Kurdish forces regained the town of Ain ​​Issa with the help of coalition

Kurdish forces regained the town of Ain Issa with the help of coalition
US plane kills security official Daash in Raqqa
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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that Syrian Kurdish forces retook the town on Wednesday fighters were organizing the Islamic state may Ajtahoha earlier this week and is located north of the stronghold of the militant group and base their operations in the city of Raqqa.
The fighters of the Islamic State attacked the town of Ain Issa on Monday as part of a broader an attack on areas controlled by the People’s Protection Units Kurdish. Issa eye away 50 kilometers north of the city of Raqqa.
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the drone aircraft participating in the coalition led by the United States against the Islamic state have killed a senior member of the militant group in the city of Raqqa his stronghold in Syria.
The observatory said that the air strike had killed the leader of the Uzbek security works in the organization while he was sitting in a car outside a hotel in the city center. And attracted Islamic State fighters from around the world to fight in the ranks of the organization, which announced the succession in the areas controlled by Syria and Iraq. The militant group Al Riqqa capital of the caliphate. The United States announced that it has stepped up its campaign against the Islamic state in Syria and launched air strikes on the tenderness and around.
The US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said on Monday that heavy shelling that has taken place over the weekend and included the destruction of bridges in the city, which is bordered to the south of the Euphrates River designed to undermine the capacity of the militants.


Source defense acknowledges L / scales News / Access the “F-16 aircraft” during this month


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Admitted high-level source in the Defense Ministry, on Wednesday, the arrival of the “F-16s” contracted by Iraq with the United States to Balad Air Base during this month, among the security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu, Wednesday, that the number of aircraft Duty arrival is 30 aircraft, and expected time of arrival of the aircraft is very close.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News / “The aircraft of the” F-16 “will arrive in Iraq during this month, coming from the United States,” pointing out that “the USA is committed to the implementation of the contract with Iraq on aircraft “.

In a related development stressed Ihsanoglu’s / scales News / “The trainees who sent them and the Ministry of Defence for training on the” F-16 aircraft “in the United States have completed their preparations in full and final”, noting that “the trainees will return with the” F-16s ” to Iraq very soon. ”

And on the arrival of the aircraft confirmed a member of the security and defense committee in Parliament, said that “the number of aircraft to be arriving is 30 aircraft”, adding that “24 aircraft of a two-seater and 6 of the 4-seater, which is used to train will arrive in Iraq as well,” expected in time blown access The “F-16 during the coming period” aircraft “.”

This “has denied the United States, earlier, reports of aircraft and operation of the- F16 in Jordan before being delivered to Iraq transfer”.

The “Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi said, earlier, the arrival of F16 aircraft within the specified plan and the agreed date.”

It is said that “the leadership of the Iraqi Air Force accolades role of the United States in support of Iraq’s efforts to fight al Daash terrorist, stressing Washington’s commitment to the agreements and arms deals reached by the parties, notably the purchase of 36 aircraft F 16 in two batches” .anthy 29/9 P


Intelligence seizes bomb wheels and toppled a terrorist cell that was planning to destabilize the Baghdad Security


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The security committee in Baghdad Provincial Council confirmed, Wednesday, that the intelligence Baghdad was able to adjust the wheels bomb and arrested a “dangerous terrorist cell” that was planning to destabilize security in the capital carried out by the process of great quality in Tarmiyah area north of Baghdad.

The committee member said Saad logistical L / scales News / “The intelligence Baghdad was able to serious terrorist cell made up the arrest of 30 terrorists in the north of the capital Tarmiyah area,” stressing that “the terrorists have been arrested in the” additives “in the region mentioned a return to some collaborators with al Daash The terrorist of the people of the region. ”

He added that the logistical “these terrorists came from the provinces of Anbar and Salah al-Din and acknowledged their intention to implement a terrorist plot to destabilize the security and stability of the capital,” stressing that Baghdad intelligence seized the terrorists in possession of a number of car bombs and weapons and explosives. ”

This “revealed a senior military source, on Tuesday, the existence of superior orders issued by the General Command of the Armed Forces need to implement intelligence plans to thwart terrorist plots to target facilities and centers” sensitive “in Baghdad,” while the “high-level source in Baghdad Operations Command revealed that Prime Minister Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi is ordered the formation of a new special group belonging to the fight against terrorism and be responsible for the protection of Baghdad reported any risk may sustain as a capital by the terrorist organization Daash “.anthy 29/24


Twitter- PM Haider Al-Abadi

Prime Minister and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Haider Abadi, briefed on the conduct of the security and military operations in the various pieces that fights terror Daash gangs. This came during his visit Joint Special Operations Command headquarters and its leaders, security, where they were to discuss military plans that would edit controlled areas Daash terrorist gangs

Central Committee acted “36” billion dinars for “victims of terrorism”

اللجنة المركزية تصرف

Central Commission for compensation for those affected by the military operations and military mistakes and terrorist operations in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced, exchange more than 36 billion dinars to the affected victims of terrorism and military mistakes citizens during the past three months in Baghdad and the provinces.

He authorized source in the Central Committee, the sub-committees in the provinces and after the allocation of funds by the Ministry of Finance disbursed amounts of compensation to affected citizens completed their transactions from families of the martyrs and the injured and missing and damaged their property as a result of terrorism, military operations and errors. Indicating that the total amounts disbursed to affected since the first of April to 30 June 2015, amounted to 36 billion and 934 million and 830 thousand and 529 dinars.

He pointed out that the Central Committee and its subcommittees completed other numbers of victims of terrorism and sent to the Finance Ministry for the allocation and disbursement of funds to the affected in later transactions.


Abdul-Mahdi attributed the drop in oil prices to decline in the euro exchange rate and the possibility of Iranian oil to enter the market

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} attributed Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the deterioration of oil prices and the drop to a decline in the euro against the dollar and the possibility of entry of more than a million barrels of Iranian oil to the market after nearly statements about the lifting of sanctions on Iran.
Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on that “oil prices have seen a significant decline and lost barrel of Brent oil since Monday of $ 6-8 a barrel to fluctuate the price for decades of August in the markets on Wednesday afternoon around US $ 54-57 a barrel, and it seems that the reason Direct is the Greek people rejected a package of proposals proposed by the European and International Group solution. retreated euro to reach 1.09 euros to the dollar, meaning it has lost more than 30% of its value before many months .. which threatens the entire European system and lead to a series of economic and political fallout “.
“I’ve already been to many European officials and especially the Germans that stated that European unity at the basis of which is a unit of the euro zone, Vsergt these developments the previous relative improvement in the European economy .. and this period of anxiety and confusion and the repercussions exploited usually speculators. Adding to the downward trend is the two sides remarks Iranian negotiators of the opportunity the nuclear deal has become closer than ever, which may lead to the lifting of sanctions on Iran and the entry of more than one million barrels of oil to the market over the next six months, adding to the surplus of the current display new surplus versus estimates of survival in global demand during July and August on the rates, no 93.74 million barrels per day .. While the offer is estimated at 95.63 and 95.8 million barrels a day for July and August respectively, note that most of the increase came from Iraq and Saudi Arabia. “
He added that “inventories rose in most countries .. In the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development European rose reserves to cover 64 days compared to 58 days previously. These factors I stopped and others, including slowing economic growth in Asia and Europe, the steady improvement that occurred in prices in the first quarter of year. Economic factors must be returned to do do, as the International Monetary Fund estimated that growth rates of 3.5 in 2015 instead of 3.4 in 2014. “
He noted that “estimating future rates, or science Alterkabbat Forecasting is one of the most difficult issues and the most prone to error, especially for oil .. It is a strategic commodity and revolve around the interests and variables many economic and financial Tdharbah, and in exchange the dollar prices, which it is handled, and political, and Baioah and technological, and so making it fertile for speculation and commodity price volatility. “
Believed that “future developments, especially if what happened the expected improvement of the world’s major economies, in turn, will improve the demand for oil, as one of the cheapest sources of energy, and the most flexible and widely used, paid for again about the slow rise and volatile” .anthy


Kurdish units liberated the city (Ain Issa) from “Daash”

05:13: 07/08/2015


Khandan – The units of the Kurdish liberation eye protection Isa Town from the control of the organization “Daash” terrorist, while confirming that the troops were able to defeat an attack by a large organization, “Daash” terrorist. 
And it issued a media center for the protection units Kurdish people on Wednesday issued a statement, in which he announced cleansing eye Isa Town of terrorist groups. 
According to the text of the statement “we expressed our historical resistance against the attack of mercenaries, which began yesterday on the front extended length of Kobani and even the city of Hassakeh. After that managed our troops yesterday afternoon to defeat all mercenary attacks, carried out our units anti-military operations. As part of the campaign carried out by Our troops have been eliminated once and for all on a group of mercenaries was besieged by our forces in Ain Isa Town is full of mercenaries were cleansing the city. ” 
The statement added that “in this way, the troops were able to defeat the great attack, which was carried out by mercenaries, which was longer and are planning to attack this for a long time.” 


Twitter- PM Haider Al-Abadi

We emphasize to our people Karim and all the victims of terrorism and with the martyrs of crime Spyker dear our determination to prosecute all the perpetrators of this heinous crime wherever they are and bring them to justice to receive their just punishment sooner or later. , and the appearance of a group of criminals today in front of the Iraqi judiciary and a verdict comeuppance against them evidence of the triumph of justice on terrorism and injustice.