Iraq recovers 663 artifacts smuggled to three countries


BAGHDAD – Anatolia: The Ministry of Tourism and the Iraqi Antiquities, on Thursday, it recovered 663 artifacts smuggled to the three countries, in the framework of its efforts to recover thousands of lost artifact of the country in the midst of the security chaos that accompanied the former regime fall of 2003, and the subsequent conflicts.

Said Undersecretary for Antiquities, Qais Hussein Rashid, in a statement Anatolia received a copy of it, “the ministry received 663 artifacts were smuggled, were received in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (did not specify when), one of America, Italy and Jordan.”

He added that “it is part of the national campaign to protect Iraqi antiquities launched by the ministry this month that”.

On the other hand, Rashid said that “the artifacts received varied between cut Assyrian stone mission and No. clay, as well as a glass bottles and parts of bronze weapons and a piece of heritage and one spare.”

He pointed out that “it is expected to establish the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities at the beginning of July next showcase of recoveries.”

And thousands of artifacts looted from Iraq, including about 16 thousand pieces from the Baghdad museum, during the fall of the former Iraqi regime and the subsequent security chaos, and enable Iraq to recover a fraction of them until now.

As consistently organizing “Daash” Since June of last year to destroy in the areas controlled by Iraq nor in archaeological sites and cultural and civilizational particularly in the city of Mosul, such as the demolition of mosques and churches that dates back to the periods of time varying.

Broadcasting organization in February 26 last, a videotape showing the destruction of statues and the contents of the museum in Mosul, some 400 km north of Baghdad.


  Second Kuwaiti relief plane arriving in Iraq with medical aid

مدير مكتب رئيس الوزراء العراقي مهدي العلاق

Director of the Office of the Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords

(KUNA) – Director of the Office of Prime Minister Mahdi Keywords night said that the Kuwaiti relief plane of a second airlift of medical aid arrived at the Baghdad airport today.

Keywords explained that bringing the Kuwaiti aid of Materia Medica size to 40 tons will be distributed to displaced Iraqis in five provinces confirms Kuwait’s generous attitude and interest in their suffering.

He noted that the generous assistance of the Kuwaiti people and the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society is part of the airlift (Kuwait by your side) pointing out that medicines and medical aid will be distributed to hospitals and medical relief teams that toured the camps for displaced people.

Keywords stressed that the presence of other meals will arrive in the coming days from the Kuwaiti side includes more than 10 000 food baskets.

For his part, spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health Rudaini Ahmed said that the aid is aimed at meeting the needs of the ministry and its teams that toured the camps for displaced people and vaccination campaigns against measles, polio, and chronic diseases afflicting the elderly.

He stressed that the position of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society, “Musharraf in this crisis,” noting that the Iraqi Ministry of Health asked to take advantage of regional and international organizations because of their long experience in this regard.

“The Ministry of Health institutions are suffering from a scarcity of medical supplies and aid to these meals came from the ministry to assist in the effort in relief to the displaced.”

Urgent: measures to save the Iraqi dinar from collapse

Fri, June 19, 2015

Increase the Iraqi Central Bank, on Thursday, sales of the US dollar in the local market, in order to stop the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate, which has fallen, on Tuesday, to its lowest level in more than 12 years.
The Bank, in a statement today, ‘meet all market demands, today, without exception, through the sale of more than $ 203 million’.
The CBI has identified in the earlier ceiling of the daily sales of the dollar at $ 75 million.
And it dropped the dinar’s exchange rate in the exchange market, yesterday, to hit 1405 dinars to the dollar, the strongest decline in the exchange rate seen since 2003, where he was stable at the rate of 1200 dinars to the dollar.
Dozens of Iraqi traders in the beautiful industrial area in Sadr City, east of the capital Baghdad, on Wednesday, in protest against the deterioration of the value of the local currency.
The Iraqi central bank attributed the decline in the dinar exchange rate against the dollar during the last period to the exploitation of describing them B’alamadarbin ‘from the owners of the private sector exchange companies, and who receive a single dollar from the central bank at 1190 dinars, and they raise the selling price of the importers and the general citizens.

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PM Haider Al-Abadi (Facebook)

Prime Minister Dr. Haider Abadi presides over a meeting of the crisis cell was it examined the economic and financial situation. He stressed the need for follow-up and address any problematic novel including in particular to maintain the dinar’s exchange rate against the dollar in the domestic market, and the prosecution of factors, any disturbance to Aigturn gets objective conditions, as happened during the the past few days from a sudden rise is not justified, but was quickly brought under control


Kuwait begins phased humanitarian operation for Iraq

Published: 2015/6/18 14:596 Reads
Follow up (AIN) -A planeload of 20 tons of medicines and medical supplies, destined for hospitals in Iraq, took off from Kuwait airport on Wednesday, Kuwait Red Crescent Society said.

The plane is part of an air bridge of relief supplies, ordered by the Kuwaiti leadership to tangibly manifest Kuwait’s solidarity with the “brothers in Iraq,” said Dr. Hilal Al-Sayer, the KRCS’s Chairman, in a press statement.

His Highness the Amir has ordered that the relief supplies be delivered rapidly to the “Iraqi brothers namely the displaced,” he said noting that His Highness Sheikh Sabah personally sympathizes with the relocated Iraqis who have been deprived of their homes and forced to live in hard conditions.

Up to 200 tons of relief supplies will be sent to Iraq as part of the humanitarian bridge in the coming days, Dr. Al-Sayer said, re-affirming keenness to heed His Highness the Amir’s instructions and relieve peoples, suffering in various corners of the world./End/

Finance Minister meets with US Ambassador war against Daash and support capabilities of the ministry

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari met on Thursday evening Stuart Jones Ambassador of the United States accompanied by Doclas PAL Director United States Agency for International Development in Iraq and discussed with them the war against Daash and increase the capacity of the Ministry gangs.
According to a statement of the Ministry and Euphrates News Agency {} it received a copy of it on “The meeting reviewed the economic, political and security situation and a number of issues of common concern as well as the efforts of the international coalition in the fight against terrorism and defeat Daash terrorist gangs”.
“The meeting also discussed the support capacity of the Ministry of Finance by the US Agency for International Development {USAID} in the areas of public debt and budget execution” .anthy