Processing Vrgitin military and special forces to liberate Mosul: trained by “Rbnery”


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Revealed a military source in the Defense Ministry, on Monday, two divisions processing of the Iraqi army with weapons and gear and various battle kits in preparation for the Liberation of Mosul from the grip of the organization Daash terrorist, explaining that the national crowd Camp trail about 3 thousand element of the crowd of people of Mosul and 7 thousand police and they all edit Mahaafezh battle will participate. ”

The source, who holds a high position in the ministry’s / scales News / “The Ministry of Defence is equipped of two divisions with weapons and gear,” revealing that “the two opinions received military training intense fighting” gangs “and” street war “at the hands of trainers” American “and” Spaniards “through the design of streets and alleys and the revival of Mosul in one of the camps in Diyala province in preparation for liberation from Daash terrorist organization”.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, “it was the training of the federal police special forces to fight the” gangs “and” urban warfare “in preparation for the battle to liberate Mosul from the grip of the organization Daash Alarhaabi,” stressing that “these forces received their training at the hands of Rbnery Italian forces.” .

It is said that the popular crowd Commission confirmed that it “formed edit Mosul operations includes the popular crowd and security forces and the people of Mosul forces room.”

This comes at a time when the necessary preparations and preparations are continuing by the security forces and the popular crowd and volunteers from the families of the sons of Mosul for the liberation of Nineveh province, of elements of al Daash Alarhabiy.anthy / 29 / d 24

Zurfi Maliki seeks help to escape from Astjawabh..walkraaoa likely to postpone tomorrow’s meeting


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Council revealed the province of Najaf member Alkraawi Hashim, Monday, that the provincial council to question a past governor Adnan al-Zurfi accused of financial and administrative corruption issues, stressing that Zurfi arrived in Baghdad and met with Vice President Nuri al-Maliki to ask for help and to escape from its interrogation session.

Said Alkraawi L / scales News / “The process of questioning Zurfi will be held on Tuesday by the scheduled date on the back of poor management of cleaning files, and corruption in the construction and investment projects,” likely “to postpone tomorrow’s meeting and set a date last for questioning in accordance with the rules of procedure.”

He said the Najaf provincial council member Najaf that “Zurfi met with Vice President Nuri al-Maliki to ask for help with finding a” political mediation “to escape questioning session,” stressing that “all the political blocs to participate in the local government agreed on the grill Zurfi and once and for all.”

It is said that the document revealed that Zurfi cut the road in front of a number of members of the Najaf provincial council sacked the Egyptians and the conservative request sent to the capital, Baghdad. ”

This “Najaf provincial council confirmed that identified the seventh of July of this date to question the governor Adnan al-Zurfi accused of financial and administrative corruption issues.”

The “six blocks within the Najaf provincial council announced the formation of a new coalition called it” National Alliance “, the coalition includes 19 members of the” law “blocks and” citizen “and” Liberal “and” State Fair “and” justice “and” the change “and” gathering Renaissance building “, and is a majority in the Council, which seeks to dismiss the governor of Najaf, Adnan Zurfi” .anthy 29 / D 24

Keywords: Federal Court decision to challenge some of the materials budget supports independence of the Central Bank

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw the Governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords that the Federal Supreme Court’s decision to accept the appeal submitted by the Central Bank in the materials, which included restrictions and orders came to the bank in accordance with the Constitution and the law of the Central Bank and supports independence. “
According Keywords in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on “The court’s decision is of great significance because of its impact in promoting and supporting the independence of the Central Bank and its dimensions to influence policies and decisions, this independence is not a matter of form but is a prerequisite to enable the Central Bank of the achievement of his duties, particularly in the monetary policy by the diversity of nature on the tools and flexibility orientations “.
“The general budget law governing fiscal policy in spending and annual revenues, something they have to be specific to the items contained in it by virtue of the nature of the resource and expenditure management, either monetary policy are entirely different from fiscal policy, where the nature of movement, flexibility, dealing with changes in the situation economic and market conditions and did not get in the states that follow the market system to have a specific budget and directed and constrained by the policy of the central bank law, or even in the other because the central bank loses its role and took away his tools used to create balance and access to the investigation. “
The Federal Supreme Court has decided to rule unconstitutional a number of materials for the federal budget in 2015, stressing that the legislation was contrary to the contexts set forth in Aldstor.anthy

US Embassy: aircraft (F-16) will be handed over to Iraq soon for use of “country” Air Force Base

عرب وعالم


The US embassy in Baghdad confirmed on Monday that the warplanes of the model (F-16), which Iraq bought from the United States will be handed over later this summer to the Iraqi authorities to begin use of the “country” air base in Salahuddin province north of Iraq.

The spokesman said the US Embassy in Baghdad spokesman Jeffrey Ora- Day-in a press release that the Iraqi government has purchased 36 fighter aircraft (F-16) and we are committed to the terms of the deal and will be delivered as soon as possible.

He added that Washington was working with Baghdad to deliver the first batch of these aircraft this summer as planned, and will be delivered this fighter aircraft to begin use of the base country Jawah..navea recent throughput of media regarding the transfer of these aircraft to Jordan and run it from there, describing those reports as “Incorrect”.

Comes the aircraft deal within signed between Baghdad and Washington in 2008, which provides for the training and equipping of Iraqi forces security agreement .. The commander of Air Force Lt. Gen. Pilot Anwar Hama Amin revealed on 22 April that US aircraft are scheduled to arrive in Iraq on July 12 within the current contract between the two countries .. The Iraqi Defense Minister Khaled al-Obeidi confirmed today that these aircraft will arrive on schedule in accordance with the plans and deadlines agreed upon and will soon be in one of the air bases in Iraq.

The US ambassador to Iraq, Stuart Jones denied mid-May last year that the US administration is interested in establishing military bases in Iraq, and said that “Washington does not want to create new camps in Iraq, and they supplied 12 Brigade Iraqi military weapons and equipment, and complete preparations for the rehabilitation of base country Salahuddin province to receive the F-16 if they come to Iraq, which will be delivered to Iraq with integrated its systems this summer, pointing to the need to prepare and rehabilitation of military base country, which have been initiated since the Liberation near the country from the control of the organization Daash terrorist areas.

Greek debt agreement still possible after “No” vote in referendum: EC

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International (Forat) -It is still possible for Greece and the creditors to find an agreement on Greek debt issue even after Greek voters overwhelmingly rejected the creditors’ offer in referendum, a senior European commission (EC) official said on Monday.
“EC takes note of referendum’s result,” said Valdis Dombrovskis, EC’s Vice-President in charge of the Euro and Social Dialogue, adding that the “No” results widened the gap between Greece and the other Eurozone countries.
“In the Eurozone we have 19 democracies; we need a solution acceptable to all. ‘No’ makes this more difficult,” he said to the reporters.
“If all sides work seriously it’s possible to find an agreement even in this very complicated situation,” the vice-president added.
Dombrovskis hinted that the EC was ready to renegotiate over the Greece debt issue.
“The Commission is ready to continue its work with Greece but to be clear; the Commission cannot negotiate a new programme without the mandate from the Eurogroup,” he said.
The Eurogroup head Jeroen Dijsselbloem said late Sunday the Eurogroup would convene Tuesday discussing the state of play on Greece.
Meanwhile, Dombrovskis tried to assure that the stability of the Euro area is not in question, saying the euro area authorities stand ready to do whatever necessary to ensure financial stability of the bloc.
“We have everything we need to manage this situation,” he said, mentioning the bank union to ensure the stability of the financial sector, the European Financial Stability mechanism to help the most vulnerable economies, a strong fiscal economic governance in the bloc, the European Central Banks to ensure stability and the European Court of Justice’s recently confirmation for the outright monetary transactions./End/

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The opening of the first of its kind in Iraq, a new project

افتتاح مشروع جديد الاول من نوعه في العراق20:55 


Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Monday that he was opening another new project, a project unit third improvement in the Basra refinery, declaring that the employees fired by naming project challenge because he completed the harsh conditions and because of the circumstances experienced by the country general mobilization ongoing fight Daash and terrorism.

He said the oil minister in a statement issued by his press office on Monday, “The most important characteristic of this project, because for the first time in the history of Iraq, has been implemented by the entire staff of a national, in accordance with the highest international specifications and standards, the testimony of the foreign companies that have contributed to some of its paragraphs Kaltsamam and operation. ”

He said Abdul-Mahdi, “the project will produce 10,000 Mohsen gasoline a day Boctan 95-98 which is equivalent to 1.59 million liters / day., Which accounts for about 15% of the imported quantities of this product. As part of a policy aimed at reducing the import, to get to the state rely entirely the national production. ”

He went on by saying, “The unit also Nftha Bansin produce improved 6000 barrels / Card Day.” He explained “We have carried out the project at a time when the country has suffered from the difficult security conditions and financial health of cruel, he released him from the very beginning a project challenge to insist on the implementation of allocated cost primary without an increase.” .

Abadi Office: Most of Baiji, under the control of our forces

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There is no truth to the information published about the control of terrorist Daash gangs on neighborhoods in Baiji well and controlled the situation.
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: CKD source in the Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Monday, that most of Baiji under the control of the security forces and to control health Daash to revive in the judiciary.
The source said in a press statement, he was “no truth to the information published about the control of terrorist Daash gangs on neighborhoods in Baiji well and controlled the situation,” he said, adding that “the news broadcast by some media absolutely false.”
He added that “this free publicity for Daash and her victory myself and lead to the occurrence of more Iraqi casualties,” asserting that “most of Baiji, under the control of our forces and gangs Daash heroine ran away from Qtatha and enable our forces to kill many of them.”
It is said that some of the local media picked up, today, reports the organization of control “Daash” on neighborhoods in Baiji.

The announcement of the planned distribution of the grant before the Eid al-Fitr

الاعلان عن توزيع المنحة المقررة قبل عيد الفطر المبارك16:50 

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration, said that 330 billion dinars from the budget of the year 2015 have been converted to the displaced families.

The transport ministry statement on Monday, saying the minister Jassim Mohammed dry, “The ministry started since the launch of the budget 2015 implementation of the camps services that include food services and non-food procedures, With regard to the food service we continue to provide, the services of non-food Kalofrhh, blankets and Services Summer There are as refrigeration and other daily distribution in all the camps. ”

“There are problems in other services that do not fall within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, municipal as services, electricity, health and administrative services, as well as the presence of security problems in the vicinity of hot Kaaamrah Fallujah and Khaldiyah areas camps.”

He explained dry that “the biggest problem today lies in the atmosphere Iraq extreme heat, we have established a quick camps to house many of the displaced families and the temperature exceed forty degrees Celsius and the tent itself produces heat when shed by the hot sun, and therefore there are problems in cooling these tents.”

He noted “the existence of other problems in the delivery of pure water to the camps,” adding that “what is encouraging in light of these difficult circumstances that many bodies, including the people of the areas housing the displaced people and that we set up the camps and military pieces and processes and other ministries have combined their efforts in this area. ”

He said the dry, “according to the budget we had started regardless of smart cards for displaced persons for the purpose of extradition financial dues, and since the first of April until the day we issued 480 thousand cards at the rate of 480 thousand families, and received the first payment of dues number reached 330 thousand families at the rate of 330 billion dinars of the budget in 2015 it was converted to the displaced. ”

He said that “This is the completion of a good has been achieved in record time not exceeding three months, all of which have been under the existing problems in issuing the card and the lack of adequate financial liquidity in the State, which we have been able to at least provide quick relief to 330 thousand families”.

The Minister of Immigration, “We continue to distribution, and before the Eid al-Fitr Snousel financial aid to 70 thousand other family, and Snozaa second meal also after the feast and whether there is a cash flow at the Ministry of Finance there may be a third meal,” and expressed hope that “up dues which displaced family to receive three million dinars during the current year. ”

The, the General Budget Law for the current year 2015 allocated 2400 billion dinars for relief to the displaced by allocating a monthly amount for each displaced family delivers the adoption of the smart card. Sa

ISIL sniper killed in Garma

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 Anbar (Forat) –The Commander of the First Division, Jaleel Abdul-Ridha, stated that an ISIL sniper was killed in Garma area in Anbar. 

He added to Alforat News “The security forces while liberating al-Hitawieen area in Garma, killed an ISIL sniper near Tufaha bridge in Nua’aymiya area in Garma.” /End/

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Defense Minister: the F16 aircraft will arrive within the agreed deadline

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Khandan – denied the Iraqi defense minister reports that the base and the concentration of Iraqi f16 aircraft will be Jordan, while he will receive in the near these aircraft in one of the Iraqi bases.

The defense minister said Khalid al-Obeidi said in a statement, said that the arrival of the f16 aircraft being within the specified plan and the agreed date near future,.

He refuted al-Obeidi, at the same time “tendentious rumors that the base and the concentration of these aircraft will be Jordan.

The Minister of Defense said that “in the near future will personally receive one of the planes in Iraqi air bases.”