Jihadi John’ allegedly flees Islamic State, fears he too will be beheaded


The Islamic State executioner known as Jihadi John has allegedly Fled the militant group’s territory and gone on the run in Syria .

Sources Told British newspaper The Mirror That Emwazi Mohammedwas Terrified by the publicity he received after he was Identified as the murderer of British and American hostages in some of the militant group’s videos and feared he was being hunted down.

 The newspaper reported that the British radical is on the run because he is afraid he is no longer valuable to the Islamic State group.

British and American special Operations forces are in Iraq and Syria with the Objective to find the 26-year-old Londoner dead or alive, The Mirrorreported .

Mr. Emwazi may have joined a less well-known Jihadist group somewhere in Syria to hide from the forces searching for him Across the Middle East.

He is wanted for the murders of journalists and aid workers Stephen Sotloff, James Foley, David Haines, Alan Henning and Peter Kassig. Some of the killings were filmed and posted online by the terrorist group.

Mr. Emwazi used Islamic State propaganda videos to threaten world Leaders from behind a black mask, speaking perfect English with a London accent.

A source Told The Mirror That Islamic State killers would drop Mr.Emwazi “like a stone or worse” if they feel he is no longer of any use to them.

“So it is possible he will end up suffering the same fate as his victims,” ​​the source said.

According to the Times of Israel, Mr. Emwadi emigrated to the UK from his native Kuwait when he was 6 years old.

He has consistently evaded coalition airstrikes by constantly changing his location with his security detail.

Prior to joining the Jihadist group, Mr. Emwazi was Considered a model student at the University of Westminster, where he studied information systems and business management from 2,006 to 2009.



Twitter- Brett McGurk

Regarding recent PKK terrorist attacks in Turkey and reports of Turkish airstrikes against the PKK in northern Iraq…1/5


We have strongly condemned the ’s terrorist attacks in and we fully respect our ally Turkey’s right to self-defense. 2/5


We also urge de-escalation and that both sides remain committed to the peaceful “solution process” for a just and sustainable peace. 3/5

  1. There is no connection between these airstrikes against PKK and recent understandings to intensify US-Turkey cooperation against . 4/5


  1. We look forward to intensifying cooperation with Turkey and all of our partners in the global fight against . 5/5

Breaking News “Assistant of ISIL ruler” in Garma escapes with ISIL’s money


Published: 2015/7/26 6:20 • 19 Reads

 “Assistant of ISIL ruler” in Garma escapes with ISIL’s money 

Anbar (Forat) –What is so called “The assistant of the ruler of ISIL in Garma” Hameed al-Atra, escaped with the money of the ISIL terrorists.
Commander of the Third Brigade of the Iraqi Army, Colonel Mahmoud al-Jumaili, stated to Alforat News “Atra escaped from Garma to Kirkuk province with the money of the ISIL terrorists.” 

“The ISIL terrorists are escaping to many areas due to the strikes of the Iraqi Security Forces and the Popular Mobilization Units,” he concluded. /End/ 

Updated: 2015/7/25 22:44


Security official: Former IA officers, chieftains of Fallujah announce supporting ISF


Published: 2015/7/26 4:20 • 17 Reads

 Security official: Former IA officers, chieftains of Fallujah announce supporting ISF

Anbar (Forat) –The Commander of the Third Brigade Colonel, Mahmoud Mardhi al-Jumaili, stated that the former officers of the former Iraqi Army and some of the chieftains of Fallujah district announced supporting the Iraqi Security Forces while entering the district. 
Jumaili stated to Alforat News “Some of the former IA officers and chieftains of Fallujah revealing their readiness to support the Iraqi Security Forces when they storm into Fallujah district to liberate it form the ISIL terrorists and they are waiting for the instructions of starting the security operation.” /End/

Updated: 2015/7/25 22:20


Oil expects to increase its export revenues for the month of July: we have developed plans to achieve it

Economy and tenders

Since 07.25.2015 at 18:45 (GMT Baghdad)

Special scales News

I expected the Ministry of Oil, Saturday, high rate of oil exports during the month of July present within its plans to achieve an increase in revenue, pointing out that “The ministry is also continuing to provide the bakery and ovens White oil

The official spokesman for the Oil Ministry, Assem Jihad’s / scales News / “There are expectations of higher oil export rate during the month of July within the ministry plans to achieve revenues reduce the budget deficit ratio”.

“The ministry is seeking to achieve a significant increase in oil exports to the highest levels, which contributes to increase state revenue one way or another and work on the development of the oil sector.”

This revealed the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, high oil revenues significantly exceeded $ 4 billion and 700 000 per month, stressing that the high abbreviations oil to more than 3 million barrels per day, a very big step towards the development of the oil sector in Alarac.anthy / 29 / d 24


Dr. Salim al-Juboory (Facebook)

Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri added 3 new photos .

* At a hearing to security leaders in Diyala *

* Dr. al-Jubouri, emphasizes the respect for the law and not be exceeded and to maintain security
and stability in the province *

He presided over the House of Representatives, Dr. Saleem al-Jubouri, Saturday, hearing
held by the security and defense committee of the parliamentary leader of the Tigris Operations Lt. Gen. Abdul-
Amir al-Zaidi and a group of innocents commanders responsible for security in the province of

During the meeting, which was attended by a number of deputies from the province of Diyala, review the events
last witnessed by the province, especially the terrorist bombing of the long hand Bani Saad
and ways in the face of security breaches and attempts to organize Daash terrorist in
creating a state of chaos across the heinous practices in the targeting of civilians, and his successor, so of
the repercussions on the level of the social ladder.

Search file as displaced and displaced persons and to solutions to their speedy return to their towns
and support stability.

President al-Jubouri and stressed the need for the agreement of all parties on the basic principles that
will be discussed in the House of Representatives regarding the Diyala file security, put the causes and solutions
in a clear and transparent in order to curb the damage and limit violations, and sovereignty and stressed the
importance of taking into account the law and not be exceeded and to maintain security and stability in the province.

And the price of the Speaker’s efforts in the security forces contain the crisis thoughtfully to miss an
opportunity to those who wanted to sow dissent and division among the sons of one people.

Dr. Salim al-Jubouri 's photo.
Dr. Salim al-Jubouri 's photo.
Dr. Salim al-Jubouri 's photo.
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