Abdul-Mahdi calls for the revival of the middle class to the importance the process of economic reform and social

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Abdul-Mahdi calls for the revival of the middle class to the importance the process of economic reform and social

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw the leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq’s oil minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the importance of pumping blood to revive and revive the middle class as the basis of part of the process of economic and social reform.

Said Abdul-Mahdi said in a statement the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on the “middle class collapsed in the siege and sanctions {1990-2003}, and tended most categories to form a major base for poor layer, in contrast indicate surveys and Ministry of Planning and the United Nations in Iraq to class growth medium, at least, according to per capita income, and is a lower and middle three Pfiadtha and upper about 60% of the Iraqi people, although it has in the south less than that {more than 50%, except for Muthanna less than 40%} .. In Basra, more than average National {65%} .. and they tend to expand on the poor class, which makes up about 20% nationally account .. In the south the poor class constitute 30-45% except for Basra {15%}. In Baghdad, constitute the middle class three Pfiadtha {60%} The rich {35%} and poor {5%} .. and approaching the situation in other provinces of the national averages {20% and 60% and 20% of the poor and middle-class and rich respectively} .. except Nineveh, middle-class is constituted 55% and poor close to the south { } 30% and 15% rich. ” 

He explained that “the middle class, according to surveys, on three levels: {minimum: rate and per capita income of $ 1000-3000 per year and medium-sized: the average annual per capita income of $ 3000-8000 and Upper: The average per capita income from 8000 to 12,000 dollars per year} “. 

He continued, “As for the poor class is located under the $ 1000 line / capita / year .. and the rich over the line to $ 12,000 / person / year. Note that the income criteria vary from one country to another .. In some developed countries, the middle class is between $ 10,000 to 100,000 / capita / year .. no what we have is a rich medium is the case with them, and so on. ” 

“The middle class consists today of government and native staff, and the device education and health, professionals, traders and medium shops and Earners and smallholders public and agricultural interests and spiritual categories of grade officers and officers, etc. There is no doubt that the income criterion alone is not enough to define the middle class .. There are cultural level standards and professional values, behaviors and lifestyles, and a network of social relations and ambitions, etc., which are all syndrome. We have seen interest from families to educate their children and decent housing in neighborhoods is destitute essential part of the production of the middle class and re-output .. which constitutes the entrances to move from the poor class Central to .. style as identification with the lifestyles and traditions of the rich class was considered part of the ambitions and mobility towards the top. ” 

And Azad Abdul-Mahdi said, “What the middle class still have a fragile distorted, and did not mature enough to play their role economic / social / my values ​​as a bridge centered around the lower and upper segments of society, and to pump a lot of values, concepts and practices that allow the launching of the community and the events of movement required, the scrambling impulses and aspirations, and develop capacities and capabilities, to play the pivotal role, without which it will look like society disjointed, clashed, economically, socially and value judgment, not motionless in it. This distortion comes from basically the nature of the state and society Alrieian, which lose income criterion, a lot of its usefulness. medium in the United States class is, for example, make up 45% of the population, compared with 60% of our, though no comparison between the two. ” 

He pointed to the importance of pumping blood to revive and revive the middle class is part of the basis of the process of socio-economic reform value system in the country .. It is part of a set of social mobility trends constructive and positive .. and part of the withdrawal of the poor highest class .. and weaken the weird and sets the rich class .. and make it find an effective economic and social value to the ambitions partners and competitors in that one, which combines the conditions for success and progress in the society, “.anthy 


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