Iraqi aviation cast leaflets warning the population of Mosul

الطيران العراقي يلقي منشورات تحذيرية لسكان الموصل

Iraqi planes dropped leaflets warning the city of Mosul, on Friday evening, calling on the people of the city to cooperate with the security forces to regain control of Mosul organization Daash.

According to a publication, that “every step the government toward Mosul, the greater your city, which calculates your future”, noting that “a return to a situation in which salvation from oppression, ignorance is near.”

The publication “your armed forces on the doorstep, collaborated with it, stayed away from Aldoaash including convenient for you, for you are registered to date Liberation owners, and that you will be judged from the city and decide its destiny, and you are the people for that.”

The publication called the city’s residents to carry small radios permanently, because there is a radio broadcast will begin soon to give important directions for the safety of citizens during the military operations.

$ 9.4 billion value of Zain Iraq on the first day of entering the stock market

Must Kharafi

(Independent) … the launch of the third generation (G3) earlier this year promising growth opportunities appear in Bgdadonht Zain Telecom Group all listing procedures and begin trading on the shares of the ring company – owner of the company was raised Telecom Iraq which operates under the Zain name, responsive all its obligations to regulators and on the telecommunications sector in Iraq.

And it revealed the group in a press release I followed (Independent) that successful insertion process that has within two months notice, came in implementation of the Convention on the joint memorandum between both Almsahh ring Company (parent company raised Telecom Pvt Ltd, which operates under the Zain in Iraq and the media and communications Name Iraq and the Iraqi stock market and the Iraq Stock Exchange and the center of the Iraqi deposit.

The group reported that the ring company actually began trading in its shares in the Iraqi market for securities starting from yesterday, and become open to public investment.

She stated that Zain is working in Iraq since 2003 and has invested more than $ 5 billion so far, in the creation of basic infrastructure for mobile communications in all parts of Iraq, as they employ nearly 2500 Iraqi employees.

Group indicated that in line with the terms and conditions of the operating license granted to the ring, the 25 percent of the shares were offered for sale in the market on the part of one of the founding shareholders, we have seen first day of trading buying and selling operations and the stock was 6.09 dinars rate after closing at the price of 5.99 dinars Iraqi, which unlike market value of the ring valued at 10.96 trillion Iraqi dinars ($ 9.4 billion).

The chief executive of the Iraqi Stock Exchange market Taha Abdul Salam, said that the success of any economy depends on its ability to absorb employment and investment of the national capital and foreign, within the framework of joint-stock companies that increase capital formation to him, and the contribution of the private sector in GDP.

He added that the establishment of companies and mechanism incorporated and traded in the stock market contribute to strengthen the economy, which is expected from the listing and trading of Telecom ring, which has a capital of one trillion and eight hundred billion dinars and has more than 500 contributor to it.

For his part, Managing Director of the ring, Deputy Prime Zain Bader Nasser Al-Kharafi Group “management Padrajna said of the shares of the largest telecommunications company ring company in the Iraqi market, we may have a big step towards our commitments in the Iraqi market, which we have sought the enthusiastically to that offer real value in the Iraqi telecom sector. “

Al-Kharafi expressed his happiness successfully insertion process and the start of trading on the ring, which has succeeded in applying the terms and conditions contained in their license agreement, thanking regulators, and regulatory bodies in Iraq, on the extreme professionalism throughout all stages of the listing process.

And eighth-Kharafi support and transparency which the grandmother company through an end to the insertion process measures, noting that the company offers investors the opportunity to participate in one success of the leading telecommunications companies in Iraq and the Middle East, and crossing them toward the next phase of development and growth in this promising market.

Al-Kharafi stressed that Zain Group will continue to provide support and support to the local management team in Iraq, in order to maintain the market leadership enjoyed by its operations in Iraq, and that this team carries with it the achievements of bus successes records.

He said Al-Kharafi, the growing Zain in infrastructure to its network constantly investments, consolidates the leadership in the Iraqi market, noting that the successful launch of services third-generation (G3) earlier this year, demonstrates the strategic vision for the sector of the Iraqi communications, and is owned by the promising growth opportunities, to Despite the challenges of the security situation.

Zain said it can for all who are interested in trading shares ring Company investors to do the procedures of purchase orders through contact any of the authorized dealers listed the Iraq Stock Exchange Stock Exchange. (End)

Washington continues to support the mobilization of the people of Sunni tribes in Iraq’s efforts

Volunteers to fight Daash in Anbar

Volunteers to fight Daash in Anbar

US officials said the United States continues to mobilize its plans for the success of the efforts of the sons of Sunni tribes in Anbar to participate in the battles being waged against al-Iraq Islamic State Daash.

According to Reuters news agency, citing officials have refused to reveal their identity, that the first group of 500 fighters from the people of those tribes will complete their training in the military base soon progress in Anbar province in western Iraq, noting that a group of 500 other fighters agreed to participate.

Officials said about 400 American consultant currently working at the base of the progress on the success of these efforts and continue with some Sunni tribal leaders.

In this regard, Sheikh Ekab Fassal Gaood a clan elders Albu Nimr appealed in Anbar Washington to stand by the families of the province to expel Daash of Iraq, he said in his interview with “Radio Sawa” training operations carried out by US forces in Anbar remain below the required level:

Today the House of Representatives ratified the international conventions and discusses the insurance car accidents and the law of Islamic banks

Saturday July 4, 2015 – 6:09

Iraqi Council of Representatives

House of Representatives held its third regular legislative term of the first year of the second legislative afternoon which includes its agenda the ratification of some international conventions.

The MP said Hassan Khalati in a statement to Radio tow that today’s meeting will also include the second reading of the draft law amending the Law on Compulsory Insurance for the prevention of motor vehicle accidents, which is one of the important laws which parliament seeks approval in the coming sessions.

He also noted that the project of the Islamic Banking Act will be read a second reading and which was submitted by the Finance committees and Awqaf and Religious and Legal Affairs.

Iraqis revive traditional music, hoping to defy extremists and drown out war

After being driven underground during the past decade by fear of violence, musicians hope to inspire a new generation to embrace music.


Mahmoud Abdulnabi plays an oud, an Arabic instrument related to the lute, at his workshop in Baghdad last month.

Mahmoud Abdulnabi plays an oud, an Arabic instrument related to the lute, at his workshop in Baghdad last month.

By: Vivian Salama The Associated Press, Published on Fri Jul 03 2015
BAGHDAD—In a Baghdad workshop plastered with black-and-white photos from a more peaceful time, Mahmoud Abdulnabi hand-carves a wooden oud, a string instrument with ancient roots that has fallen silent in much of the war-torn country.
“The oud is different than other musical instruments,” said Abdulnabi, who has crafted ouds played by some of Iraq’s best known musicians, many of whom look down from headshots on the walls. “If you feel joyful, it can play your joy. If the circumstances are sad it can play your sorrow and… help to empty whatever is in your chest.”
The Islamic State group has banned music in the third of Iraq under its control, but in Baghdad a growing number of musicians and other artists are defying the extremists, hoping to revive a rich culture smothered by decades of war.
“In Iraq there is renewed interest in oud and other high-calibre music since the war, but this effort is still in the very beginning,” said Bassam Salim, an expert oud player and teacher in Baghdad. “Every artist has a very huge responsibility to renew and revive the real value of (classical) Iraqi music.”
Abdulnabi is one of the last craftsmen in Baghdad who carves ouds by hand. “Our brothers, the makers in Syria, Turkey and Egypt, might produce 12 pieces a day” using machines, Abdulnabi said. “We produce one or two pieces in a month.”
Iraq is widely believed to be the birthplace of the oud, an ancestor of the guitar and a central instrument in Middle Eastern music. The oldest known image of an oud is a 5,000-year stone carving found in southern Mesopotamia depicting a woman strumming the instrument on a boat.
These days, the most prized ouds are made from ebony and Indian sesame, woods not available in Iraq. At Abdulnabi’s shop, on the top floor of a building in a historic neighbourhood, prices range from $300 to several thousand dollars.
His business suffered during the sectarian violence that erupted after the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, when Sunni and Shiite extremists threatened musicians and drove them underground. Many of the country’s top musicians fled, and parents kept their children from taking up music for fear of attacks.
These days the capital is more secure, despite the war raging elsewhere in the country, and a small group of musicians and other artists hope to inspire a new generation to see past the war and destruction that has convulsed the country for decades.
Karim Wasfi, the conductor of the Baghdad Symphony and founder of the organization Peace Through Art, says the arts are essential to “a life of civility.”
The group runs a school in the former Nigerian Embassy at which children study music, art, poetry and even traditional etiquette. It recently opened a second Baghdad branch, and hopes to inaugurate a third in the southern city of Basra.
“There’s a freedom in it,” Wasfi said. “Radicals tend to control people through ideologies . . . When we send the opposite message, we challenge them and we challenge their existence.”
Wasfi himself has taken the defiance a step further, by playing his cello at the sites of bombings. His students have performed in front of prominent sculptures and monuments.
Salim says the oud “represents every special moment in life, from sorrow, sadness, joy and all combinations of emotions… It’s a huge national pride when I feel that through this great instrument, I represent Iraq’s cultural history.”
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US officials: Sunni tribes are preparing to fight the “Daash”

01:42: 07/03/2015

Khandan – US officials announced that the United States sees signs of success of the new efforts to attract men of the families of the year of the battle being waged against al-Iraq “Daash” terrorist, progress in the military base near Ramadi, Anbar province.

American military officials said that the first group of 500 Sunni recruits will complete her training base in progress soon to give way to a second group of about 500 Sunni and agreed to participate.

This comes in the wake of the orders issued by the US President Barack Obama on June 10 the deployment of US troops for the first time at that base.

The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that about 400 US troops are currently working at the base and continues to progress with some Sunni tribal leaders, but do not participate directly in the training of troops.

One of the objectives of the deployment of US forces at the base of progress is to encourage Sunni tribes to join the battle against al “Daash” terrorist fighters and attract felt that it is not oriented to safety eye-Assad air base in Anbar province, the Sunni-dominated.

US Secretary of Defense: train and equip Iraqi forces will help defeat Daash


Since 07/03/2015 16:57 pm (Baghdad time)

Follow-up scales News

He Pentagon leaders (the Pentagon), expressed confidence that the training program and arming Iraqi forces and the Syrian opposition, will help to defeat the terrorist organization Daash.

He said US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said that “this strategy will lead to a victory over the organization, adding that it is also important to maintain the continuing loss of the organization, as stated by the” CNN “.

The “underwent about 10 thousand element of Iraqi troops for the training program in different areas of Iraq, including 500 component of the Sunni tribes in Anbar province, where Iraqi forces lost the city of Ramadi in May the past”. ”

He acknowledged “Pentagon officials they faced great difficulties in recruiting the right people of the fighters out there.”

The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey need “moderates partners and their credibility on the ground.”

He will not “shorten the examination process because that will display our forces at risk, and threaten the entire process.” Dempsey predicted that joins more Syrian elements to training after the end of the month of Ramadan, “.anthy 29 / d 25

Detection of a new draft of the Law of the Labour and Social Security: organize “retirement” and “compensation”


Since 07/03/2015 18:36 pm (Baghdad time)

Special scales News

It revealed to the Labour and Social Affairs, on Friday, the existence of a new draft of the Law of the Labour and Social Security in the Council of Ministers.

Said committee member Abdul Aziz Zalmi’s / scales News / “The draft Social Security Law” Disabled “for a long time with it regulates private sector employees rights as a” retirement “and” compensation “in the event of injury,” adding that “the Commission has repeatedly stressed the need for the adoption of the Social Security Act of large importance to a broad segment of the community. ”

He said Zalmi that “the Labour and Social Affairs Parliamentary project soon will go to the House of Representatives and is awaiting the arrival of the Council of Ministers,” and expressed hope that “see the light of the law regulating the affairs of the private sector and to ensure their rights.”

It is noteworthy that “the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, House of Representatives called for the speedy adoption of the work involved placing international destinations law, while indicated that the law will address many gaps and relieve the pressure on public sector recruitment, and ensures pension rights and social security in the private sector” .anthy

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