George Bush: I support sending more ground troops to Iraq

جورج بوش أؤيد إرسال المزيد من القوات الأرضية إلى العراق

Washington Ahmed Abdullah

Former US President George W. Bush said that he was always in favor of sending more US ground troops to Iraq. Bush said in an interview with Israeli newspapers also published in the United States: «Of course the decision in the hands of the president alone. And my position is that we need soldiers on the ground. Many have said here that it is difficult to defeat al-Qaida, which now calls itself Daash two one thing in my view. It has been said a lot to me that I leave Iraq, but I chose the contrary I have sent 30 thousand of our soldiers in addition to those who were there. I believe that history will see that al-Qaeda in Iraq was defeated because of this decision. In short, it has chosen the way of sending more soldiers and we have to wait to see if our government will adapt to the reality on the ground ».

The public opinion polls have shown that 52 percent of Americans believe Bush’s leadership of the US foreign policy were positive period of time while the corresponding figure was 29% two years ago. This comes unexpected rise in the popularity of the former president that public opinion compares extreme positions frequency current President Barack Obama.

Bush said: «Now is the primary concern of those in the United States escalating trend toward isolation from the world. We have seen it in previous decades to World War II when it was common wisdom is that he does not like us in Europe and we have to take care of ourselves only. But we soon realized with the outbreak of war in continental Europe that we can not overlook what is happening here because it will come to us. And then it has intervened in those difficult times. »

On the nuclear deal with Iran, Bush said: «This was a very sensitive topic.Whatever I said, what I will say it will be taken as influential on the current president’s decisions. For this I will not comment on this subject in any way. »

On the Iraq war, Bush said he went to the United Nations and received the decision of the International Organization of forcing Saddam Hussein to give up chemical and biological weapons and to allow inspection and international. He added: «But that man said no inspection does not give up weapons. Its curve has a chance. »


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