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Iraqi Army Advances in Central Anbar, Purges Western Ramadi of Terrorists

Published: 2015/7/29 17:20 • 23 Reads

The Iraqi army and volunteer forces made advances in the heart of Al-Anbar province, dispatches said, adding that mop-up operations are also underway in the city of Ramadi.
Iraq’s joint forces won back control over the districts of al-Tamim, al-Qadesiya-I, al-Qadesiya-II, al-Moarez and al-Shafaq al-Bayaz in Southern Ramadi after a tough battle with the ISIL.Meantime, the Iraqi volunteer forces told FNA that they are advancing in the Central parts of Ramadi and they have purged terrorists from Al-Houz street and glass factory in Southwestern Ramadi. The Iraqi forces are also tightening their siege of the terrorists in the Eastern parts of Ramadi.

On Monday, popular forces in Iraq announced that the ISIL Takfiri terrorists are on the run to save their lives after sustaining heavy casualties in initial clashes in the city of Ramadi. Popular and military sources in Iraq said ISIL members have lost morale after the recent victories of the popular troops in Al-Anbar province and are now fleeing the city of Ramadi.

On Friday, the Iraqi volunteer forces made new gains in Al-Anbar, and purged a strategic road in the province of Takfiri terrorists. In a seven-hour-long military operation, the Iraqi forces pushed back the ISIL terrorists from Bouathia-Ramadi road, killing tens of Takfiri militants in heavy clashes.

Meantime, the Iraqi army and the volunteer forces won back control over strategic hilltops in the Eastern parts of the city of al-Ramadi.
The Hashd al-Shaabi forces have driven the ISIL terrorists from many Iraqi regions. They have shot down Israeli-made spy drones belonging to the ISIL./End/

Security Council extends UNAMI mission in Iraq for a year

11:03: 07/29/2015


Khandan – on Wednesday, the UN Security Council adopted a new resolution extending the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) until the 31st of July 2016. 
The Council stressed in its resolution, that the United Nations staff security is an essential element in carrying out the mission work for the benefit of the people of Iraq, solemn Iraqi government to continue security for the United Nations presence in Iraq providing logistical support and duration. 
The resolution welcomed the contributions of the new Member States to provide the Mission with the necessary resources and forms of financial, logistical and security support in order to accomplish its mission.

Kurdistan Regional Government decides to disable constantly for four days

By Roudao One hour ago

Roudao – Erbil

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government Sven Dzia, on Wednesday, the disruption of the official working hours in all provinces in the region for four days from tomorrow until Thursday and Sunday of next week, due to high temperatures.

Said Dzia that “after reviewing the report by the Meteorological Directorate, which pointed to high temperatures during the day (Saturday and Sunday), the provincial government decided to disable the working hours on Thursday, 30 \ 7 \ 2015 to Sunday 2 \ 8 \ 2015”.

Dzia He said that all the departments and institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government official hours will start next Monday and a brief summary 3 \ 8 \ 2015.

Zebari discuss with US Secretary of Treasury Assistant anti-money laundering

1 (1)

(Independent) .. Search Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, Msaoualeom, with US Treasury Secretary Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing and Financial Crimes Daniel Klazer and representative Feds ways to strengthen the financial system in Iraq.

The meeting addressed in particular the fight against money laundering and the reduction of the terrorist entity Daash capabilities in access to finance and work to dry the financial resources as an integral part in the global campaign against terrorism and the role of Iraq’s President in this aspect.

The launch of the project “Taxi capital”: “Automobile Salon” and “bus” for citizens and “armored vehicles” for officials


Since 07/29/2015 20:36 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – scales News

Detection of the Baghdad Provincial Council member Ghaleb Zamili, on Wednesday, the launch of the project “Taxi capital” to serve in Baghdad, while stressing the allocation of cars, “armored” for the transfer of officials from Baghdad International Airport to their home areas.

He said Zamili’s / scales News /, that “the company based on” Taxi, DC “project of the Ministry of Transportation introduced a draft Taxi Baghdad to active duty after the expiry of his trial, which lasted 60 days,” noting that “the company has allocated 505 diverse compounds include cars,” Taxi “and” different buses “in addition to the car,” armored “to transfer officials and delegations from Baghdad International Airport to their areas of residence.”

He said a member of the Baghdad Provincial Council, said that “prices of transportation on board these vessels are supported and fixed by the Ministry and the Baghdad International Airport”, adding that “the vehicles will be of international origins and equipped Iraqi airspace”.

It is said that, “Director General of Civil Aviation signed Samer Kubba, earlier, a contract to rent a garage and rehabilitation of Baghdad International Airport with the Director General of the company and travelers delegations Osama al-Sadr to be used in the project Taxi Baghdad” .anthy 29/9 P

Customs tariff law faces its application rejected in Basra


Wednesday July 29, 2015 – 20:04

The ports of Basra Tktd steamboats and trucks

Nour al-Tamimi / tow

Raises new customs tariff law of heated debate between business and government circles in the province of Basra, it is also facing a severe rejection in its application in the province outlets, because Bhsabhm will cause doom visual economy and will increase the material cost to merchants, which Stotr turn on visual consumer especially the Iraqi general.

Even so, the Iraqi ports have seen during the past few days on the strong momentum shelves because of contention traders to introduce their goods before the date of application of the customs tariff due on the first of August next.

Traders warn of paralysis in their merchants

And it showed a number of suppliers of various goods such as cars, clothes, food and other resentful of the insistence of the Ministry of Finance on the implementation of the resolution early next month, They confirmed that the application would be the end of Iraq’s trade with countries exporting goods and paralysis of the commercial traffic, and cause high prices of all what is traded in the Iraqi market.

He says agent traders in the port of Umm Qasr Hajim Suejd that the application of the customs tariff law means the elimination of the economy and the movement of trade in the province of Basra first and an increase in the burden of the citizens of the province, especially those with limited income as a trader will have to raise the value of electrical goods, food and other import materials .

Noting in a statement to Radio tow port of Umm Qasr has seen since the beginning of this month because of a busy commercial movement raced all importers to deliver goods before the application of the customs tariff law which would double the value of imported materials to more than half the value.

While merchant Mohammed Alouhala says the owner of the company to export cars from the United Arab Emirates to Iraq, he had to leave his job in the UAE and to come to Basra in order to complete Alkmarki output coefficients for cars that recently shipped before being applied customs tariff law.

He Alouhala in a statement to Radio tow it and because of the momentum on the ships in the UAE’s ports export price was charging per car rose from US $ 200 to more than one thousand and five hundred dollars.

But Ali Salem, a dealer for clothes, says Radio tow the cargo clothing identified her tax of up to 15% of the value of the shipment and this means adding twice the cost of the consignment, which traders will be forced to raise prices commensurate with the size of the delivery to the Iraqi market, which will reflect negatively on citizens’ expenses.

Basra Council renews rejection of the law are required to apply to all ports

The provincial council in Basra renewing its categorical rejection of the application of the customs tariff in the border ports in Basra province law, he inspects the economic feasibility in Basra and Iraq in general.

The head of the Council Albzona morning in a statement to Radio tow the presidency of the Council formed a special committee plans to go to Baghdad in the next few days and before the date of implementation of the tariff in order to discuss with the Economic Commission on the feasibility of the application of the customs tariff law in the province of Basra at the moment.

He added that Albzona focus of the debate will be about the feasibility of the law during the days dish in the last period, compared with the days that did not apply where, stressing that the answer and the results are clear and that emphasize reversed.

For his part, Chairman of the Economic Committee Aqeel al-Khalidi said the provincial council still has reservations on the application of the customs tariff in optical ports unless the law is implemented in all Iraqi ports, and the Economic Commission will prepare a careful study of the economic feasibility of the application of this law and its impact on the consumer.

Noting in his interview with Radio Marbad that the law is applied in all countries of the world that have a local production and all the food, economic and industrial fields and this is what misses Iraq, as the production of local industry almost stalled due to the absence of government support, so it will push the Council toward visual consumer protection from price rises in food and clothing and other products that go into his daily life.

Ports are packed trucks and ships

For his part, director of the southern port of Umm Qasr Hashim Adnan said the ports of Umm Qasr, southern and northern witnessed a strong momentum to the reception of ships waiting in the harbor anchorage date To empty the various food and industrial loads and in favor of the public and private sectors.

Noting that the administration of the southern port was supervised daily on the entry of some 500 truck Today it receives more than a thousand truck according to certain mechanisms to ensure smooth flow of work inside the port.

He is stressing that this momentum was the result of the use of time by importers before the application of the customs tariff law early next month.

Director of Information and Public Relations at the General Company for Iraqi Ports Anmar net, said the port is working at the moment all the capacity of the storage and even in the days of holidays and occasions in order to accommodate the quantities of goods unloaded from ships that have increased during the first half of this year on what is recorded in Last year, a very high percentage.

Noting in his interview with Radio tow that this increase came for several reasons in the forefront of the closure of some border crossings in hot areas security, and the use of time by the suppliers before the application of the customs tariff law.

Citizens: the right tariff law unfair

A number of citizens in the province of Basra resentment of the application of the customs tariff, which they described as a new injustice by the Iraqi government against the citizens and would law burdened with high prices of consumer items of daily without finding a substitute for imported products.

He says Mohammed Salim, 32, of Radio tow a shop owner Clothing that the Iraqi government always take harsh decisions against the Iraqi citizen and overwhelmed additional financial expenses as wages potable water and wages of civil generators and today added customs tariffs which will be the sponsor to raise the price of whatever law is trader in the Iraqi markets, especially imported ones with the absence of the local product.

The Iman Hussein, 35, is working as an employee in a government department, says the Mrbd that the poor citizen who lives in Dar rented and works in a simple salaries and daily wages of how he could deal with the cost of the next price what the Iraqi government did not provide alternatives for what is an importer, calling on authorities concerned to provide alternatives and to secure the Iraqi market from high prices.

The Council of Ministers has decided in the June 2, 2015 are met tariffs in all border crossing points, as well as taxes from next August.

Information Office of the Prime Minister said in a statement briefed Radio tow a copy of “The Council decided to approve the fulfillment of customs tariffs in all border crossing points, without exception, as well as taxes, including taxes on Kartat mobile phone, automotive, sales tax starting next August.

Afghan intelligence agency: Taliban leader Mullah Omar died 2 years ago

People sit before graffiti that read "Long live Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar," in Pakistan's border town of Chaman at the Afghan border, Dec. 26, 2007.© AP Photo/Shah Khalid People sit before graffiti that read “Long live Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar,” in Pakistan’s border town of Chaman at the Afghan border, Dec. 26, 2007.KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghanistan’s main intelligence agency said Wednesday that the reclusive Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has been dead for more than two years.

The one-eyed, secretive head of the Taliban and an al-Qaida ally led a bloody insurgency against U.S.-led forces after they toppled him from his rule in Afghanistan in 2001. He has not been seen in public since fleeing the invasion over the border into Pakistan.

Abdul Hassib Seddiqi, the spokesman for Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security, said Mullah Omar died in a hospital in the Pakistani city of Karachi in April 2013.

“We confirm officially that he is dead,” he told The Associated Press.

It was not immediately clear why his death was only being announced now. The confirmation comes two days before the Afghan government and the Taliban are to hold their second round of official peace talks in Pakistan. The Taliban could not be immediately reached for comment.

“He was very sick in a Karachi hospital and died suspiciously there,” Seddiqi said, without elaborating.

Earlier, Zafar Hashemi, the deputy spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, said the government was investigating reports that the Taliban leader was dead.

Representatives of the Afghan government and the Taliban are due to meet on Friday in Pakistan for official talks aimed at ending the war that is nearing its 14th year.

Confirmation of Mullah Omar’s death could complicate the peace process as it removes a figurehead for the insurgents, who until now have appeared to act collectively but are believed to be split on whether to continue the war or negotiate with Ghani’s government.

Ending the war has been a main priority for Ghani since he took office last year.

Mullah Omar, chief of the Taliban, is shown in this headshot photo.© Photo by Getty Images Mullah Omar, chief of the Taliban, is shown in this headshot photo.

Associated Press writers Rahim Faiez in Kabul, Afghanistan and Munir Ahmed in Islamabad contributed to this report.


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