Federal Police: cleansing 85% of Baiji

Salahuddin Iraq-Press -1 July: Federal Police announced that its forces liberated the nearly 85% of Baiji, and seized control of the compound and the main road link to the refinery.


He said the federal leader, Raed Shakir Jawdat team, said that “large forces of the Federal Police and the popular crowd launched at dawn on Tuesday, purge the rest of the pockets of terrorists.”


Said Jawdat The “regiments Liberation and the crowd freed 85% of Baiji, and seized control of the residential complex and the way the main link to the refinery,” noting that “the operations have resulted in the killing of six terrorists and destroy 3 wheels their weapons and four rocket launchers, and boat rivers and East Husaybah killed two snipers Daash “.


In a related context, the Federal reported in a later statement to “the killing of 18 terrorists, including Chechen nationality, and the dismantling of three booby-trapped houses, comb through apartments in the Baiji area to complete the stages entirely cleared.”

The statement emphasized that “the bodies of the terrorists of the organization and their vehicles and weapons filled the streets of the judiciary.” .anthy (1)



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