Arbil renews its commitment to dialogue with Baghdad to resolve the oil and financial filesMonday, July 20, 2015 – 23:20 Write a comment

Monday, July 20, 2015 – 23:20

Renewed the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Monday, its commitment to dialogue with the federal government to resolve the problems between the two sides on the oil and financial files.
He said government spokesman Sven Dzia in a press statement satellite radio educators that “the Kurdistan Regional Government declares that the dialogue and understanding is the way to resolve differences,” stressing that “the two sides were continuing dialogue” .onvy Daisy the statement attributed to him, also expressed “optimism ability Baghdad and Erbil to resolve differences through dialogue. ”
The newspaper published a dialogue in the region with Dzia, the statements attributed to him for the loss of confidence and the inability to deal with Baghdad.

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Great lunch with general tariq from the peshmerga and some U.S special ops advisors #Iraq 

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Breaking News Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress


Published: 2015/7/21 4:40 • 10 Reads

 Europe backs Iran nuclear deal in signal to U.S. Congress
International (Forat) -The European Union approved the Iran nuclear deal with world powers on Monday, a first step towards lifting Europe’s economic sanctions against Tehran that the bloc hopes will send a signal that the U.S. Congress will follow.
In a message mainly aimed at sceptical voices in the U.S. Congress and strong resistance from Israel, EU foreign ministers meeting in Brussels stressed that there was no better option available.
“It is a balanced deal that means Iran won’t get an atomic bomb,” said French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius. “It is a major political deal.”
Ministers left the details of their endorsement until after a U.N. Security Council vote scheduled for 9 a.m. EDT (1300 GMT), but have formally committed to a gradual lifting of sanctions along with the United States and the United Nations.
Following the deal in Vienna, Iran has agreed to long-term curbs on a nuclear programme that the West suspected was aimed at creating an atomic bomb, but which Tehran says is peaceful./End/

Updated: 2015/7/21 3:31

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  1. PM Al-Abadi visits site of terror attack in Khan Bani Saad in Diyala and pledges justice for families of victims