US and Iranian advisers are training the crowd and clans to fight the war streets


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It revealed a military source in Anbar Operations Command, Wednesday, that the Iranians advisers trained more than 3000 fighter of the popular crowd Daash forces to fight gangs, noting that the Americans trained advisers sons of tribes in Anbar to fight gangs Daash too.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity for / scales News / that “present in Iraq, Iranian advisers have trained special units of the popular crowd forces, which are preparing for the Liberation of Anbar and Mosul on the streets of war and gangs”, adding that “the Americans advisers trained than those in 2000 of sons Anbar tribes also on the street fighting a war to cleanse their areas in gray. ”

The source added that “the next few days will see the arrival of all trained fighters on Iranian and American hands to Anbar to start fighting Daash terrorist organization,” revealing that “trained forces will change the field situation will be resolved in its favor and the battle with the terrorist Daash to their advantage.”

This “confirmed a leading figure in the popular crowd Ahmed al-Asadi, Wednesday, assembling a force of more than 15 thousand of the armed forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes for the Liberation of Anbar grip Daash terrorist organization, indicating that the editing process Anbar cook on low heat.”

Asadi said L / scales News / that “more than 200 kilometers south of Baghdad, from distance to near gray areas up to 100 kilometers under the control of the armed forces and the crowd and the sons of the tribes has been completely cleared,” explaining that “the western region west and south of Ramadi, as well as the eastern region also fully controlled. ”

This “revealed the deputy commander of the gold band in the fight against terrorism, a Brigadier General Abdul Amir Qasim’s / scales News / The gold band and tactical force waiting for the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi orders for the Liberation of Anbar province from the grip of Daash terrorist gangs.”

As “a spokesman for the anti-device terrorism morning Numan’s / scales News / from the use of a new strategy for fighting al Daash terrorist in the city of Ramadi revealed”, while stressing “that he has been training all of the gold and tactical band a unique style for the Liberation of Anbar, as well as training troops to fight battles street wars “.anthy 29 / D 24


Baghdad Council announces the receipt of the first installment of its budget for 2015

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Council announced Baghdad, on Wednesday, the receipt of the first installment of its budget for 2015, which amounts to more than 680 billion dinars, noting that the amount does not exceed 10% of the Council’s budget. 
He said the Council of the mass of Virtue member Adel al-Saadi’s “Eye Iraq News” that “Baghdad province received the first batch of the 2015 budget of more than 680 billion dinars, and the amount,” explaining that “the amount Almtojb received later will result in the form of payments in the coming months,” he “The amount does not exceed 10% of the Council’s budget.” He said that “the Ministry of Planning and re-plan for the province of Baghdad and the provincial council included some new projects, but this is contrary to the law of the budget in 2015 Vtm prevent the firing of any amount of the budget was to prepare a new plan and the lifting of all new projects keep ongoing projects only “.oivkr that the Baghdad Provincial Council announced earlier that amounts 2015 budget, which was reduced to half did not reach so far and that this will reflect negatively on the implementation of projects in the capital Baghdad, pointing out that the bulk of the allocations will be spent to complete the task projects high achievement rates.

Three presidencies will hold a meeting to discuss the political and security situation

Information / Baghdad / .. According to an informed source, on Wednesday evening, the three presidencies will hold a meeting to discuss the political and security situation and the developments of the war on the organization of “Daash” criminal. 

The source told / information /, said that “three presidencies (the Republic, ministers and MPs) held a meeting, this evening, to discuss the political and security situation in the country at the home of President Fuad Masum.” 

The source added, “The meeting will discuss a number of issues, notably the developments in the war on Daash and national reconciliation as well as displaced people and services issues.” Ended / 25

Saudi prince donates $ 32 billion for humanitarian work

الأمير الوليد بن طلال
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal

Roudao – Agencies

Said Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, chairman of Kingdom Holding Company, on Wednesday, he will donate $ 32 billion, representing the entire fortune, to charity in the UK and the world.

Alwaleed said at a news conference: “It is out of my concern and my passion for humanitarian work, which Ahdtamoh me in 35 years without a break, I pledge that the Grantor of all I have to Alwaleed of humanity in all fields: community support, and the eradication of poverty, empowerment of women and young people, and extending a helping hand when natural disasters occur, and build bridges between cultures. “

Alwaleed said he donated his fortune in full “to build a better world, of tolerance, and acceptance of others, and to provide opportunities for all”, stressing that this undertaking without any restrictions or limitations, a “pledge of all of humanity.”

He added: “This donation will do in stages, according to a deliberate plan for the coming years and a strategy overseen by the Council counterparts, to ensure the continuity activate my money after my death, and to ensure the delivery of projects and initiatives aimed to serve humanity.”

Prince Alwaleed said that part of those donations will include a personal stake in the Kingdom Holding Company, the investment arm which Alwaleed owns the largest share, but he stressed that he does not intend to sell any of those shares and there will be no impact on the company’s share price as a result of that plan.

The Prince pointed out that there is no timetable for the implementation of this amount donated to charity under the plan, but stressed that it will not affect the investment strategy.