The F16 in the field to coincide with the launch of the battles for liberation

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} At the time of the joint Iraqi forces announced the start of military operations at dawn Monday for the Liberation of Anbar province from the control Daash terrorist gangs, the government has confirmed the arrival of a group of F16 jets to the country and said that “the fighting would continue until the liberation of all occupied, adding that troops liberated During the last hours many villages and roads, and managed to isolate Fallujah, Ramadi and cut the supply of the enemy. “
In conjunction with the start of liberalization of western Anbar province of control Daash battles today, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Office has announced the arrival of four warplanes F16 aircraft from the United States, Iraq was contracted to buy the country.
A source in the office that the F16 aircraft which Iraq contracted to purchase from the United States entered the country in preparation for their participation Daash military operations against criminal gangs, which landed at the base of Balad, north of Baghdad.
The commander of the Iraqi air force pilot team Anwar Hama Amin said “F16 aircraft will be overthrown, the balance of the battles against Daash gangs,” adding that “enter F16 aircraft for service in Iraq will have a significant and influential role in the fight Daash”.
Last year and the middle of Iraq officially received the first of F16 fighter aircraft type in an official ceremony in Fort Worth Air Force Base in Texas is one of the 36 other aircraft contracted by Iraq; to confront armed groups are becoming increasingly active in the country.
The company Lockheed Martin, the US manufacturer of the aircraft F16 fighter announced late last year to complete the first test flight successful aircraft F16 fighter of the Iraqi Air Force, and noted it was the first plane of the in total 36 aircraft F16 requested by Iraq and in cooperation with the Foreign Military Sales program.
The United States and other military equipment to Iraq worth billions of dollars, including a giant transport, helicopters and missiles, gunboats and aircraft.
Iraq has signed a deal with Washington to buy 36 fighter aircraft model F16, and the Iraqi government in September 2011 to pay the first installment of the purchase price, amounting to one billion and 200 million dollars, where the price of each plane up to about $ 70 million.
Armament deal came within this signed between Baghdad and Washington in November late 2008 security agreement, which provides for the training and equipping of Iraqi forces. It ended up as h

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