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# Rias_cil_alnwab looking with # Alrias_alammeraki armament file and #Almsaaadat_alansanh for displaced people

He met with Parliament Speaker Dr. # Slam_alajabura , on Friday in Washington, US President Barack Obama in the presence of Vice President Joe Biden and members of the Iraqi delegation.
During the meeting, which lasted for two hours discuss the security and political situation in Iraq, and developments in the war against al-Daash terrorist, as President al-Jubouri, the price of the US role in the leadership of the international coalition to support Iraq in the face of the extremist organization.
The research Also ways to speed up the arming # tribes urgently and direct coordination with the # Aovernmh_alaracah and give them a large and active role in order to benefit from their experience in the knowledge of the nature of the ground, in order to promote the element of will in the face of the extremist organization in preparation for the defeat of the land of Iraq, as well as the integration of fighters clans within the formations Iraqi army and police.
The parties also agreed on the importance of increasing air support Iraqi combat forces, and mobilize local and international efforts # to Agath_nazhan , and reconstruction # Almnatq_almtdharrh a result of the fighting.
mention that this meeting was preceded by a meeting preparatory first contract between Chairman of the House of Representatives and the US Vice President # Jobaidn lasted for two hours.


New base opens possibilities for Iraqi forces, chairman says

By Jim Garamone, DoD News, Defense Media Activity

NAPLES, Italy, June 11, 2015 – The addition of up to 450 troops and the opening of a training base in Taqaddam, Iraq, is an adjustment to the campaign, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said here today.

The adjustment fits in with the strategy to enable Iraqi forces to take the fight to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, said Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, who arrived here after visiting Israel.

“The military campaign is based around training and equipping,” the general said. “That’s the centerpiece, with kinetic strikes from the air being an enabler for the Iraqi force.”

The base will expand the footprint in Anbar province and allow American trainers to work with the Iraqi army’s 8th Division. It also will allow Americans to train and supply Sunni tribes that want to fight against ISIL.

“It’s an adjustment that is significant, in that it gives us access to another Iraqi division and extends their reach into al Anbar province and gives us access to more tribes,” the chairman said to reporters traveling with him.

Finally, it will place American planners in the Iraqi-run Anbar Operations Center.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi requested the new capability in the province.

There is no timetable for any offensive in the province, Dempsey said, but the base at Taqaddam and the support to the tribes will be an enabler for the counterattack to reclaim Ramadi.

If successful, the base could be a model for further efforts in the country, the general said, likening it to a lily pad in a pond, with the base at the center and the lily pad being the range of security extending out.

“Our campaign is built on establishing these ‘lily pads’ that allow us to encourage the Iraqi security forces forward,” the chairman said. “As they go forward, they may exceed the reach of the particular lily pad. We’re looking all the time to see if additional sites might be necessary.”

Dempsey said that although he doesn’t anticipate the need for another base in Anbar, “I could foresee one in the corridor that runs from Baghdad to Tikrit to Kirkuk over into Mosul.”

The main effort in the country must come from Iraqi security forces, the general said. Local tribes will help to “thicken” the lines against ISIL and will help to govern areas liberated from the terror group.

This will take time, Dempsey said. “This campaign is building partners who are taking responsibility for their own security — enabled by us,” he added, “not us driving the Iraqi government at a pace they can’t sustain.”

This also fits in well with the American strategy, the chairman told reporters. If U.S. forces were to be used against ISIL, he explained, the battle would probably be over quickly. But the underlying problems that cause such extremist groups to flourish would remain, and troops would be needed again later to battle a different set of terrorists, the general said.

Part of the requirement is that the Iraqi government must have a plan to reconstruct the liberated areas. “If they don’t, ISIL can be swept aside, but the underlying issues that allow them to swim freely in this population will remain,” Dempsey said. “This needs to be their counterattack, their campaign. As we advise them, we will urge them to move at a pace that they can sustain.”

Establishing the base also will take time, Dempsey said. U.S. service members will probably deploy there from troops already in Kuwait, he said, and they must establish the command and control architecture, the force protection system and the intelligence structure.

The Sunni tribes in the region are battle-tested and hardened “and they may be ready sooner rather than later,” the chairman said, and he emphasized that much depends on the Iraqi government.

“We haven’t given up on the idea that [the Iraqis] can achieve a national unity government,” he said. “They can pass legislation that allows a path to reconciliation, change de-Baathification, [and can devise a] different model for sharing oil revenues [and] a National Guard law.”

The base in Anbar is not a game-changer, Dempsey said. “The game changers will have to come from the Iraqi government itself,” he said.


$ 97 million of foreign assets in cash and credit

6/13/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD – Al-Sabah
issued the AMF Bulletin “economic statistics for the Arab States in 2015”, including Iraq, the most important economic and financial data include the period 2004 2013.oazart bulletin seen by the “morning” that foreign exchange in the field of credit and assets amounted to 96.713 million dollars while the net assets of those 93.643 million Dolar- as reported by statistic.

The total gross domestic product of Iraq 195.382 million dollars in 2013 at market prices Garah.kma indicated that the statistical number of the country’s population stood at 35.1 million people in the year Math.obulg average per capita income of GDP 5,568.5 dollars per year, while the bulletin showed that Iraq’s total exports in 2013 amounted to 82.556 million Dolar.fima imports amounted to 51.784 million dollars.

The total balance of payments of Iraq 101.600 million dollars while the trade balance record 28.999 million dollars in the statistical 2013.oazart attainment of the current account balance of the country at 8,900 million dollars, did not record any statistical external public debt List of Iraq in 2013.


US Secretary of Defense and head of the Iraqi parliament discuss the campaign against “Daash” in Iraq

عرب وعالم

Washington – ASHA

US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter met Friday evening with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his accompanying delegation who is visiting Washington now.

Carter discussed with the Iraqi official the latest developments in the military campaign against al “Daash” terrorist in Iraq and the deployment of additional US troops at the base of the eastern Anbar progress.

A statement issued by the US Department of Defense, “Pentagon” and that Carter Jubouri confirmed their commitment to cooperate together through the Iraqi government to eliminate the organization “Daash” terrorist.


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الرئيس الأمريكي ونائبه أبد استعدادهم بزيادة اهتمام بالملف العراقي بشكل أكبر مما كان عليه الأمر في السابق

US President and his deputy, forever ready to increase interest in the Iraqi file is larger than they were in the past