China rolls out emergency measures to prevent stock market crash

China’s stock markets face a make-or-break week after officials rolled out an unprecedented series of steps over the weekend to prevent a full-blown stock market crash that would threaten the world’s second-largest economy.

The government is anxiously awaiting the market opening on Monday to see if the new measures will halt a 30 percent plunge in the last three weeks, or if panicky investors who borrowed heavily to speculate on stocks will continue to sell.

In an extraordinary weekend of policy moves, brokerages and fund managers vowed to buy massive amounts of stocks, helped by China’s state-backed margin finance company which in turn would be aided by a direct line of liquidity from the central bank.

China has also orchestrated a halt to new share issues, with dozens of firms scrapping their IPO plans in separate but similarly worded statements over the weekend, in a tactic authorities have used before to support markets.

“After the 28 companies suspended their IPOs, there will be no new IPOs in the near term,” the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) said in a statement on Sunday night.

An online survey by fund distributor over the weekend, which polled over 100,000 individuals, said investors believed stock indexes would rise more than 5 percent on Monday. But many of those polled didn’t think the bounce will last long.

“You’re going to need the central bank to open the floodgates to take us back to 4,500 points in Shanghai,” said an investment manager in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Composite Index was last at 4,500 on June 25, and is now trading 22 percent lower.

China stocks had more than doubled in just 12 months even as the economy cooled and company earnings weakened, resulting in a market that even China’s inherently bullish securities regulators eventually admitted had become too frothy.

But the slide that began in mid-June, which the CSRC initially tried to downplay as a “healthy” correction after the fast run-up, has quickly shown signs of getting out of hand.

A surprise interest-rate cut by the central bank last week, relaxations in margin trading and other “stability measures” did little to calm investors, who sent shares down another 12 percent in the last week alone.

Investors talk in front of an electronic board showing stock information, filled with green figures indicating falling prices, at a brokerage house in Nantong© REUTERS/Stringer Investors talk in front of an electronic board showing stock information, filled with green figures indicating falling prices, at a brokerage house in Nantong

China’s top leaders, who are already struggling to avert a sharper economic slowdown, seem to be losing patience.


Earlier, in a series of initial announcements on Saturday, China’s top brokerages pledged to collectively buy at least 120 billion yuan ($19.3 billion) of shares to help steady the market, and would not sell holdings as long as the Shanghai Composite Index remained below 4,500.

The China Mutual Fund Association said 25 fund companies also pledged on Saturday to buy shares. Another 69 fund firms said on Sunday they would do the same.

In addition, 28 companies that had been approved to launch IPOs all announced they had suspended their plans.

The u-turn is consistent with past IPO freezes in China when share markets were falling sharply, though they are usually spun as spontaneous company decisions, not as government directives.

Respondents to the survey thought news of an IPO slowdown or freeze would be the most welcomed on Monday.

On Sunday, China state-owned investment company Central Huijin said it had recently been buying exchange-traded funds and would continue to do so.

The combined effect of the policies is to signal to China’s army of retail investors, who conduct around 85 percent of share transactions, that the government is now standing behind the stock market. But it is unclear whether even this will be enough to put a floor under prices or revive the rally.

Li Feng, a trader at Fortune Securities, said the amount of money that brokerages and fund managers vowed to put into the stock market was tiny compared with the size of leveraged positions still waiting to be unwound.

Some analysts suggest total margin lending, both formal and informal, could add up to around 4 trillion yuan.

Samuel Chien, partner of Shanghai-based hedge fund BoomTrend Investment Management Co, said he was ready to pile into blue-chip stocks, betting the new steps would trigger a rebound.

“Main indexes will rise. For the Shanghai Composite, the area below 4,500 is relatively safe now,” Chien said. “I have ample cash at hand, and surely will buy stocks this week.”

But people like Shao Qinglong, a public service worker who has already lost over a quarter of his capital investing in stocks, told Reuters all he is waiting for is for the market to recover enough for him to break even.

“I didn’t sell at the peak because people all say the market will rise beyond 6,000 points,” Shao said. “I’m now waiting for the market to rebound so that I can get out.”

(Additional Reporting by Adam Rose; Editing by Kazunori Takada)

U.S. women’s soccer team defeats Japan in World Cup Final 5-2

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — The U.S. women’s soccer team, looking for revenge after a devastating loss in 2011 at the hands of Japan, dominated the World Cup final, solidly controlling the field and confusing the opposition’s defense for the first half of the game.

The victory was handily led by midfielder Carli Lloyd who came up with three early goals to take a commanding lead within the first 20 minutes, ultimately leading to a third World Cup title.

The U.S. and Japan would finish the full 90 minutes of the game, and the U.S. would win by a final 5-2 margin, securing its first World Cup title since 1999 and its third overall — the most in women’s soccer history. But by the 16th minute, the game was already over, reported.

Lloyd scored a hat trick as the U.S. burst to a four-goal lead in the first 16 minutes, and the Americans overwhelmed defending champion Japan 5-2 Sunday for their record third championship and first since 1999.

A sellout crowd that included U.S. Vice President Joe Biden roared in approval for Lloyd’s hat trick, the first ever in a Women’s World Cup final.

When it was over, Lloyd collapsed to her knees and pumped her fists. Forward Abby Wambach bear-hugged teary-eyed coach Jill Ellis, lifting her off the ground.

Lloyd, voted the Golden Ball as player of the tournament, scored twice in a span of about 135 seconds as the U.S. led 2-0 by the fifth minute.

Lauren Holiday scored in the 14th and two minutes later Lloyd made it 4-0 with an audacious 54-yard, right-footed shot from midfield that sailed over goalkeeper Ayumi Kaihori.

Japan closed on Yuki Ogimi’s goal in the 27th and an own goal by Julie Johnston in the 52nd. Tobin Heath scored two minutes later for the Americans, who had struggled in the World Cup since winning the inaugural tournament in 1991 and then again at the Rose Bowl eight years later.

Christie Rampone, the only holdover from the 1999 team, lifted the trophy with Abby Wambach, the 35-year-old former FIFA Player of the Year who lost her starting job with age. Wambach was among the most vocal opponents of FIFA’s decision to play the tournament on artificial turf.

With FIFA President Sepp Blatter staying away during a U.S. criminal investigation of soccer officials, the trophy was presented by FIFA Senior Vice President Issa Hayatou of Cameroon, the head of African soccer’s governing body.

Hope Solo won the Golden Glove as top goalkeeper of the tournament. She played despite critics who urged the U.S. Soccer Federation to drop her after she initially faced two misdemeanor counts of domestic violence from a June 2014 altercation at her half-sister’s house, charges that were dismissed on procedural grounds.

United States’ Tobin Heath, left, celebrates after she scored a goal against Japan during the second half of the FIFA Women’s World Cup soccer championship in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sunday, July 5, 2015.

Japan returned eight starters from the 2011 final, when it beat the U.S. on penalty kicks. The Americans, turning their roster over more, started just four of the 11 players who opened that game in Germany.

Lloyd, a 32-year-old midfielder, had come up big before, scoring the winning goals in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic finals.

She put the U.S. ahead in the third minute off a corner kick from Megan Rapinoe, then made it 2-0 when she poked the ball between two defenders and past the Kaihori’s outstretched arms.

Those were the two fastest goals in World Cup history.

Lloyd’s third goal came when Kaihori came far off her line. The keeper backpedaled and got a hand on it, but it bounced into the goal.

It was also the fastest hat trick in World Cup history – men or women – and Lloyd became the first American since Michelle Akers in 1991 to score multiple goals in a World Cup final. The only other hat trick in a World Cup final was when England’s Geoff Hurst scored three times against Germany in the men’s 1966 final at Wembley.

Lloyd scored six goals in seven matches during the month long tournament, raising her international total to 69.

Holiday added her goal in the 16th minute, volleying a header by a Japanese defender.

Ogimi’s goal in the 27th minute was the first Solo had allowed after five straight shutouts. The only other goal scored against her came in the first half of the tournament opener against Australia.

The United States went 540 minutes without conceding a goal, the longest streak in the World Cup since Germany went 679 scoreless minutes from 2003-11.

Japan’s victory over the United States four years ago its first World Cup title and it came just months after the massive earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan, killing more than 20,000 people and touching off the worst nuclear catastrophe since Chernobyl in 1986.

The United States has a 25-1-6 record against Japan, and a 3-1 advantage in World Cup meetings.

The tournament was been played while FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, has been rocked by a widening American corruption probe that alleges bribery and racketeering worth more than $150 million involving high-ranking FIFA officials over a 24-year span.

Rambo Iraq, “Abu Azrael” threatens Daash surprises coming

Date: 07/05/2015

Palm-leader of the popular crowd Iraqi «Abu Azrael», that the issue of fighting al Daash by the popular crowd can not be based on the idea of ​​sectarian fighting, because they are so turn into a losing battle, and so the fact that sectarian diversity in Iraq imposes on the people unite in the face of the organization Daash pause of one man, and that is the fact that Daash of the most dangerous factions that plunged in successive wars on the Arab region.

Abu Azrael In an interview with media stressed that the popular crowd, including the Imam Ali Brigades Brigades, includes within its ranks fighters from all of Iraq’s components, including fighters from the sect Yazidi, and thus distortion fight the popular crowd to organize Daash attempts are considered pro-regulation by states supporting terrorism He pointed out that the religious leaders that guide fighters to the need to adhere to the lines of the fighting, but do so to enhance the combat capability of the fighters against the organization, and that the fact that the issue of war with Aldoaash and with other terrorist organizations anywhere in the Arab and Muslim world is the real jihad for us Iraqi citizens, and as part of the Arab and Islamic nation.

He said the Iraqi leadership, that the issue of the continued fighting in the city of Baiji, and the nature of the battles in that region, is to impose itself on the fighters, though the popular crowd cleanse large areas of the vicinity of the city and access to Alqaimqamah center, in Baiji, and the northern part of the city is still an ongoing conflict zone , but the fighting will not end with the organization in Baiji or other Iraqi territory, Valhacd popular in his battles certainly will go to other areas outside Iraq to clear and secure the Arab States of the existence of Daash, in order to safeguard the security of these countries, and keeping Iraq’s security.

And between Abu Azrael it is normal to be communication and coordination with all the Syrian tribes, and all the factions of the Popular Resistance fighting Daash in Syria, and that along the common border and then to deep inside Syrian territory, because it is natural that we go to fight the organization in the border areas to ensure that no rebound Daash to Iraq again, and we will not expel Daash of our home is plagued by Syrian lands on our behalf, Valhacd popular leadership and fighters reject the idea of ​​sufficiency expel Daash export the problem to the outside border.

He stressed Abu Azrael that the next of days in Iraq will carry surprises Daash and operators Daash, and the battles fought by the popular crowd away from the media blitz in support of the crowd or the attacker him will bring a lot to do not expect operators organization, and between The battle is really not with the organization, but with the organization Operators .

Seal and leader of the popular crowd Speaking on his way to the Iraqi elements of al Daash saying: «Today in Iraq, tomorrow in Syria .. .. Where you flee».

Sources: the battle to liberate Anbar will be launched after the feast and under the supervision of US

09:33: 07/05/2015

Khandan said Iraqi military sources, that the battle to liberate al Anbar “Daash” terrorist will be launched after the Eid al-Fitr US planning and supervision of advisers present in the Habbaniyah military base.

A senior officer in Anbar operations on condition of anonymity, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur, “The next anticipated for the Liberation of gray from organizing Daash battle will be under US supervision directly by advisers present in the Habbaniyah military base 30 / kilometers east of Ramadi / Anbar province.”

The source added that “the American advisers who are present in the hundreds in the same rule they prevent the Iraqi army and factions of the popular crowd to enter and roaming in some custom cutouts for consultants Alammerakyin..aazin so as not to reveal the plans who put them.”

He explained the officer that “US advisors have confirmed that the great battle for the Liberation of gray will be launched after the end of the Eid al-Fitr US plan and give great weight to the children of the tribes by throwing them in the battlefields with reducing the role of the popular crowd and who became his upper hand in the Iraqi scene.”

  Kirkuk .. Peshmerga forces thwarted a major offensive to terrorists “Daash” from several directions

03:10: 07/06/2015

Khandan – Peshmerga forces foiled a major offensive to terrorists “Daash” of several axes targeted positions and trenches Peshmerga southwest of Kirkuk.
He revealed senior security source for “Khandan” The terrorists “Daash” launched after midnight on Sunday on Monday and a massive offensive from the villages of time and Humera and redundancy and integrators martyr, Yarmouk, Lodi oil hubs Tel roses and Mary, your west of Kirkuk, targeted trenches and positions of the Peshmerga forces stationed in the region, noting to the outbreak of fierce clashes in the wake of the attack between the two sides.
The source added in the context of his statement for “Khandan” The Peshmerga forces engaged widespread attack for terrorists “Daash” in all axes, and managed to frustration after the violent clashes that lasted for hours.
The source said the heavy artillery of the Peshmerga forces and the international airline alliance Dhaka dens and gatherings terrorists “Daash” in all axes fighting west of Kirkuk, which led to the fall of a large number of casualties among the terrorists.

The source noted that the security situation in all axes are now fighting in the west of Kirkuk is under the control of the Peshmerga forces.

Abdul-Mahdi, announced the opening of a new unit in the Basra refinery Bansin national sincere effort

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Sunday the opening of the project unit to improve third of gasoline in the Basra refinery, dubbed “Challenge Project” given the circumstances experienced by the country’s general mobilization going to fight “Daash” and terrorism.
Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on “The most important characteristic of this project, because for the first time in the history of Iraq, has been implemented by the entire staff of a national, in accordance with the highest international specifications and standards, the testimony of the foreign companies that have contributed to some Kaltsamam paragraphs and play “.
“The project will produce 10,000 Mohsen gasoline a day Boctan 95-98 .. which is equivalent to 1.59 million liters per day .. which constitutes about 15% of the imported quantities of this product .. as part of a policy aimed at reducing the import, to get to the accreditation status entirely on the national production. The unit also produces Nftha Bansin improved 6000 barrels per day.
“The project was carried out at a time the country has suffered from the difficult security conditions and the financial health of cruel, he released him since the beginning,” Challenge Project “to insist on the implementation of the initial allocated Elv without an increase.”
And he finished “The sector managed during the previous period to reduce the import of white oil and Algazalesail, leading sometimes to a final import stop, if production levels have stabilized and filtering the current, either gas oil, there are progressively being reduced import, consumption and increase production .. and already imports fell a spin today limits 2000-3000m 3 of consumption goes up to 15,000 m3. It’s the same for gasoline, although the gap between production and consumption is still the highest among derivatives. rates of consumption are between 16,000 to 18,000 m3 and production reached today about 9500 m 3 after it was a few months ago up to 7000-8000m 3, already decline relatively import, but the pressure on consumption remains high, especially in the current security conditions and the high rates of heat., and great efforts are being made to increase production, and that what we have referred to above is some of these efforts and there are other, as the ministry put forward for the first time reformulated gasoline -gar Madaom- which is sold at world market prices {950 dinars / l} .. and there is widespread demand for this type of unleaded gasoline, which Aktonh 95 .. and we expect to increase turnout by opening increasingly stations to limit the big congestion on the existing stations “.
He said Abdul-Mahdi. “The final solutions, remain tied to our ability to control the consumption and stop smuggling and the black market, which is what we are working on offering” fuel card “, and increase production by opening additional production lines .. and building new refineries Kmcefy Karbala, which continues work on it, and help the National Investment and foreign investment in new refineries, in Dhi Qar, Maysan and Basra, Kirkuk and other provinces. This prompted the Energy Committee in the Council of Ministers in easing the requirement to be refineries with a capacity of not less than 150 000 barrels / day, and approved capacity of not less than 50 000 barrels per day, provided that White derivatives of not less than 80% of total production, “.anthy

Iraqi forces kill 109 «Daash» .. including European

Killed the security chief for «regulation» in Fallujah and two suicide bombers .. Ahajman Baiji

Date: July 6, 2015
Source: BAGHDAD – Agencies
  • People crowd militants Adhmun houses in Baiji, in search of elements «Daash» the day before yesterday.AP

Force killed an Iraqi army security chief for «Daash» south of Fallujah, and four of his aides were wounded during the clashes, while Iraqi forces killed 109 members of the organization in different parts of the country, including the Europeans, and attacked the bombers of regulation Baiji city center, what Iraqi troops were forced to retreat.

And detailed, announced the official Iraqi security source in Nineveh operations command, yesterday, that about 22 members of the «Daash» were killed, yesterday, aerial bombardment of coalition aircraft on a camp for «Daash» near the Hamam al-Alil south of Mosul. He added that 10 members of the «Daash» were also killed in an air strike to a second coalition aircraft to another site for the organization in the district of Tall Afar north of Mosul. Eight of the «Daash» also killed aerial bombardment of coalition aircraft targeted the area of ​​agrarian reform, west of Mosul.

And at the same level, a source at the Ministry of Peshmerga said that the international coalition was able to bombard a secret tunnel back to the «Daash» at the entrance of Sinjar northwest of Mosul, which resulted in the killing of 13 leading from «Daash», are two Americans, five Britons, six Germans, according to their cards Personal.

And a security source said, in Anbar province, that the strength of the army, belonging to the band first rapid intervention, artillery support and airline Air Force, was able during the confrontations of the killing of the security commander of al «Daash», also known as Abu Yusuf Iraqi, and wounded four of his aides, in Alheitaoyen area , south of Fallujah. The source added that the security forces made progress against «Daash» in the region, to recover them from the organization.

The army said he was able, yesterday, to repel the violent attack to organize «Daash» aimed at bridging the modern Allarroaii western Anbar city, killing 18 of the elements of the organization and three soldiers from the Iraqi army and wounding four others.

Security forces also managed to free one of the important villages adjacent to the bridge aperture northeast of Tikrit, during fierce battles took place the day before yesterday, fought by joint forces of the army and federal police against militants «Daash», where about 40 militants were killed, including a senior commander (Saudi) named Abu Musa, the head of the so-called Office of Education in the curriculum of the organization.

Sources from the police and witnesses said security forces, with the support of the popular crowd and military aviation, managed, yesterday, killing 16 of the «Daash», including leading a Libyan named Abdullah Almarma, after violent clashes in the western villages of the area Hamrin Mountains north of Baquba.

She pointed out that the strength of the police carried out large-scale security operations, after receiving intelligence information in Sarha border areas and Nganh with the province of Kirkuk, north of Baquba, which managed to arrest 13 wanted belong to «Daash», including leader Walid Nomani, a Jordanian, pointing out that the arrests were made after clashes that killed five of the security forces, and wounded a number of other parties.

She and the mayor of Baiji, yesterday military sources, said that the suicide bombers of the organization «Daash» and fighters attacked the center of the oil town of Baiji, car bombs, the night before last, and forced the army and Shia fighters to retreat from the center of town.

Cameron ordered British troops launch raids targeting terrorist leaders in Syria and Iraq

Date: 07/05/2015 22:00Cameron ordered British troops launch raids targeting terrorist leaders in Syria and Iraq

formation / Baghdad / ..
British special air force got “SAS” the green light to launch raids in the territories under the control of the terrorist organization Daash in Syria and Iraq depth, according to British intelligence sources revealed high.
The newspaper “Daily Mail” reported in its electronic edition on Sunday, that amid growing risk about the direct threat to Britain, given -sas- “carte blanche to kill or arrest the terrorist organization’s leaders – including the mastermind behind the massacre that took place on a Tunisian beach” and claimed the lives of Many British tourists.
It is expected that a force of 100 personnel of the elite in the secret war along with US Special Forces and Navy Seals teams.
He pledged British Prime Minister David Cameron last week, the response of “wide” for the deaths of 30 British tourists at the hands of the terrorist organization Daash Saifuddin my living in the Tunisian beach resort in Sousse, Tunisia.
According to press reports gonna Special Air Services, and the British Special Boat Service with British intelligence and the British government communications offices -khaddmh tapping the British Government -, targeting Daash and other terrorist groups that pose a threat to Britain “.
And it will be planning to carry out operations and the coordination of the Permanent Joint Headquarters in Northwood, northwest London.
Sources said it is likely that each mission will require the approval of the Prime Minister.
And a senior intelligence source said: “The payment of the special air services to be more pro-active for a long time,” has led the attack in Tunisia to rethink and accelerate the use of “special forces” against al Daash “.anthy /