Abadi chaired a meeting of the National Security Council to review the course of military operations

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Abadi chaired a meeting of the National Security Council to review the course of military operations

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He chaired by Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, a meeting of the National Security Council to review the course of military operations in Al-Anbar.

The Defense Ministry said in a statement, “The Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, attended regular meeting of the National Security Council, chaired by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi commander of the armed forces, and were reviewed during the meeting the theaters of operations and the nature of the developments taking place and the level of the impressive progress made by our troops in the breakers operations and in particular Axes operations in Anbar. ”

She added that during the meeting examined a number of issues on the Council’s agenda


Canada will host a meeting of the Coalition against Daash

A copy of the US Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which contribute to the coalition efforts against al Daash

A copy of the US Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson, which contribute to the coalition efforts against al Daash

Senior officials will meet the US-led coalition fighting organization Islamic State Daash in Canada this week to discuss how to improve the effectiveness of operations, officials said.

Two sources said two diplomats, said that the list of participants in the closed-door scheduled meeting in Quebec City on Thursday, including retired Gen. John Allen, who was appointed by President Barack Obama to create a coalition against the militant group.

A spokesman for the US Embassy in Canada, said he could notcomment.

The sources explained that the Quebec meeting of the alliance’s anti-Daash will focus on all forms of addressing the organization militarily and politically.

And bombing American and Canadian fighter jets goals for the organization in Iraq and Syria as countries involved in the training of Iraqi fighters.

According to Western powers that their efforts alone will not defeat the organization insists that Iraq must do more if Quebec meeting will assess the movements of Baghdad.

The coalition met with foreign ministers of the Gulf last month with the Iraqi prime minister, who complained that the coalition has not sufficient action to address the organization which occupies a third of the territory of his country.

The coalition consists of 20 countries including Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, France, Germany, Italy, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The meeting comes as Turkey and the United States is now developing plans to participate together in Daash expel militants from the area along the Turkish border.

Source: Agencies


Iranian intervention to clear al-Maliki after being convicted of corruption

07/27/2015 21:18:49 PM

Revealed Iraqi references high for «Okaz» unveiled the Iranian interventions for a wide acquitted Iraqi Vice President Nuri al-Maliki is the responsibility of the fall of Mosul, however, the organization Daash recalling all investigations into his involvement the fall of Iraq’s second city, before the days of the date of delivery of the Special Commission of Inquiry for its component of the 100-page report to Parliament, a date which has been postponed several times due to Tehran interventions.

And briefed these references «Okaz» on the main results of the investigation report, which exonerate Maliki actually from his involvement in the fall of Mosul process during his premiership and the General Command of the Armed Forces, as the report put it all military and civilian personalities that have responsibilities in Nineveh in the Indictment Chamber, saying that the fall of Mosul process not borne by a party or a single person.

She stressed the Iraqi references that deep differences erupted between members of the Commission of Inquiry because of Iran’s interventions to change the course of the investigation, after the committee revealed relationships where a lot of financial and administrative corruption and the relationship suspicious between the security services, and the relationship between al-Maliki’s central government and local government in Nineveh.

The governor of Nineveh article Ethel Nujaifi launched a sharp attack on all the investigation on the fall of Mosul measures, suggesting that it is unlikely that the commission of inquiry headed untrue accusations to him to cover up the involvement of al-Maliki, adding that Iran has the upper hand attempts to whitewash Maliki, pointing out that the decision in Iraq, however, Iran.

Najafi said for «Okaz» Tehran sacked from his position as governor of Nineveh to end last year castles in Iraq, pointing out that all indicators tend to exonerate the fall of Mosul, however, were involved «Daash.»

That threatened to State of Law coalition in the Iraqi parliament, which combines the Shiite parliamentary blocs to take action, the Commission of Inquiry condemned Maliki cause the fall of Mosul.

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“Austerity” forcing financial to negotiate with the World Bank for a new financial loan

Economy and tenders

Since 27/07/2015 20:15 pm (Baghdad time)


Special – scales News

Chairman of the Committee of Construction and services parliamentary Nazim al-Saadi, on Monday, revealed that the Ministry of Finance in negotiations with the World Bank in order to get a second borrow it to move Almtovqh service projects in all governorates of Iraq.

Saadi told L / scales News /, that “the Ministry of Finance progressing now in negotiations with the World Bank to borrow a second financial loan,” noting that “this loan will be service projects stalled in the whole of Iraq because of the austere financial budget for this year.”

He said Chairman of the Committee of Construction and services parliamentary, that “Iraq has borrowed nearly Al850 million dollars from the World Bank for the reconstruction of liberated cities from the hand of regulation Daash terrorist”, revealing at the same time that “the World Bank expressed his preparations for an initial submission of the second loan of Iraq.”

It is said that “the World Bank said, earlier, agreed to provide financial aid worth $ 350 million to support rebuilding the infrastructure in Iraq, and between that aid is part of an extensive program implemented for five years in the provinces of Salahuddin and Diyala.”

This “attributed the official spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al-Hadithi’s / scales News, earlier, the government resorted to options and solutions timely and of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund put internal bonds to cover necessary expenses.”

The “economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine said L / scales News /, earlier, that Iraq is able to repay the borrowed from the World Bank earlier this month, in four years, indicating the importance of finding sources of income rather than relying on oil and taxes “.anthy 29/9 P


Ameri’s / scales News /: the battle with Daash must end in Iraq and Syria together


Since 27/07/2015 20:25 pm (Baghdad time)

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Said the Badr Organization leader and a leading figure in the popular crowd Hadi al-Amiri, Monday, that Turkey and the PKK, Kurds Syria make up the spearhead of the terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria, stressing that the battle with Daash do not have to end in Iraq, but must end in Syria and the two together

Amery said L / scales News / “Turkey and the PKK, Kurds Syria make up the spearhead of the terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria,” noting that “Turkey has not changed its position on the Tnazm Daash terrorist and has done recently of the movements is a game and a trick to support Daash after Access to the borders of the Kurds. ”

He said the Badr Organization leader and a leading figure in the popular crowd, “The Islamic Republic of Iran has provided full support to Iraq and still offer”, revealing at the same time that “Iran occupies first place in the provision of aid to Iraq, according to the fatwa issued by good reference.”

He said al-Amiri, said “Baghdad will be safe after the recent operations in the city of Ramadi”, he underlined that “the organization’s leader, saying the terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi control of the capital, Baghdad has ended,” stressing that “the end of the terrorist organization Daash become very close.”

This “The Secretary-General of the Ministry of Peshmerga team Jabbar Yawar’s / scales News /, last Saturday, he did not come yet official news from military sources about the exposure of some of the region of Kurdistan areas to aerial bombardment by Turkish aircraft, pointing out that air exposure for the region respect the sovereignty of the country and the response from Baghdad, “.anthy 29 / T / 19/28


Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi receives, in his office on Monday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting, they discussed the political and security situation in Iraq and the region and to strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries in various fields and the risk of terrorist Daash gangs in the region.


Starting the process of liberalization of Fallujah: intrusion 3-axis led by Amiri Berwari

Since 27/07/2015 18:21 pm (Baghdad time)

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Detecting a leading figure in the Badr forces on behalf of salami, Monday, starting from near the city of Fallujah editing process by members of the terrorist organization Daash, while stressing that he will break into the city from three different axes.

Salami said L / scales News / “The coming days will witness the start of the process of liberalization of the city of Fallujah from the hands of the terrorist organization Daash will be very fast and will be resolved in advance of destination”, explaining that “the storming of the city plan will be one of three different axes.”

The leader of the Badr Brigade, “The first axis is made up of army troops and federal police as well as the gold band of the device the fight against terrorism led by the commander of the gold band Maj. Gen. Fadhil Barwari,” adding “The second axis consists of the Badr forces led by the secretary general of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri” , while “The third axis will be led by the League of the Righteous and a number of Islamic factions.”

It is said that “a spokesman for the fight against a terrorism morning Numan said L / scales News /, on Sunday, about making Anbar University after its liberation from the hands of the organization Daash terrorist center for the start of military operations in the province, while stressing Daash terrorist was using the university Operations Command Center own terrorist organization “.anthy 29/9 P


  The agenda of the session number (6) Tuesday 28 July 2015 (Parliamentary session)

July 28, 2015
The third parliamentary session
The second legislative year
The first legislative term
First, read verses from the Koran.
Second, the first reading of the draft law of national card. (Commission on Security and Defense, Legal Committee , the Commission services reconstruction). (Article 47).
Third: the second reading of the draft federal civil service law. ( Legal Committee , Finance Committee ). (Article 100).
Session starts at: eleven in the morning.

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