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Iraqis are ready to fight Daash and need international support.


Urgent Federal elite commando snipers kill five Daahien after entering the depth of the enemy west of Baiji

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{Salahuddin: Euphrates News} announced federal police captain Raed Shakir Jawdat Daahien five snipers killed after entering the depth of the enemy west of Baiji.
Jawdat said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that “the power of an elected second brigade of commandos second automatic Brigade attacked the den of the enemy in depth of the hole west of Baiji Balrmanat and rockets Larbi G area.”
He said the “attack that killed five snipers Daahien and three mortar throwers, destruction and Lm fully” .anthy

Iraqi officials welcome the Jordanian military support to the families of western Iraq

Tuesday 16-06-2015 | 9:34:44

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Twilight News / Officials of the Federation of Iraqi forces welcomed what they called a “commitment” to the Kingdom of Jordan support the families of western Iraq in the face of the organization Daash.

The official news agency of Jordan, “Petra” the king was quoted Monday as saying it was “the duty” Oman support Sunni tribes in western Iraq and eastern Syria, in the face of the terrorist organization which controls the areas of the two countries.

The head of the bloc solution Jamal Karbouli, a member of the Paz Union of Forces according to an official statement that “King Abdullah II of Jordan’s comments confirm a clear desire for the Kingdom in maintaining the security of the cities of western Iraq as a deeper strategically for the security of Jordan.”

Karbouli He added that “the positions of the Kingdom along the Iraq crisis was fixed and explicit and clear and committed and did not exceed the official frameworks but were eager to support the Iraqi people without interfering with the internal its affairs.”

A member of the governing body for the powers that Otjad “tribes in western Iraq in dire need of arming, training and the supply was delayed after the government and international support, especially her locked in a battle of honor and dignity against the fiercest extremist terrorist organization knew the history of modern Iraq.”

He called Karbouli “the Iraqi government to strengthen the steps of Jordan – Arab cooperation – Iraqi counter-terrorism as a global scourge kill everyone and take advantage of the aid and assistance Jordanian and Arab in support of our armed forces and the families of the sons of Iraq’s western principals.”

A senior member of the Union of Forces Dhafer al-Ani said he appreciates the “Jordan’s King Abdullah II’s remarks, in which the determination of the Jordanian government supported Arab tribes to fight the terrorist organization Daash confirmed.”

He said that “this move is the culmination of the positions of Jordan in advocating for Iraq in its war against terrorism and its keenness to promote the Arab national security.”

And complaining clan in front of the organization in the province, which shares borders with Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, of the lack of support and reinforcement that you receive from the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to meet the organization which controls the areas of the province the largest in Iraq since the beginning of 2014.

Ani said that “the position of the Jordanian monarch expressed perception conscious of the risks of terrorism, which does not target Iraq alone but work to undermine the pillars of the Arab security and lends itself to enemies of the nation in the implementation of their plans to tear the nation and the depletion of its resources in the side wars and the death of the pilot Kasasbeh only evidence Mpadoh Jordan in the face terrorism and its readiness to assume national responsibility, despite the sacrifices. “

He concluded MP Ani statement expressing surprise at the “skepticism of some political forces step Jordan at the time welcomed the Iranian military intervention also demand more US military support,” considering this approach “is to hit the Arab solidarity at heart and pushed Iraq to regional and international Altakndqat”.

Quoted the Jordanian news agency, King Abdullah reaffirmed “during its review of the circumstances and conditions prevailing in the region, it was our duty as a nation to support the tribes in eastern Syria and western Iraq,” and that during a visit Sunday to elders and notables in the Northern Badia.

He said King that “the world recognizes the importance of Jordan’s role in solving the problems in Syria, Iraq and ensure the stability and security of the region.”

Jordan participates in the international coalition led by Washington against the regulation, which has waged air strikes against his presence in Syria and parts of Iraq.

Despite the strikes Alliance, the organization expanded its control in Anbar province over the past months, particularly control of the city of Ramadi, the provincial capital in May / May, the most prominent in the fields of progress in Iraq since his sweeping offensive in the country’s north and west in June 2014.

The United States seeks, which announced this month to increase the number of military advisers in Iraq, to ​​strengthen the role of the tribes against the organization in its fight.

The alliance of the Iraqi forces highlighted the political representative of the Year in Iraq, it has the largest number of their representatives in the House of Representatives. Featuring prominent politicians as vice president Osama Najafi and House Speaker Salim al.

Deputy: the Abadi reconsider the management of the Central Bank

Tuesday 16-06-2015 | 8:40:39

Packages of the US dollar - EM

Packages of the US dollar – EM

Twilight News / demanded by the citizen Bloc MP Hamdiya Husseini on Tuesday, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi reconsider persons based on the conduct of monetary policy, accusing the central bank’s management to follow the “unsuccessful” policies.

Husseini said in a statement responded to Twilight News “The rise in prices was due to the monetary policy of the State and some of the decisions taken by the Central Bank of Iraq that,” adding, “must be managed monetary policy of competent persons have the experience and competence in monetary and economic policy in this area.”

She continued, “the Prime Minister to entrust the Central Bank of Iraq is to have the highest personal and economic experience certificate in the area of ​​monetary policy.”

Finance: We will hold a meeting to discuss the implications of rising dollar

06/17/2015 00:45

[Image: 42472.jpg?]

The meeting will discuss ways to stop the deterioration of the low rate of the dinar.
BAGHDAD / Obelisk: parliamentary Finance Committee announced Tuesday it will hold a meeting on Sunday to discuss the repercussions of the rise in the dollar against the Iraqi dinar.
Said Finance Committee member Haitham al-Jubouri said in a statement, “decides that there will be a meeting next Sunday at our request and approval of the President and members of the Committee of Finance is dedicated to discuss the implications of a stronger dollar against the Iraqi dinar,” explaining that “the meeting will be at the headquarters of the parliament and headed by Chairman of the Committee Ahmad Chalabi “.
He added, “The meeting will discuss ways to stop the deterioration of the low rate of the dinar,” explaining that “the meeting will bring together the Central Bank and the Directorate of Organized Crime of the Interior Ministry and the Office of Financial Supervision and the Association of private banks.”
A government source revealed on Tuesday to take “several” measures to reduce the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, as he pointed to the existence of speculation by some led to the creation of a state of confusion in the market and raise the price of the dollar is “inadvertent.”
He was a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider attributed, Tuesday, reason for the high dollar selling prices to a range reasons including manipulation “mafias banks” backed by “influential politicians” prices, while pointing out that the Iraqi Central Bank currently spend more than $ 100 million a day.
The dollar price in the domestic market in front of the Iraqi dinar gradually to reach more than 1,400 dinars to the dollar, compared to 1225 thousand dinars to the dollar in February and 1,200 dinars to the dollar by the end of last year.…lbIdu19k7A

The text of a general amnesty, which was voted on Tuesday Act, the Council of Ministers and forwarded to Parliament


The text of a general amnesty, which was voted on Tuesday Act, the Council of Ministers and forwarded to Parliament
16-06-2015 10:42 PMAre free –

The first article of the law stipulates that a general amnesty be relieved and a comprehensive report on the Iraqis (civilian and military) who are inside and outside Iraq sentenced to death, life imprisonment or temporary imprisonment, or both adversarial or judgments in absentia was acquired degree bits or no gain.

And Article II to apply the provisions of Article (1) of the Act on the accused all detainees of them and was not arrested and are exempted from the crimes all, whatever the degree of both the legal action taken or not taken, but those contained an exemption under this law and stop legal proceedings all right.

Article III stipulates that cleared immediately for convicts and detainees provided for in Article (1) and (2) of this Act after the decision to release from the committee formed under the provisions of this law unless they are convicted or detained for crimes they did not located the Magistrate where or waiver of with the victim or to persons or owe the state even pay Mapzmthm of religion at once or in installments, or the termination of Executive incarceration.

Article IV included an exception to the provisions of this law perpetrators of the following crimes:
First: the crimes set forth in paragraph (ii) of Article (1) of the Supreme Iraqi Criminal Court Act No. 10 of 2005.

Thirdly – crimes of drug trafficking.

Fourthly – crimes smuggling antiquities.

V. crimes of incest.

VI crimes of rape and Lot.

Seventh – spying on the internal and external security of the state crimes.

Eighth – counterfeiting crimes.

IX – bribery stipulated in Articles crimes (307) (308) (309) (310) of the Iraqi Penal Law No. 111 of 1969.

First opinion: bribery, embezzlement crimes.

Second Opinion: embezzlement crimes unless they are re embezzled money.

Article -5- exempted from the provisions of this law included a general amnesty law No. (19) or pardon.

The general amnesty file a thorny issue between the three authorities, and often calls for parliamentarians and officials by this amnesty, but the executive power constantly emphasizes that it is not its powers, but the powers of the legislative branch.

Article 6 First: A committee or more orders of the head of the Supreme Judicial Council in each region holds the appellate provisions of this law, headed by a judge of the first category and the membership of two judges and a public prosecutor before this Committee member chosen by the chief prosecutor.

Second, civilian and military courts, committees and investigative bodies automatically committed to offer all of unforeseen issues before the committees formed under the Act to make it a priority to issues of convicts and detainees.

Third: The decisions issued by the committees formed under the Act subject to appeal by the victim or prosecution during the period of thirty days from the Tark the decision before the Court of excellence in crimes punishable to death, life imprisonment or temporary and in front of the Court of Appeal with the exception of that and be the verdicts are final.

Fourth: the committees formed under this notice depositor prison administration law which sentenced the accused or the depositor’s lead position management and decision announced in the bulletin board for the Court of Appeal on one who has not been arrested.

Article 7 does not work any provision contrary to the provisions of this law.

-8- Article published this law in the Official Gazette and is effective from the date of approval.

Urgent Cabinet funds railway lines Karbala-Najaf, Basrah-Shilamjah

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Baghdad (AIN) –The Cabinet approved on Tuesday funding the projects of the Ministry of Transport among them establishing railway lines Karbala-Najaf and Basrah-Shilamjah and executing the infrastructure of Al-Faw Al-Kabir port. /End/

Thursday the first month of Ramadan, Iraqi, Arab and international

Writings Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Announced the official bodies responsible for the poll moon of Ramadan in a number of Arab and Islamic countries, that tomorrow, Wednesday, is a complement for the month of August, and that on Thursday, June 18, is the first day of Ramadan for the year 1436 AH.
In Iraq proved the legitimate vision of the Sunni Endowment Authority announced that next Thursday will be the lunar month of Ramadan. He said the Chief of Staff during a ceremony Mehdi al-Sumaidaie Crescent that control ‘due to lack of evidence sighting of the moon on Wednesday will be a complement to the several month of Shaaban and be on Thursday lunar month of Ramadan. ”
The Supreme Court announced in Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday evening, that due to lack of evidence sighting of the crescent holy month of Ramadan, corresponding to twenty-ninth of the month of Shaaban, the Thursday is the surprise of Ramadan 1436 for this year.
In Egypt announced Dar al-Ifta, today, that tomorrow ‘Wednesday’ is a complement for the month of Shaaban and the day after tomorrow ‘Thursday’ is the first day of Ramadan for the year Hijrah 1436. He Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawki Allam, in a statement issued this evening through official ceremony held by the House, that the legitimacy and the scientific committees of the Fatwa polled after sundown today crescent of the month of Ramadan has not seen her crescent holy month, which corresponds to the astrological vision, and therefore tomorrow ‘Wednesday’ is a complement for the month of Shaaban and on Thursday is the first of the month of Ramadan this year Hijrah.
The Grand Mufti of Egypt went to congratulate, the Egyptian people and the Arab and Islamic peoples on the occasion, expressing his hope that God unites Egyptians row and brings their word to do good for the sake of the stability and security of the country, and be holy month opportunity to reunite.
It was announced in Qatar on Wednesday that is supplementing the month of Shaaban, and Thursday the first day of Ramadan. Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia also announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, complementary for the month of Shaaban, and Thursday, the first day of the month of Ramadan.
The European Council for Fatwa and announced that tomorrow, Wednesday, is supplementing the month of Shaaban, and Thursday is the first of Ramadan.
And breathing Muslims in France a sigh of relief as the Ramadan War will not fall this year, it has used the Muslim community, many years ago, that are torn about to mark the beginning of fasting, you will find that the mosque had begun fasting and other mosques in the next day, and the same thing goes for Eid, al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha.
This year ephemeris agree, advocated by the Union of Islamic Organizations in France, with the French Council of the Muslim Faith statement that it is ‘likely that the month of Ramadan begins on Thursday, June 18’.


Shabibi: Iraq has not yet become a safe place brings investment and the central problems due to loss of independence

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi said Iraq had not yet become a safe place brings investment, and problems due to loss of central bank independence.
He Shabibi in a press statement that “the Iraqi money market live in the present time of instability was the collapse of the market rate of the dinar, which amounted to 1340 dinars to the US dollar, while the official price of about 1190 dinars to the dollar, although the size of the reserve is still great, which It is considered a key factor in the stability of the currency. “
“And the reason for this difference between the two prices to enter ministries {financial} and other parties {House}, and Amlaihm policies and conditions do not has to monetary policy onion, in addition to the lack of central bank adviser’s ability to defend the bank by law”.
He noted that “the problem at present is that the student transfer it to pay secretariat draw a certain percentage of taxes and customs when buying the dollar, and at the request of the Ministry of Finance, and this is an important factor in the rise in the dollar, these conditions served the Ministry of Finance, but the principle that the purchase of foreign currency and selling it must be done quickly and smoothly without any obstacles {except banking conditions and a commitment to capital}; because the rapid movement of cash, and if there is a need for the central bank to take advantage of foreign currency sale for development, was better That is used in the development of the banking credit process, if given preference in the auction of the bank, who leads in the banking its credit. “
He continued, “So there is intervention from the Ministry of Finance in the work of the central bank, said that this intervention is aimed at the collection of the Ministry of Finance resources nothing to do with monetary policy, although the central bank is that the collection of these resources, in other words that the central bank is the one who collects these resources to account Ministry of Finance, also included the budget the central bank buys bonds and treasury remittances to $ 6 billion and reduce the percentage of legal reserve held by banks at the Central Bank in half to provide budget resources, that the seriousness of these measures GOES to reduce the effectiveness of monetary policy in the fight against inflation; therefore, the fiscal and monetary authorities to assess what you get compared to inflation of resources and instability, which can be a cause for the collapse in the real rate of the dinar. “
He went on, “that also restrict the sale by the House of Representatives means enter Parliament in the work of the central bank, common among among economists and parliamentarians that the central bank continued to the House of Representatives, and this is a big mistake Central official Bank is in front of the House of Representatives and not subordinate to him, and here the Central Bank is no different from the rest ministries, but this responsibility {} responsibility of the central bank explicitly mentioned in the Constitution. “
He went on saying, “Thus, the central bank has lost its independence and became a bow to the decisions of the government and parliament, the proper method is to put forward ideas as proposals in the House of Representatives, and then be voted on.”
He said the “policies of the government and parliament, and particularly in determining sales, led to a duplication of the exchange rate deceived black market enriched some of them, and used by others in other funding terrorism may be one of them.”
He went on that “autonomy loss of his caveats several, the most important that the central bank will be subject to the instructions of the government, which will be reflected in the Bank’s policies, so the central bank will not be able to adopt an inflation target reduction seriously, and make matters worse, that government spending is inherently inflationary result of the delay in the the implementation of projects, and the loss of independence will lead to the creditors to look to the central bank’s money as government funds, becomes a target for creditors, and this is an important issue should be discussed with creditors and lawyers Iraq. “
It was to be “loss of autonomy means that the central bank to adopt monetary policies in line with the policy of the government, but the government’s policies may not fit with the Central Bank Law, in other words it does not focus on the fight against inflation does not give due importance to the goal of economic stability.”
He pointed out that “the imposition of a financial nature policies on the central bank should be the subject of coordination and study by government and parliamentary bodies, the Central Bank has weakened administratively from the government, and often tried to governments to impose its policies on the central bank, including the former prime minister tried to borrow from the central bank, which was rejected by the bank; because the law prevents him from it, and ended up the attack on the central bank and the arrest of many of the finest of its staff. “
The former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi “One manifestation of overtaking on independence is a matter relating to waive the central bank reserves, and some echoes that this may be justified; because the reserve exceeds the currency trading banks and in the one and a half times, that these justifications for the government; to gradually dominate the Central Bank resources, the economy, such as the Iraqi economy largely open to the outside world needs significant resources to compensate for the results of any crisis, and if they are borrowing from the central bank. When would respond this money? What is the capacity owned by the bank towards the government to recover this money? “.
He Shabibi that “the bubble and the high price of the dollar is a result of the policy of the government and the House of Representatives, and it ought to be to remove obstacles for the foreign exchange market, where you should not be given greater importance of fiscal policy, monetary policy is determine the exchange rate and help to money management and functions.”
He said the “central bank lends to the government but it helps the economy as a whole through price stability, and the organization of credit and supervision of the banking and financial sector and the organization of payments and maintaining the country’s reserve, either speak much echoed by the government and the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives about {auction of foreign currency}, the This auction is a monetary policy which pulls dinars from the market and bought by foreign currency, and here Thread ends for the central bank, we have a cash discharge process direct, simple, and if there is no import of the auction, for parliamentarians to inquire about the reasons for this in the customs or the Ministry of Trade The process of import are not included in cash process, the central bank must meet all the demand for the dollar, and this is one of the fundamentals of price stability, as the demand which was full by the bank will go and creates another market and prices again, which is contrary to the central bank law and creates a state of economic instability. “
He added, “the Finance Committee has chosen to put an upper limit on the sale of foreign currency {75 million dollars a day}, thereby contributing to this instability and the creation of multiple rates for the exchange because the real demand was higher, and in any case, this request does not ask about the central bank, but ask for all sectors of the economy, so why not go the Finance Committee in the Parliament and practiced legislation and supervision question to sectors of the economy which are supervised by and to the private sector, especially as it is supposed to all corners of the economy converge, we do not doubt that there are irregularities, which requires follow-up with commercial banks relationship, but we stress that the central bank is in front of the discharge process, but not cash, either by the imports. It is outside the scope of work of the Central Bank “
He noted that “on the other hand that the money go abroad; because the state did not provide the right opportunities at home to invest, as that part of them is a kind of external savings {concept within the national accounts of any country} will return to Iraq in appropriate circumstances that must be provided State, either in respect of moneys emerging must be sure of the legitimacy of sources and sinks and the circles in which anti-money laundering that should be strengthened, the majority of sources may be derived from money laundering or simply that the subject is big operations out of capital. “
“We must not forget that Iraq falls within the group of countries which are in transition from totalitarian regimes to open democratic systems provide the free economy, this group of countries undergoing many changes in the economy opens up {as states the former Soviet Union}, but a lot of these countries was characterized by its economy, the transfer of capital abroad, and in the case of Iraq encourage this transition also because of the conditions of violence and instability experienced by the country, this situation may explain the large sums of money being transferred abroad, it’s going to save abroad, then we are in front of the case of capital flight and not smuggled , the situation in Iraq with the present encourage capital flight, and if it does not allow capital to move the dollar exchange rate in the market will rise significantly, thereby inhibiting economic decision-making. “
He concluded by former central bank governor Sinan al-Shabibi said, “Iraq has not yet become a safe place brings investment, we need large national efforts to ensure stability and to attract investment.” It ended up as h

Chinese company demonstrated its willingness to participate in infrastructure projects in Wasit

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{Wasit: Euphrates News} met with the governor of Wasit owner behind Valley cadre company {Tianjinco} Chinese, and have indicated a willingness to work in the province for infrastructure projects.
A statement by the Office of the valley received {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, “The governor of Wasit province put the needs of the province in the housing and commercial complexes and infrastructure sector, and municipal services such as water and sewage plants sewage treatment plants, hospitals, bridges investment one way or payment on credit, and according to the controls and instructions The central government, which will be worked out soon.
The statement said that “the director of the board of investment and Wasit in turn accept the needs of the industrial, agricultural, commercial, health and service the province, it was presented the investment map of the province, and will be studied by the Chinese side, which was never his desire to create residential complexes in accordance with the investment gateway.” It ended 26 h