committee has completed its report on the fall of the city of Mosul in the hands of the organization Daash terrorist and includes a report of 100 pages,” adding that “the Commission is developing recommendations and conclusions and personalities that caused the fall of the city after Atdhahaa us “.

Zamili He explained, “We will not condemn a person without availability of evidence and proof, where the guilty in accordance with the facts and evidence and documents available and the files we have,” adding that it “will be reading the report in the coming days in the House of Representatives during special sessions devoted to this purpose.”

Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry in the fall of Mosul, said that “the answers to the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani and Vice President Nuri al-Maliki, and Osama Najafi arrived at the Commission and put in the report,” pointing out that “after reading the file will be forwarded to the public prosecution and we will continue to accounting and trial of the perpetrators of the fall of Mosul” .

The commission of inquiry in the fall of Mosul announced in the 23 of last May for the completion of its, and as pointed out that it has launched in the writing of “large and important” report sets out a lot of the reasons that led to the fall of Mosul, confirmed that nine members out of 19 voted for the “call “General, former commander of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki.

The Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, completely fell in the hands of the organization Daash in the 10th of June 2014, where militants are gaining dominated the city’s vital installations has been launched 1,000 detainees of the central prison.

And it collapsed Iraqi army units before the elements of the organization quickly, and signed Mosul in the grip of organizing Daash after only four days of confrontations.

And enables extreme organization to control the large quantities of weapons after the defection of the Iraqi army sectors responsible for protecting the region, including military aircraft and other heavy weapons, he said in this regard Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi last June that al Daash dominated the 2300 armored.

IMF Executive Board Approves US$1.24 Billion in Financial Support for Iraq

Press Release No.15/363

July 30, 2015On July 29, 2015, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) approved SDR 891.3 million (about US$1.24 billion or 75 percent of quota) for Iraq under the Rapid Financing Instrument (RFI)1. The purpose of this financial assistance is to help Iraq address present and urgent balance of payment and budget needs in 2015 related to the ISIS insurgency and a decline in oil prices. The IMF financing will support the authorities’ current economic program, which includes fiscal adjustment measures and structural reforms.

Following the Executive Board’s discussion of Iraq, Mr. Mitsuhiro Furusawa, IMF Deputy Managing Director and Acting Chair of the Board, issued the following statement:

“The twin shocks faced by Iraq from the ISIS insurgency and the drop in global oil prices have severely widened the government deficit and caused a decline in international reserves. The authorities’ policies to deal with the shocks, including sizable fiscal adjustment and maintenance of the exchange rate peg, go in the right direction. Access under the IMF’s Rapid Financing Instrument will help address Iraq’s urgent balance of payments and budget needs. However, large fiscal and external financing gaps remain.

“The large financing gap calls for the rigorous implementation of the authorities’ policies, but also additional fiscal adjustment measures and identification of domestic and internal financing. In this context, it will be important to implement the new electricity tariff schedule as soon as possible, or adopt compensatory measures. Looking ahead, the authorities should lay the ground for medium-term structural reforms that would better support macroeconomic policy management and boost the economy’s resilience to shocks.”

1 The RFI provides rapid and low-access financial assistance to member countries facing an urgent balance of payments need, without the need to have a full-fledged program in place. It can provide support to meet a broad range of urgent needs, including those arising from commodity price shocks, natural disasters, conflict and post-conflict situations, and emergencies resulting from fragility. Access under the RFI is limited to 75 percent of quota per year and 150 percent of quota on a cumulative basis. Financial assistance under the RFI is provided in the form of outright purchases without the need for a full-fledged program or reviews.


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Turkey officially open its bases to the international coalition against “Daash” terrorist

Arab and international

Since 07.30.2015 at 09:18 (GMT Baghdad)

Follow-up – the balance of News

The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced that the Council of Ministers formally approved the understanding with the United States includes open Turkish air bases in front of the international coalition in the war against al “Daash” terrorist. ”

Tango Balgi said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman told a news conference that the special agreement to fight the organization “Daash” The terrorist does not include the provision of air support for the fighters of the Kurds in the north of Syria. ”

On the other hand, US officials stressed that there is still issues to be resolved in the talks with Turkey regarding the depth of the region that will extend into Syria and start over the US warplanes in the implementation of combat missions from Turkish bases speed. ”

With regard to Syria’s support to opposition groups that the United States and Turkey have yet to agree on any of these groups, officials said can support it to contribute to the cleansing of the organization of the Turkish border “Daash” terrorist “.

A senior official in the Obama administration said in a statement to reporters on condition of anonymity, “We have to sit down with the Turks to resolve it,” stressing that there are opposition groups in Syria will not deal with the United States definitely.

For his part, Derek Cholat who served as assistant secretary of defense in the Obama administration that the decision on any of the Yaljmaat that will receive support will never be easy, and pointed out the differences that exist for a long time between Washington and Ankara on the strategy in Syria.

Robert Ford, former US ambassador to Syria ambassador said that Washington will not work with the victory front wing of al-Qaeda terrorist in Syria, is part of the Alliance, he said he had received support Turkey, stressing at the same time it is believed that the US administration can accept coexistence with the least Islamist groups stricter “. 29-3 / h

Edit College of Agriculture and Road 60 south of Ramadi

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Edit College of Agriculture and Road 60 south of Ramadi

Et al – Anbar

Chairman of the Board Khalidiya spend in Anbar province, Ali Daoud, Thursday, for the College of Agriculture and edit Road 60 south of Ramadi announced after fierce battles with “Daash”, as he pointed to the death and injury of dozens of militants regulation.

David said, “The security forces were able, after fierce battles with Daash, from storming the southern axis of the civilian gray, edit and Road 60 and neighboring College of Agriculture, south of Ramadi.”

David and stressed that “the security forces imposed a strict control of the street and the college,” he said, adding that they “managed to kill and wounding dozens of militants organization.”

The head of the Khalidiya spend in Anbar province, Ali Daoud, announced on Thursday, the death of “Wali Saqlawiyah” in the organization “Daash” bombing of Flight International Coalition east of Ramadi.

International Alliance 31 raid carried out against “Daash”

ernational Alliance 31 raid carried out against “Daash”
10:56: 07/30/2015

Khandan – The US military, said the international coalition led by the United States carried out 22 air strike against targets of the organization “Daash” terrorist in Iraq.

A statement issued by the Joint Task Force, said that the strikes were concentrated near Haditha, where eight strikes hit the tactical unit to organize “Daash” terrorist and areas of concentration of forces and command and control site and also destroyed vehicles for “Daash” artillery and mortar pieces.

The coalition also targeted the terrorist organization near Kirkuk and Mosul and drunken, gray, Chenkal and Tal Afar.

The statement said the coalition also launched nine air strikes in Syria hit tactical units for “Daash” destroyed combat positions and motorcycles and carts near Hasaka.

America is committed to granting the United Nations $ 8.3 million as a down payment for the rehabilitation of liberated areas in Iraq

Side of the signing of the agreement in the Office of the Prime Minister
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Long-Presse / Baghdad

The Iraqi government announced on Thursday signed a memorandum of “approval” with their American counterparts and the United Nations, to get a grant for the “immediate stability” in the liberated areas of (Daash), indicating that America will be handed over by the United Nations first installment of which of eight million and 300 thousand dollars for the rapid implementation of projects for the rehabilitation of basic services and humanitarian needs.

He said the Information Office of the Prime Minister, in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, he was “a confirmation of the directives of the Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi, about to begin to re-stabilize the areas liberated from the clutches of the terrorist Daash bands, took place in the Office of the Prime Minister, today, thirty July of 2015, the signing of a memorandum between the adoption of the United States Government and the United Nations and the Government of Iraq, the US Grant to achieve immediate stability in liberated areas ceremony. “

He said the office, that the United States will begin under that delivery amounts premium first of eight million and 300 thousand dollars to the United Nations, which will manage the implementation of quick-impact projects for the rehabilitation of basic services and humanitarian needs, which will receive the amounts of donor countries successively under what was decided at the Paris Conference in last June. “

He said al-Abadi Office, that “the Prime Minister, stressed during his attendance at the conference, the importance of international support, and coordinate the restoration of stability that require quick and direct action, and reconstruction efforts under the responsibility of reconstruction fund for the implementation of large and strategic projects in the liberated areas being freed efforts at the hands of our armed forces and the sons of the popular crowd and indigenous tribes. “

The head of the government, Haider al-Abadi, had participated in the work of the second mini-ministerial meeting of foreign ministers of the international anti-terrorism coalition of nations, which was held in the French capital Paris early last June.

Iraq’s emergency loan from the International Monetary Fund


The International Monetary Fund approved an emergency loan of $ 1.24 billion for Iraq and he needs external support to meet the organization Daash and lower oil prices.

Fund also said that the amount will be delivered in the case to help the government in bridging the gaps in the budget and balance of payments with the implementation of the measures and tax reforms and structural.

July 30, 2015

PM- Haider Al- Abadi

Approve the signing of a memorandum between the United States government and the United Nations and the Government of Iraq

Confirmation of the directives of the Prime Minister, Dr. Haider al-Abadi to start to re-stabilize the liberated areas from the clutches of Daash terrorist gangs, took place in the Office of the Prime Minister this thirtieth day of July of 2014 the signing ceremony of a memorandum of approval between the United States and the United Nations Government and the Government of Iraq, Grant US to achieve immediate stability in liberated areas.

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