News: Coalition airstrikes degrade ISIL freedom of movement in Syria

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UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Coalition Forces successfully engaged multiple targets throughout the ISIL stronghold of ar-Raqqah which have severely constricted terrorist freedom of movement. Sixteen airstrikes were conducted on July 4, destroying vital ISIL-controlled structures and transit routes in Syria.

The operation focused on mobility corridors used by ISIL to project their fighters and military equipment, and to destabilize the region.

These airstrikes, combined with ground force activity throughout northern Syria, are increasing the pressure on ISIL. This pressure comes on the heels of ISIL ceding over 5,000 square kilometers of territory to anti-ISIL forces over the past two months.

Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve spokesperson Lt. Col. Thomas Gilleran said the disruption of these transport and communication routes in ISIL’s self-proclaimed Syrian capital were conducted with precision and with the intent to maximize the impacts on ISIL.

“The significant airstrikes tonight were executed to deny Daesh the ability to move military capabilities throughout Syria and into Iraq,” said Gilleran. “This was one of the largest deliberate engagements we have conducted to date in Syria, and it will have debilitating effects on Daesh’s ability to move from ar-Raqqah.”

Abdul-Mahdi attributed the success in raising oil production to unify the visions and plans of the Ministry and its companies and collective decision-making

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} attributed Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Saturday, rising oil production amounts to unite the ministry and its plans and collective decision-making, noting that “we have tried to evaluate the tracks and to address deficiencies and overcome the obstacles and solve problems.”
Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “Iraq report oil Iraq oil report, which is the most important international bulletin in English cares for the Iraq oil report in which he stated what translated, is: that Iraq hit a record high last in oil sales In June, offsetting this decrease {What a ladder to Sumo} of North {Kurdistan} .. and so achieve a big jump in exports through Basra, which amounted to 3.187 million barrels / day last June, and this Iraq shatters all previous figures, which saw 3.145 million barrels / day in May, and 3.077 million barrels / day in April, and rose for the fifth month in a row .. while the Kurdistan region to export 360 000 barrels in his favor. “
He continued, “Many people do not realize the importance of this great achievement, and what he and carried out by employees and affiliates and officials in the ministry and various subsidiaries. That is achieved, at a time when the suffocating financial health, which stopped a lot of our projects, and the war against” Daash “big and vandalism that has plagued our oil installations in different locations , in addition to the foot-dragging of the many administrative, social and Almchaglat experienced by the industry and oil sites. Perhaps the reason for this success, we have continued the achievements of previous achievements, and did not Nzaid Fenrkz on the negatives and forget the pros, as some do upon receipt of new responsibilities .. and caused also we tried to evaluate tracks and treatment shortcomings and overcome the obstacles and solve problems, and unify the vision of the House of Representatives and the prime minister and the executive committees of parliamentary and government power and local governments, and get support, and not to engage in arguments over and concerns distract us from our goals .. Add to unify the visions and plans of the Ministry and its companies, through public bodies and resolution, where collective decisions , full powers and give each site according to its responsibilities. “
He continued, “Add to ask” Basra heavy “next to” Basra light “and who fired the amounts were trapped to maintain the quality of our oil .. Add to solve the bulk of the financial, administrative and contractual shenanigans with licensing companies .. We have seen enthusiastic and energetic high Adjalana accept the hand of all those who contributed to this great achievement. . There are today convinced the workers that the increase in production and exports and resources is part supplementing and necessary for the Iraqis his in their war against “Daash” .. calling on the Almighty in this holy month, we can solve a lot of complex things -omnha relationship in the province, and that God gives us of majority and it gives our brothers Mthelh- to reach the ambitious targets. “
And he finished by saying, “if Kurdistan has deliver to {500 000 barrels / day}, which is what we promised, through two books officials from the region on 3 and June 20, if it does not allocate additional quantities for domestic consumption {refineries, electricity, companies .. etc} for more than June exports Al3.6 million barrels / day .. for this we hope sincerely that solve oil problems with the region as the base “do no harm”, and the principle of common interest and mutual benefit and fulfill each party obligations. It may be seen for the production of Iraq as a whole, the image of achievement will look said .. June production has exceeded Al4.3 million barrels / day, if you include the total exports and domestic consumption for Iraq and Kurdistan. These figures exceeded any Iraqi number earlier, and is moving with determination to achieve set for 2020 rates .. without forgetting the other in the gas field achievements and seek to stop wasting it, and in the production of derivatives to reduce the import or suspension, etc .. These topics occasions to come, God willing. “
He concluded by Abdul-Mahdi, said, “We are still at the beginning of the road, and we have a lot of problems and difficult obstacles, which can not Naaraa seriousness and attention it needs, not only as a ministry and companies, but all of his relationship about it, all of these efforts will be threatened again, as happened times Many in the former “.anthy

International Alliance performs raids on the stronghold of “Daash” series in Syria

05:45: 07/05/2015

Khandan – announced the coalition led by the United States it had launched 16 air raid, on the sites to organize “Daash” terrorist in Raqqa, the main stronghold of the terrorist organization in Syria.

A spokesman for the Alliance (Thomas Guileran) in a statement: “The task air raids carried out this evening in order to deprive Daash of the ability to transport military equipment through Syria and the direction of Iraq.”

The spokesman explained, “It is one of the most important processes that we’ve made so far in Syria,” adding that it “would weaken Daash capabilities to move out of tenderness.”

The spokesman noted that coalition forces “successfully attacked many of the goals” in tenderness, which is practically the capital of the organization “Daash” terrorist and destroyed roads and affiliated buildings.

The spokesm

Abadi will soon announce the launch of a military operation to liberate gray

Anbar, Iraq Press -5 July: Anbar Provincial Council revealed, tonight 

 , that the military operation to liberate gray starting from the grip of the “Daash”, it will be announced officially by the general commander of the armed forces, Haider al-Abadi soon.


Quoted by German news agency, Hamid Al-Hashem, a member of the provincial council, as saying that “the battle to liberate the gray of control Daash did not start yet for non-military preparations for military forces and the sons of the tribes is complete,” adding that “the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi is announced and officially from the beginning of the battle if military and logistical preparations for completion by the attacking forces. ”


Hachem said, that “the sons of the tribes will have important role in the upcoming battle, having completed their training in the Habbaniyah military base at the hands of American advisers, and that the people of tribal areas Simeskun after its liberation from the organization Daash”.

Military leaders say they have imposed a blockade on the “Daash” in the gray of three axes, but not yet completed preparations to start the liberation of the city and other parts of Anbar province. Ended (1)


INTERVIEW-Iraq to issue intl bonds in August

Default INTERVIEW-Iraq to issue intl bonds

in AugustJun 30 2015

By Majda Mohsen 


Photo Credit:Reuters/Saad Shalash 
Iraq’s budget deficit has risen to around 12% of GDP, said a central bank official.
The Iraqi government is planning to issue a total of USD 11 billion in domestic and international bonds in the next two months to cover the state budget deficit, the acting central bank governor said.
Ali Al-Allaq told TR Zawya that the government would issue around USD 5 billion in domestic bonds next month and around USD 6 billion in international bonds by the middle of August. He said the government has started talks with potential investors in Turkey for the five-year international bonds.
“The domestic bonds will be repaid to the public in one year after deducting a specific rate that is close in value to the interest rate,” said Al-Allaq, without elaborating on interest rates.
The central bank also plans to repurchase government bonds as parts of wider efforts to provide financial liquidity, maintain price stability and support the economy, Al Allaq said. He said the state has allocated IQD 1 trillion over the next five years to support small and medium enterprises. 
The sharp drop in crude prices has hit the revenues of the oil producing country. Spending in the current budget stands at around IQD 125 trillion, and the deficit has risen to 12% of gross domestic product, the official said. 
Iraqi’s Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari previously told Reuters that the government has started discussions with Citibank and Deutsche Bank for the international bonds issue, but declined to say what maturity and interest rates were being negotiated. 
He said the ministry was looking at various methods to fund the budget deficit, including borrowing from state banks and converting some Iraqi bank assets held with the central bank into bonds.
The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) said in a June report that despite rising crude production, weaker oil prices would result in an annual average fiscal deficit of 6.9% of GDP in 2015-16, but it expected public finances to return to surplus in 2018.
The Iraqi government has reached an agreement with the International Monetary Fund for a USD 833-million loan program to help Iraq cope with the drop in oil prices as it increases spending on security to combat the threat of the Islamic State militant group, which now controls about one-third of the country.
Al-Allaq said that inflation in the country remains at less than 2% and that the net flow of U.S. dollars into the central bank has also not been affected, he added.
“At the daily auction of the central bank, we sell about USD 150 million, which is more than the USD 75 million [prescribed] in the budget law,” said the central bank official. “Foreign reserves currently stand at USD 68 billion, while the dinar monetary supply is IQD 40 trillion.” 
The central bank has maintained the Iraqi dinar peg to the U.S. dollar through daily currency auctions.
The EIU said that the market rate of the dinar would continue to drift above the central bank auction rate so long as the size of the auctions is restricted. “The CBI could also come under pressure to weaken the dinar to help to ease the fiscal deficit,” the report said.…0150630054835/

House of Representatives begin tomorrow, the first reading of the general amnesty law

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} House of Representatives on Sunday held its regular first reading of the general amnesty law.

According to a statement to the House of Representatives agency {Euphrates News} it received a copy of it, that “the agenda of tomorrow will vote on the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the province of Migratory Species of Wildlife animals {cms}, and the first reading of a bill granting pension rights for people with special grades Law Treaty Act designated agency after 9/4/2003, and the first reading of the draft included the Judicial Institute to the Judicial Authority Law. ” 

He added that “the meeting will also include the first reading of the draft accountability and justice and the prohibition of the Baath Party Law, the second reading of the bill the first amendment to the Homeland Security Act powers sanctions No. 14 for the year 2008”. Ended h…%3D3971391 

Barzani congratulates Obama and Biden long US Independence


08:10: 07/04/2015
Khandan – President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, congratulated US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden, on the occasion of the American Independence Festival. 
The presidency of the Kurdistan region, in a statement, said the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, offered his congratulations in a separate two telegrams to US President Barack Obama and Joseph Biden, US Vice President on the occasion of Eid Independence of the United States of America where the American people and the US government congratulated on this occasion. 
The head of the Kurdistan region in telegrams to strengthen and deepen the relations between the people of Kurdistan and the American people.

Defense announces take down the terrorist camp west Razzazah process


Video .. 10:02: 07/04/2015
Khandan – carried out flight landing on Iraqi army camp of the elements of the organization “Daash” terrorist west Razzazah process, as announced by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. 
The Defense Ministry said in a statement, said the leadership of the Army Air on Saturday morning 07/04/2015 process bold and surprise airdrops to camp to house terrorists in the West region was Razzazah terrorists Atakdhuh springboard for terrorist operations against Karbala and Baghdad governorate. 

The statement noted that the process resulted in “the destruction of the entire camp and the seizure of equipment and devices that the terrorists use them in their operations against terrorist dirty security forces and citizens were to break the backbone of terrorism in that region.”