Army Air Daashaa kills 33 and destroys several nests to Daash cutters in operations

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Defense Ministry announced on Monday, killed 33 Daashaa airstrike carried out by the Iraqi army aviation, and the destruction of several nests to Daash breakers within the various processes
According to a statement of the Ministry of Defense received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “Army Aviation and by offering necessary backing for military cuts managed through intensive air strike 30 terrorists were killed within boycotted the responsibility eighth Infantry Division in the mosque Haji Hammadi Khalidiya area in Almlahmh area versus the Dungeon prescriptive to the first site of Anbar. “
He added that “Other air strike that destroyed eight wheels carrying machine guns unilateral and 4 homes inside quantities of explosives in Baiji,” .anthy

With the participation of the popular crowd .. a wide-scale military operation in Salahuddin

Security forces were advancing towards the center of Ramadi, three axes and incurring heavy Daash Hsair

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Security Committee of the Council of Salahuddin province, confirmed that the coming hours will Bushra cleansing Baiji fully Daash terrorist gangs. 
The head of the security committee Khalid Khazraji that “the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd, and arrived to the outskirts of the area of ​​China in Baiji, and the next few hours will give away Bushra cleansing and victory over Aldoaash”. He said the “award and the participation of the Champions popular crowd in his great battles and effective impact on the process of victories achieved by our security forces in the expulsion of the terrorist gangs Daash of the land of Salahuddin province.” It is said that the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd Daash terrorist gangs inflicted great human and material losses, during the military operations carried out to cleanse the Baiji refinery. Announced that the Ministry of Defence on the implementation of large-scale operation by the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd against Daash in Salah al-Din. And inform the ministry said that “our forces mobilized and are implementing the struggling since morning and large-scale operation against the terrorist gangs Daash in Salah al-Din in accordance with the goals set.” Brigade 30 forces and was one of the heroes of the popular crowd announced earlier killed five Doaash tried to exposure to military units in the Garma area east of Ramadi. The security forces were impressive blows to the terrorist gangs in Daash boycotted Amayat Baiji, and the defense ministry said in the destruction of two wheels to Daash terrorist gangs and murder of two to spend in the province of Salah al-Din Baiji. And inform the ministry he said that “the Iraqi army aviation brave managed to destroy two wheels Daash terrorist gangs, and the killing of the two to spend in the province of Salah al-Din Peggy.” The Defense Ministry said the destruction of an important headquarters of the terrorist gangs Daash in Baiji, in the province of Salahuddin. And inform the ministry said that “the Iraqi Army Aviation was able to destroy an important headquarters of the terrorist gangs Daash, killing 35 terrorists in Baiji, in the province of Salah al-Din.” The anti-terrorism device previously announced the imposition of control over spending to the main railway Baiji, north of Tikrit. Meanwhile, police announced Anbreetn provides security forces of three axes towards the center of the city of Ramadi. Knights said police chief Brigadier General Hamid Alhandokh that “the security forces ahead of axes {university district and five kilometers and the outskirts of Ramadi} towards the center of the city of Ramadi, to Daash cleared of terrorist gangs”. He Alhandokh that “Heroes popular crowd, the security forces and the backing of Iraqi tribes, advancing from the southwest to the city of Ramadi, marking the start of a new chapter of military operations to cleanse the city of Daash terrorist gangs”. It is said that the security forces and the heroes of the popular crowd, inflicted Daash terrorist gangs, a great human and material losses, during the military operations carried out to cleanse Anbar province of Aldaasha presence.

US official: Paris meeting will focus on the liberalization of Mosul

  Writings Tuesday, June 2, 2015 

WASHINGTON (AP): US official announced Monday that the Iraqi government’s plan to regain control of the western city of Ramadi seized by organizing the Islamic state will dominate the meeting, which was convened in Paris Tuesday the international coalition against regulation. 

Following the victory of organizing Islamic state in the 17 last May by seizing a gray, the largest city in Anbar province, will explain the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in front of representatives of the Alliance in Paris plan a meeting that his government intends to implement to regain control of this city and how the international coalition to help her in this . 

The senior US official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said “This is not an ordinary meeting,” adding, “We are going to discuss with Prime Minister al-Abadi his plan for the Liberation of Ramadi and Anbar province.” The official said and explained under a plan approved by the Government of Abadi after the fall of Ramadi, the Iraqi side wants to win over the tribes of Anbar Sunnis to fight against the jihadists and the deployment of police units under a new leadership and sending emergency aid for the reconstruction of areas that are restored to control and make sure that all the Shiite militias operate under Baghdad’s authority . 

The official stressed that the Iraqi government’s plan to put at the top of its priorities impose the state’s authority over all the Shiite militias fighting on its side. 

In this region, predominantly Sunni, there is still a Shiite militias backed by Tehran beyond the control of the Iraqi government, which enhances the United States fears of an Iranian role in fueling sectarian tensions in the conflict. 

But the US official stressed that the plan to battle al-Abadi gray will ensure that all militias, including the “popular crowd” composed of volunteers Shiites, Stotmr his government forces. 

“It is extremely important that all the troops be placed under the command and control of the Iraqi government and the Iraqi prime minister. This is an essential element in the plan. ” He added that the international coalition led by the United States focuses its efforts too much on training the Iraqi army in order to enable them to launch a counter-attack on the elements of the Islamic state to regain control of vast areas under them both in Anbar or other of the country’s provinces. 

“The forces that were in gray and pulled them were not trained forces.” “Some of the forces that will participate in the counter-attack, which we expect to restore the gray will be the forces we Drbenaha”. 

He was scheduled to chair the meeting, which 24 ministers or representatives of international organizations involved in it, and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and his US counterpart John Kerry and Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi But Kerry, who broke the femur after falling from a bicycle at the French-Swiss border, is currently recovering in the US United will follow the course of the meeting over the phone.

Mass poisoning of the elements of Daash


  Writings Monday, June 1, 2015 

Iraqi medical source revealed on Monday 70 Daash poisoning from elements in the district of Baaj west of Mosul. 

Hazim al-Jaber al-Sabawi, director of emergency in Mosul General Hospital’s (d B.o.) The element 70 of Daash suffered from poisoning from eating bad food for human consumption in the district of Baaj. 

Sabawi He added that most of the wounded were from Arab nationalities were in a mass wedding ceremony for members of the organization and led to the banquet to poisoning dozens of them and most of them are very dangerous because of their cases delayed arrival of Mosul hospitals already suffering from a shortage of medicines. 

On the other hand, local residents in Mosul confirmed that the Mosul hospital received dozens of injured from the organization Daash by the fighting in Anbar. 

Local residents said Monday that 11 members of the organization of the Islamic State (Daash) Airline bombing killed west of Mosul, the International Alliance 400 / km north of Baghdad. 

German news agency said the population that the international coalition aircraft bombed the area of ​​industry in the valley Ekab the old west of Mosul, killing 11 members of the Daash. 

On the other hand, the oldest organization Daash today to slaughter two of its elements on charges of kidnapping three children and their families to extort a ransom for their release.

Abadi: “Daash” no longer able to recruit fighters from areas occupied by the

06:29: 06/01/2015

Khandan – Iraqi Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces Haider Abadi, that “national unity is essential to the national security in the face of Daash and win it, and it should not affect the competition between the blocks on the unity among Iraqis, so we sought to find treatments and solutions to overcome a lot of controversies and crises inherited and we had the task of reforms in state institutions and the military in particular. “

Ebadi said in a speech today in Mesopotamia center and a lecture on the impact of the State Administration on national security, said that “Security number does not take place, but gender and performance and that there is a correlation between the National Security and the State Administration in the political, economic and social fields.”

And accept Abadi “The challenges faced by Iraq and developments in the field for the benefit of our heroine in various cutters operations”, adding that “the terrorist organization is no longer able to recruit fighters from occupied areas, and therefore resorted to recruit foreign fighters to confront the significant shortage in the preparation of belonging and fighters with him, and the inevitability of defeat in front of the high readiness of our forces and the popular heroine crowd to sacrifice on the road to victory. “